Benefits of outsourcing anesthesiology medical billing


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Anesthesiology medical billing is complicated compared to other forms of medical billing, hence outsourcing Anesthesiology medical billing helps the anesthesiologists to focus on their profession and to find time for their personal life.

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Benefits of outsourcing anesthesiology medical billing

  1. 1. call: (800) 670 2809 Benefits of Outsourcing Anesthesiology Medical Billing Anesthesiology medical billing can be complicated compared to other forms of medical billing because the administration of anesthesia is dependent on many factors such as the patient’s medical history, body type, allergies to certain forms of anesthesia, the type and length of the procedure for which anesthesia is being given, and so on. Anesthesiologists may find it really challenging to extract time to spend on billing processes amidst their busy work schedule. Without proper investment of time, the accuracy is likely to suffer and claim denials would be maximized resulting in loss of revenue. The practical solution is to outsource billing tasks to a specialized medical billing company that can offer the service of trained and experienced coders and billers. The major upside of outsourcing is that anesthesiologists can focus on their profession and find time for their personal life. Why Anesthesiology Medical Billing is Complicated Anesthesia time is billed as 1 unit (base unit) for every 15 minutes of anesthesia time. This base unit has to be combined with the total units of anesthesia to find the total billable minutes for a particular surgical procedure. These units will be multiplied by the per unit rate to calculate the anesthesiologist fee. The complexities of the billing process with regard to coding, time calculation and other areas make anesthesiology practices quite vulnerable to Medicare audits. The documentation procedures and related tasks also have an impact on anesthesiology medical billing. • Pre operative review: The health history of the patient is briefly noted in this process in order to know about his or her medical history. • Time units: Time should be noted i.e. the amount of time rendered to a patient for a particular treatment. • Apart from these, after the surgery is over, anesthesiologists need to keep record of the health condition of the patients.                                                                      
  2. 2. call: (800) 670 2809 How Outsourcing Anesthesiology Medical Billing is Beneficial Specialized medical billing companies have expert billers and coders who are well-versed in all aspects of anesthesiology medical billing such as pre-anesthesia assessments, base units, time calculations and special units that can be billed. The competent billing staff comprises professionals knowledgeable about anesthesia, and why it was administered. They are also well-informed regarding the different types of procedures. They have the caliber to differentiate anesthesia billing variations pertaining to outpatient and ambulatory surgical center settings. The benefits that outsourcing offers include: • Speedy and maximum reimbursement • Avoid coding mistakes and delays • One-time claim submission • Maximizes patient and physician satisfaction • Minimizes payroll and operational expenses • The cost of telephone and postage expenses is reduced • Reduces paperwork and the burden of handling tasks in-house • Enhanced cash flow and improved collections • Efficient follow-up on denied claims • Improves office efficiency • Generates and submits claims through electronic means • Cuts down staffing issues and training time • Increases overall revenue Important Features of a Reliable Medical Billing Company Medical billing for anesthesia can be performed within the U.S or outside the country at reliable facilities. Anesthesiology medical billing outsourcing to a reliable medical billing company lets clients enjoy the benefits offered by the following features as well. • Strict confidentiality • Customized turnaround time • Quarterly coding updates • Fully compliant with government regulations • Regular QA checking • Flexibility in using either your medical billing software or the provider’s software • Feedback & custom reports • 24/7 support for technical assistance • Greater rate of accuracy                                                                      
  3. 3. call: (800) 670 2809 About outsource Strategies International Outsource Strategies International (OSI), a leading medical billing company in Tulsa, delivers quality anesthesiology medical billing services to a wide variety of clients, including individual physicians, physician groups, multi specialty groups, clinics, free standing diagnostic facilities, long term care facilities, acute care facilities and hospitals. Feel free to contact us via our toll free number 1-800-670-2809 for further details regarding our anesthesiology medical billing outsourcing services.