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Ken Ducatel - future i2010

  1. 1. Web 2.0 developments in current and post-i2010 Public Services 2.0 Brussels, 16 March 2009 Ken Ducatel, Head of Unit Lisbon Strategy and i2010 DG Information Society and Media
  2. 2. The i2010 priorities I. create a Single European Information Space that promotes an open and competitive internal market for information society and media services II. strengthen Innovation and investment in research and promote the use of ICTs by businesses II. support Inclusion, better public services and quality of life through the use of ICTs
  3. 3. i2010 Mid-term Review April 2008 Web 2.0 in Main priorities: – Future networks and the Internet: Web 2.0 as key driver for NGNs – Towards a true Single Market: Content Online Platform – Competitiveness through innovation and research: Future Internet Research in FP7 – User perspective: High growth in take up of Web 2.0 applications. Role of eParticipation.
  4. 4. Web 2.0 in i2010 Policy development • Growth of Web 2.0 poses many questions • DG INFSO actively seeking answers in current and planned studies • Some examples: • EU Policy towards the future of networks and Internet - The ubiquitous network society (on-going) • User created content (on-going) • A survey of digital identities among young people (planned 2009) • eGovernment scenarios for 2020 and the preparation of the 2015 Action Plan (planned 2009) • Module in Eurostat survey on ICT use by individuals (“use of advanced services”)
  5. 5. The Road to post-i2010 15 May 2009 15 May 2009 Launch public consultation Launch public consultation 2010 2010 November 2009 November 2009 First half 2010 First half 2010 An i2010 conference in November 2009, prepared by the Swedish Adoption of new strategy Adoption of new strategy Presidency, will be the starting point of a post-i2010 strategy possible launch at WCIT possible launch at WCIT
  6. 6. Swedish Presidency event • Title ‘The Visby Agenda – creating impact for an eUnion 2015’ – 9-10 November 2009 in Visby/Gotland • SE Study to support the conference • “Which are the most important policy questions that the EU faces in the area of ICT and the information society to about 2015, and what trends underlie or affect these new questions?” • Interim report July – final report September 2009 • INFSO is working closely with SE and with the i2010 High Level Group to prepare the conference – workshop by the SE contractor 14 May in Brussels
  7. 7. Web 2.0 in Post i2010 • Laying the ground for the next EU Information Society strategy • Consulting within EC, with MS, other stakeholders: Could use Web 2.0 to reach out? • One of key principles is that the Information Society should empower all EU citizens and businesses • Eight themes have been identified so far. Most, if not all, are Web 2.0 relevant
  8. 8. Themes for the post-i2010 debate (2) Doing business online in the Single Market (1) Future networks and the future internet (4) Better quality of life for all (5) Services of (3) ICT innovation public interest and research (7) ICT for (6) Creative content sustainable growth and the role of users (8) Economic impact of ICT
  9. 9. On the web…