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UNDP - Open Evidence infographic: How to build an open gov project


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Infographic: how to build an open government project

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UNDP - Open Evidence infographic: How to build an open gov project

  1. 1. 5 STEPS TO DEVELOPING AN OPEN GOVERNMENT PROJECT START You have an idea for a civic start-up in your community? Activist BUT HOW TO DO THE PROBLEM STATEMENT SHOULD BE Specific Important for citizens Concrete Evidence-based Official Define 1 IT? 2 Analyse HOW CAN CITIZENS HELP? Specific Geographic thematic coverage IT skills knowledge User experience Engage 3 Tell them what you did Act on their input Let people tell what matters 4. Do something with it 1. Make IT work Reuse existing solutions Make it intuitive What government data can help them? 4 Evaluate Number of participants: Audience reached, active users, comments, inputs, voices? Set clear rules TIPS Balance anonymity and identity Moderate ex post Type of participants: “Usual suspects” or “new players”? 2. Involvement of decision makers: Direct, indirect or non‐existing? Stimulate participation Use reputation Quality of ideas received: Qualitative judgment or policy expert opinions? Reach out 3. Ensure quality input made at #citylabodessa a-template-for-developing-a-gov20-opengov-project/ Many eyes & many Networks hands and contacts Usage of ideas and approaches in actual policy/product: Direct, indirect or non‐existing? Make it fun Improvement of service/policy quality Stimulate vanity Mid-term impact? 5 Redesign Back to Step 1