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Poster on full report

  1. 1. A Value Chain on Composite Dairy Foods with Enhanced Health Attributes Research Project Under NAIP Component-2 “Production-to-Consumption” OBJECTIVES  To harness the nutritional and therapeutic potential of milk by-products and underutilized plant species (pearl millet and barley) for development of functional foods  To develop technological package for composite dairy foods (complementary foods, fortified convenience foods and probiotic milk-cereal foods) with enhanced health attributes  To validate the consumer acceptability and targeted health benefits of composite dairy foods  To assess the techno-economic feasibility of the newly developed technologies through linkages with industry, marketing personnel and Self-help group ACHEIVEMENTS DEVELOPED PROCESSING AND EQUIPMENTS Millet Pearler developed by CIPHET, Ludhiana which is quite useful for the manufacture of primary processed products like grits, semolina and flour from Pearl millet. Primary processing methods for the reduction of phenolic/tannin content in millet crops are developed to enhance their nutritional profile and organoleptic quality. The Processing technology for the manufacture of convenience mixes for Halwa and Upma are optimized which can be utilized at home scale as well for Institutional catering to save time. The process for the preparation of Pearl millet pasta and extruded snacks enriched with whey protein has been developed. Technology for manufacturing of Biscuits with highly acceptable quality is developed from a formulation of composite dairy-cereals mix consisting of whey protein concentrate, pearl millet flour and refined wheat flour. Animal investigations in rat models indicate that consumption of biscuits increased the hemoglobin and ferritin level in blood. Biscuits will provide 15.6% of calorie, 20% protein, 7.6% iron and 9% of daily calcium requirement of RDA per 100 g of product. Pearl Millet-Whey –Skim Milk Based Complementary food having superior nutritional quality has been developed. The product meets all the specifications as led down under FSSAI standards. This complementary food can be helpful in maintaining the growth in children of age group 6 months-3 years. Tray Dried and spray dried formulations contains 1.06-2.58 mg iron, 36.56- 38.86 mg Calcium & 1,40-1.51 mg zinc per 100 gm. Pearl Millet based beverage (bajra lassi) was developed. This product is having neutraceutical properties because of the innovative lactic culture used in its manufacture possess immunomodulatory and anti-oxidative properties. POPULARIZATION OF DEVELOPED PRODUCTS Development of publicity material related to DEVELOPED PRODUCTS nutritional and therapeutic potential of Pearl millet & wheyBrochure and Posters of the products developed in the project Development of a website www.compositefoods.com for disseminating the information through ICT tools Participation in more than 30 exhibitions at various places of the country to display our products and distribution of samples Test marketing in collaboration with industry and prospective entrepreneurs for the developed products Publication of articles on composite foods in print media. Demonstration of technologies and products on Spray Dried electronic media Complementary Food Tray Dried Complementary Food One Integrated processing unit has started the production of composite dairy foods at Amritpur Kalan, near Karnal Linkage with Technology Business Incubator (TBI) and ZTM-BPD Units of ICAR for technology transfer and entrepreneurship development