Pictionary Clothes and Accessories


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Pictionary: clothes and accessories.

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Pictionary Clothes and Accessories

  1. 1. t-shirt shirt jacket shoes tie-socks pajamas sweater coat trainerstrousers hat cap skirt jeans bath suit jumper boots
  2. 2. Clothes Vocabulary skirt blouse sweater shoes hat shorts shirt belt scarf socks
  3. 3. jacket glovesapron swimming suitboots bowbuttons glasses
  4. 4. ANKLE BOOTSMens Clothes
  5. 5. suit(s) shirt(s) tie(s)Womens Clothes dress(es) blouse(s) skirt(s) tanktop(s)
  6. 6. Uni-Sex coat(s) jacket(s) t-shirt(s) trouser(s) jean(s) short(s) jumper(s) pullover(s) cardigan(s) sweatshirt(s) glove(s) mitten(s)
  7. 7. Baby Clothes romper suit(s) nappy (nappies)Holiday/Leisure Clothes swimsuit(s) swimming trunk(s) bikini(s) swimming costume(s) bathing costume(s)Nightwear nightdress(es) pyjama(s) dressing gown(s) nightie(s)
  8. 8. UnderwearMens boxers y-frontsLadies (Lingerie) pant(s) bra(s) knicker(s) stocking(s) tight(s)
  9. 9. Uni-Sex vest(s)Footwear shoe(s) sandal(s) boot(s) wellington(s) slipper(s) sock(s)
  10. 10. Accessories glove(s) belt(s) hat(s) handbag(s) hanger(s) Jewellery headscarf (headscarves) scarf (scarves) bracelet(s) glasses necklace(s) sunglasses ring(s) watch(es) earring(s)
  11. 11. Parts of clothes
  12. 12. Naturally SpeakingDoes it fit? Its too small.Its too loose. Its too tight.Its too long. Its too short.DialogueIts Saturday and Mrs Smith has gone shopping with her friend Lucy for a new dress in the sales:-Mrs Smith: Well Lucy, what do you think?Lucy: Mmm, its nice, but I think you need a slightly bigger size. The top is gaping. I think this is the only one. Id better ask an assistant.Mrs Smith: Excuse me? Do you have this in a size 14?Shop Im afraid everything in the sale is out on display.
  13. 13. assistant:Mrs Smith: Oh dear, its just a bit too tight.Shop I think we have a size 14 in red.assistant:Mrs Smith: Oh no. Reds just not my colour.Shop Its not bright red, its a nice dark red. Here it is. Why dont you try it on? Theres a changingassistant: room free over there.Later...Mrs Smith: It fits like a glove. What do you think Lucy?Lucy: It looks really nice. I guess red suits you after all.
  14. 14. Clothes – roupasCoat – casaco My mother has a purple coat. (Minha mãe tem um casaco roxo).Blouse – Blusa This gray blouse is nice. (Esta blusa cinza é legal).Bathing suit – maiô
  15. 15. I have a black bathing suit. (Eu tenho um maiô preto).Bikini – biquíni What a beautiful bikini. (Que biquíni lindo!).Bra – sutiã This pink bra is so wonderful. (Este sutiã rosa é tão maravilhoso).
  16. 16. Dress – vestido This is a black and white dress. (Este é um vestido preto e branco).Jeans – calça jeans I wear jeans a lot. (Eu uso muito calça jeans).Pants – calças
  17. 17. My aunt loves her linen pants. (Minha tia ama as suas calças de linho).Panties – calcinha There are three different colors of panties here: black, white and beige. (Tem três cores diferentes decalcinha aqui: preta, branca e bege).Raincoat – capa de chuva During the rainy days it is good to wear a raincoat. (Durante os dias chuvosos é bom usar uma capa dechuva).Shirt – camisa
  18. 18. I wore this white shirt on New Year’s Day. (Eu usei esta camisa branca no dia de ano novo).Shorts – Bermudas This is a pair of black shorts.Skirt – saia My father does not let me wear short skirts. (Meu pai não me deixa usar saias curtas).Socks – meias
  19. 19. My brother has a lot of pairs of socks. (Meu irmão tem muitos pares de meia).T-shirt – camiseta This is a foreign T-shirt. (Esta é uma camiseta importada/estrangeira).Accessories – acessóriosBracelet – pulseira I love to wear bracelets. (Eu amo usar pulseiras).Belt – cinto
  20. 20. This is my uncle’s belt. (Este é o cinto do meu tio).Earrings – brincos This is a small pair of earrings. (Este é um par de brincos pequeno).Necklace – colar This white necklace was made by my mother. (Este colar branco foi feito pela minha mãe).
  21. 21. Ring – anel This ring must be very expensive. (Este anel deve ser muito caro).Scarf – cachecol I use scarf during the winter. (Eu uso cachecol durante o inverno).Cap – bone This is a black cap. (Este é um boné preto).Footwear – Calçados
  22. 22. Boots – botas These brown boots are made of leather. (Estas botas marrons são feitas de couro).Flip-flops – chinelo Havaianas is a famous brand of flip-flops in Brazil. (Havaianas é uma marcafamosa de chinelas no Brasil).Sandals – sandálias
  23. 23. These black sandals are very comfortable. (Estas sandálias pretas são muito confortáveis).Sneakers – tênis Kids love colored sneakers. (Crianças amam tênis coloridos).
  24. 24. .Shoes – sapatos Doctors and nurses must use white shoes. (Médicos e enfermeiras devem usar sapatos brancos).Oséias Alves (84)8709-9675HTTP://comoeudigoemingles.blogspot.com