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UDMA digest 9th issue

  1. 1. 9th ISSUE CROSS-BORDER DISTANCE SELLING July 2012 IN UKRAINE: INFO DIGEST DEAR COLLEAGUES! I am pleased to welcome you at this beautiful time of the year when there is an opportunity to rest. But It is also my great pleasure to break splendid news about this summer which has dawned favourable to all of us: all distance-selling relating activities are being developed. It means the market is growing even in the offseason period. Interest in Ukraine after Euro 2012 football championship has grown even more from our foreign colleagues, so we plan to hold a special autumn event: Trade Mission to Ukraine for the catalog and e-commerce companies http:// trademissioninua.com/, which will allow within 2 days to get acquainted with the leaders of the industry, feel Ukraine and understand how in our market successful business can be handled directly with the central office in Europe, without opening official representative office in Ukraine. I invite you to join a useful and interesting event! Best wishes, See you in Odessa! UADM President Valentyn Kalashnyk ANNOUNCE 20 – 21 SEPTEMBER 2012: TRADE MISSION TO UKRAINE FOR DISTANCE SELLING AND E-COMMERCE COMPANIES Ukraine is a “tasty morsel” for many foreign trade companies. Geographical position, active consumers, the availability of the operating infrastructure - all these factors are working “FOR” Ukraine, despite the existing “AGAINST”... It is always better to learn details “first hand”, so on the 20 - 21 of September Ukraine will hold an event dedicated to the nuances of market entry for distance selling and e-commerce companies. To learn more read the article on the page 9. NEWS UKRAINE AND THE EUROPEAN UNION INITIALED THE AGREEMENTHOT ON FREE TRADE ZONE
  2. 2. CROSS-BORDER DISTANCE SELLING IN UKRAINE: INFO DIGEST July 2012MARKET NEWSBUYING ONLINE HAS BECOME EASIER IN UKRAINEFrom the 1st of June 2012 new Customs Code entered into When asked: “Will you make more purchases in foreign In-force. Due to it cost of goods which could be imported to ternet shops if it is possible to import into Ukraine goodsUkrainian customs territory without paying taxes trough land for 300 Euro tax free?” 23% of respondents answered posi-and sea entry points is 500 Euro, air traffic – up to 1 000 Euro, tively. Another quarter believes that “likely will” and oneand by post – up to 300 Euro (previously the limit was 300 Euro, third of respondents haven’t decided yet. Obviously, theyproducts delivery cost excl.). will be waiting for positive experience of their colleagues and friends. Another interesting fact that men are willing to purchase in the Internet shop more than women. Thus 26% of men and 19% of women answered that they certainly will.This is good news especially for those who want to buy brandclothes through the Internet. For example, in Europe a leatherjacket made by a well-known producer will cost about 350-600Euro. Previously, one to avoid complications with the Customshad to find a special way of goods import. And now no hidingis needed.Today the State Customs Service can’t assess whether volumesof shipments from abroad will grow in the second half of 2012.Also it isn’t clear if any restrictions would take place if somegoods are transferred too often.Who are clothing Internet shop’s customers?Meanwhile, willingness of Ukrainians to buy abroad is consid-erably high. This is visible from a survey conducted by iVOXUkraine. Based on epravda.com.ua reportTRENDWATCHING™ UKRAINE SUMMED UP RESULTSOF LAST CONSUMER AND SOCIO-CULTURAL TRENDSRESEARCH WAVE IN UKRAINEUnique data received from the last wave of qualitative and Trend “Financial competence”. Progressive Ukrainians gradu-quantitative research of consumer and socio-cultural trends ally come to presence of financial competence importancein Ukraine conducted by Trenwatching™ Ukraine together realization. If in countries of Western Europe financial com-with research company InMind cover a number of following petence is being imparted since childhood, in Ukraine peo-trends: ple just start to put attention to this discipline. Only 32% of respondents plan their incomes and expenses monthly and tryTrend “Live the moment”. Current generation of Ukrainians to follow the plan.are living this moment and this day, doesn’t build long-termplans and live the way to satisfy their needs, to provide com- Trend “Co-creation”. For active modern Ukrainians becomefort and entertainment for themselves, to enjoy here and less barriers to implement the brightest ideas and projects duenow. Within the bounds of the present trend study attitude to technologies of crowd sourcing and crowd finding, whichof Ukrainians to credits, loans and expenses structuring was let to find operatively confederates, who are ready to helpexplored. with realization of any ideas.FRESH DISTANCE SELLING NEWS FOLLOW OUR PAGE ON 2
  3. 3. CROSS-BORDER DISTANCE SELLING IN UKRAINE: INFO DIGEST July 2012 society, desire to avoid anility. Trend “Fear to fall out of context”. It is a fear, phobia which is connected with apprehension to be hip to the latest news and events, to drop behind one’s environment in pursuit of the best: last models, gadgets, visiting of actual events and countries/cities, cloths, bright impressions. Trend “Fragmentary mind/visuals generation”. Quantity of information is growing with computer technologies devel- opment speed. A modern person is unable to apprehend inTrend “Social protest/control”. Today owing to the Internet details large portions of information. At the same time desire(and social networks particularly) people’s voice becomes to know everything about everything leads to superficial per-louder and can be heard by the majority in short period of ception. Film loop or fragmentary mind dictates new simpli-time and forms of social control are becoming more strin- fied models of data presentation and perception. Quantity ofgent. words in a message/article decreases and as a result genera- tion of visuals replaces text by images.Trend “Age transformation”. Stereotypes of who should be aperson at a particular age, how should he or she look, behave Inquiry: TRENDWATCHINGTM UKRAINE – subdivision of ADVand where to be involved are being erased. Going beyond the Ukraine Group on studies and analysis of consumer trends inhistorically composed stereotypes receives more and more ac- Ukraine, The project is implemented together with researchceptance in the society. company InMind. The main product of TRENDWATCHINGTM UKRAINE is a Trend Report and accompanying trend con-Trend “Kid adults/adult children”. During the past few sulting. TRENDWATCHINGTM UKRAINE has been makingyears we can observe a gradual erosion of “maturity” con- qualitative research of consumer trends in Ukraine since 2008cepts and formation of “kid adult” phenomenon. To live and quantitative trend research since 2011. Team of TREND-light-heartedly, to have a youth lifestyle despite of mature WATCHINGTM UKRAINE consists of specialists in strategicage – these are the main principles of “kid adults”. The planning of ADV Group Ukraine and research specialists ofreason of its development is an aspiration for missed child- InMind company.hood, youth compensation or unwillingness to take exces-sive responsibility and hedonism which is imposed by the Source: MAMI.ORG.UALATEST DATA ON UKRAINIAN ONLINEUSERS RESEARCHLately Google representative office in Ukraine has introduced thefollowing study of Ukrainian users’ on-line behavior, in particular –on-line shopping and searching information about goods.The main conclusions of the study: • The number of Internet users in Ukraine is growing (48% of respondents above 14 years); • Offline purchases dominate in these categories so far, but the growth in on-line field is also noticeable (for example, in “Clothes” category on-line and offline sales are corre- lated as 14% to 86%); • On-line search is still a stimulus for offline purchases, the most popular items for on-line purchases are: clothing, ac- cessories, small household appliances, on-line purchase of tickets and hotel rooms booking becomes more and more popular; • The share of mobile devices used for Internet informational search before buying is increasing: 21% of respondents search for purchase information from mobile phones, 2% – from tablets, 88% – from PCs (often multiple devices are used, so the sum is more than 100%). tainment (movie and events tickets), travelling, auto goods,The study was conducted by German TNS Infratest by the finance and real estate.order of Google. Results of the study are constantly avail-able at Consumer Barometer, which contains not only Ukrain- The study was conducted in Ukraine during the period fromian results and graphs, but also data from other countries. January the 1st to March the 31st of 2012 using on-line ques-Users’ behavior was studied in the following categories: re- tionnaire methodology. Target group – Ukrainian Internet us-tail (household appliances, clothing, accessories and toys), ers older than 14 years, data from 2 748 respondents.technology (computers, peripherals, and mobile phones),consumer and cosmetic products (food, cosmetics), enter- Source: AIN.UAFRESH DISTANCE SELLING NEWS FOLLOW OUR PAGE ON 3
  4. 4. CROSS-BORDER DISTANCE SELLING IN UKRAINE: INFO DIGEST July 2012UKRAINIANS ARE BUYING ON THE INTERNETNOT LESS THAN THE REST OF EUROPE Ukraine. Time spent differs by the device used. For example Ukrainians spend a total of 21,7 hours on television each week -- 20 hours a week is spent on computer. At the same time young people aged between 16-24 years have been using Internet far more than TV. It is also interesting that 27% of Ukrainians go to the Internet while watching TV. 61% of young people look for information online related to the program they are watching, but only 15% of people over 55 years do the same thing. As for the comparison of the activity on the Internet of the Ukrainians and other Europeans there are a lot of the dif- ferences. For example, in Ukraine 83% of its citizens use the Internet more often to communicate with friends and family, and those in Europe – only 63%. But regarding the choice of goods and services on the network, the numbers are almost identical – 58% of Ukrainians and 51% of Europeans do this. It is noteworthy that only 33% of the inhabitants of our coun-The population of Ukraine order goods and services online try sometimes use the Internet to manage their finances, andeven more than their neighbors. The study, entitled Media- those in Europe – 44%.scope Europe covered 28 European markets. Ukraine is alsoamong those states and now we have an opportunity to But the biggest difference in preferences is classified ascompare data on the European internet consumption with booking vacation trips. In Europe, 43% of citizens use thethe Ukrainian. It has revealed how often and why Europeans Internet for this purpose while in Ukraine – just 11%. As fargo online. The study was carried out by IAB supported by as an access to the network via mobile devices is concerned,Yandex. our country is hopelessly behind the rest of Europe. 44% of people in Europe access the Internet via smart phones where-The first conclusion can be drawn about the number of as only 25% with us. On the other hand, if we compare theUkrainians who spend time on the Internet. Thus, the Inter- number of young people who have a mobile internet access,net continues to catch up on the popularity of television, Ukraine is the leader. But the older the citizens of Ukraine,but still gives even the print media. 96% of Ukrainians, ac- the less access to the Internet. In Europe it is absolutely dif-cording to research at least once per week watch TV and ferent, many people accessing the network through mobileonly 42% of the population access the Internet at least device are over 55 +.once a week. While 59% of Ukrainians read newspapers.It is interesting to compare time sources of information in Based on E-COMMERCE.COM.UA reportCONSUMER TEMPER IN UKRAINE REMAINSPOSITIVE – RETAIL TRADE TURNOVER FOR THE HALFYEAR INCREASED BY 16%State Statistics Service of Ukraine lately announced that retailturnover in January-June 2012 reached 355,6 bill. UAH (about36,6 billion Euro) what is 16% more than in the same periodof 2011.Retail trade turnover in January-June 2011 increased by 15.2%to January-June 2010.Maximum growth in retail sales in the first half of 2012 was record-ed in the Crimea (20%), Poltava (19.7), Zaporizhya (18%), Sumy(17.9%), Mykolaiv (17.8%), Volyn (17 5%), Donetsk and Odessa(at 17.4%), Dnipropetrovsk (17.2%) and Sevastopol (17.6%).The absolute leaders in the volume of retail trade turnover inJanuary-June 2012 were Kyiv (46.9 billion USD), Donetsk (UAH35.3 billion), Dnipropetrovsk (28 billion USD), Kharkiv (25.6 bil-lion USD), Odessa ( 21.3 billion USD) and Lviv (16.2 billion USD)regions.As it was reported retail sales in Ukraine in 2011 grew by 13.7%to UAH 346.5 billion.Based on COMPANION.UA reportFRESH DISTANCE SELLING NEWS FOLLOW OUR PAGE ON 4
  5. 5. CROSS-BORDER DISTANCE SELLING IN UKRAINE: INFO DIGEST July 2012THE PURCHASING ABILITY OF UKRAINIANS ISGROWING YEAR AFTER YEAR “Nominal GDP made up UAH 296.970 billion in Q 1, 2012. Real GDP in Q 1, 2012, against Q 1, 2011 (in constant prices of 2007) was 102%, and against Q4 2011, with a seasonal factor taken into consideration – 99.8%,” the statement reads. To remind, according to live data, the State Statistics Service appraised GDP growth in annual terms by 1.8% against the previous quarter – reduction by 0.3%. Total final consumer expenses amounted to UAH 274.401 bil- lion (+7.9% against Q1, 2011). At the same time, GDP in per capita calculation grew by 2.4% over a year to UAH 6.511. Gross national income in January-March was UAH 296.953 billion, out of these, gross income – UAH 91.37 billion, labor remuneration to wage earners – UAH 169.028 bil-Expenses of households in Q1 made up UAH 210.999 billion, lion, taxes except for subsidies for production and importwhich is 9.8% up against a year earlier and 2.2% up against – UAH 47.52 billion, property income received from otherQ4, 2011 countries, except for the paid amount – minus UAH 10.952 billion.Ukraine’s GDP grew by 2% in Q1, 2012, against January-March2011 (in constant prices of 2007), the State Statistics Service of Based on UKRINFORM.UA reportUkraine reported.DEVELOPERS BELIEVE IN THE PURCHASINGABILITY OF UKRAINIANS – SEVEN BRANDNEW SHOPPING CENTERS ARE TO OPENIN KYIVIn the second part of 2012 opening of 7 shopping centers witha total rented area of 230 834 sq. m. is announced. Meanwhilethe total market offer will increase by 29% to 1 034 thousandsq. m.In 2013 opening of 8 shopping centers with a total rented areaof 219 430 sq. m. is declared, in 2014 6 more shopping centerscould be put into operation with a total rented area of about401 thousand sq. m. Among them there are the following largeprojects such as shopping and leisure centers: Respublika (GLA– 140 000 sq. m.), Kyiv mall (GLA – 80 400 sq. m.), ManhattanMall (GLA – 69 200 sq. m.)According to UTG company’s data the main tenants of shop-ping centers are still Ukrainian companies which continuetheir development in the capital and major cities of the coun-try by the influence of consumer demand growth. At thesame time activation of foreign retail operators’ expansioninto shopping and leisure centers and street-retail objects isbeing seen.Average attendance to Kyiv shopping centers for the first sixmonths of the current year is 1 140 people for 1 000 sq. m.of shelf space per day. The highest attendance was recordedin large size shopping and leisure centers – Dream Town, Skymall, Karavan – which are attended by about 30-60 thousandsof people per day.In the next two years, new commercial areas will appear notonly in the capital but also in different parts of the country.Based on DEVELOP.COM.UA reportFRESH DISTANCE SELLING NEWS FOLLOW OUR PAGE ON 5
  6. 6. CROSS-BORDER DISTANCE SELLING IN UKRAINE: INFO DIGEST July 2012UKRAINIANS STARTED TO USE PAYMENT CARDSIN ONLINE SHOPS MORE OFTENThe number of payment cards transactions made in onlineshops, connected with the eCommerce Connect system ofpayment by Ukrainian Processing Center (UPC), in May 2012increased by 53% compared to last year’s figures for thesame period. The number of sites that accept payment viacredit cards with the eCommerce Connect help, for the yearincreased by 31%. At the same time, their turnover grewmore than twice. Nowadays, the number of such sites is1786.In May 2012 the average amount of purchases from onlinestores totaled UAH 305.65 ($ 37.5), which is 51% higher thanin May 2011. According to the results of various studies ofUkrainian e-commerce market, Ukrainians are ready to payonline using payment cards, if they are guaranteed a high lev-el of security. The eCommerce Connect system uses a 3D Se-cure standard of the international payment systems. Expertsbelieve, that the increase the payment cards use on the In- Ukrainian Processing Center has been working since 1997 andternet can be provided by a variety of co-branding program has become one of the largest companies of the market niche.and additional discounts. Besides, payments on the Internet It cooperates with more than 60 partners among Ukrainianare useful for credit cards owners as such operations are free banks and four foreign bank-partners abroad.of bank charge. Based on the PAYSPACE.COM.UA reportLEGISLATION NEWSTHE NEW LAW STANDS ON GUARD OF PERSONALDATA IN UKRAINE Ukraine is closer to European and international trade stand- ards. Since July 1, 2012 fines and other penalties provided by law to strengthen accountability for violations in the field of protection of personal data have become effective. This law was supposed to come into force in January this year, but it was postponed till July. Changes to the Code of Administrative Offences will allow the state to penalize violators of the law “On protection of person- al data.” Under this law, companies with a database (of clients / customers and employees) are obliged to register them in the Protection of Personal Data State Service. Also, the law obliges the company to obtain consent of the subject before submitting it to the data base. Failure to comply with the law involves penalties from 3.4 to 17 thousand UAH, and in some cases criminal liability. Source: MEDIABUSINESS.COM.UASTATE TAX SERVICE OF UKRAINE – NOT TO PUNISHBUT TO HELP DOING BUSINESSUkrainian officials are confident to meet the interests of en- by the taxpayer through it.trepreneurs. State Tax Service of Ukraine (STSU) chairman Al-exander Klimenko assures that all services at the department, At the same time STSU work on the creation of “electronic of-created for entrepreneurs, will be free charge. fice of the taxpayer” is already in progress.“There will be no paid service in the tax service ... Everything This service provides an opportunity for entrepreneurs to havewill be free, I guarantee it”, — he said. online access to all business transactions, and will allow to pay taxes and report on it quickly.According to Klimenko, such service as an “electronic office” ismeant, in particular, the implementation of certain transactions Based on DELO.UA reportFRESH DISTANCE SELLING NEWS FOLLOW OUR PAGE ON 6
  7. 7. CROSS-BORDER DISTANCE SELLING IN UKRAINE: INFO DIGEST July 2012DECLARATION FOR AN HOUR. CUSTOMS WILLNOT DO AWAY WITH INFORMATION TABLESThe Customs office was forced to temporary revoke of an or-der on information terminals to improve their work. Soon, theterminals will start to work with a guarantee to prepare a dec-laration in an hour.Due to adoption of the new Customs Code importers are con-cerned about the issue, when this promised information ter-minals will start to work. As it was explained by the directorof the Organization of Customs control and clearance SCSUSergei Semka the new position about the terminals which wascurrently at the stage of registration in the Ministry of Justicewould come into force soon. The terminals will register thecustoms declaration for one hour and will reduce the influenceof human factor and corruption at the Customs Office.“We were forced to revoke and temporary revoked the orderon information terminals. All methodological recommenda-tions were built into the order which we are registering nowin the Ministry of Justice together with the Ministry of Finance information terminals. We already have a rule according tounder the number 314 “- said Sergei Semka during the Public which if the declaration is applied to the information terminal,Council of SCSU .Sergei Semka also noted that 100% of decla- it cannot be returned. One will receive either fail card or com-rations would be submitted to an electronic terminal and time pletion of customs clearance procedure,” – said Sergei Semka.between date and time of filing in and date of giving declara-tion number would not be longer than one hour. “So we con- Information terminal – is a software and hardware module forsciously limit opportunities of our employees to manipulate in declarants to input electronic copies of customs declarationsany way,” – said the customs officer. to the Customs DBs by themselves. During 6 months of 2012 Customs office promised to equip 282 points of customs clear-He claimed that Customs office will not get rid of the infor- ance operating in Ukraine with such terminals.mation terminals, and importers shall only wait for the order.“There will be a direct order of direct rules, we will keep the Based on DELO.UA reportINTERNET NEWSINTERNET IS BECOMING A HABIT FOR UKRAINIANS At the beginning of the second half-year of 2012 17,6 million Ukrainians over 15 year old used Internet on regular bases (go online at least once a month), which was 45% of the adult population. According to the InMind study12,2 million Ukrainians (chil- dren excl.) use Internet every day. During the year (from the beginning of the second half-year of 2011) the Internet penetration figures in Ukraine increased by 10%. The Western part of Ukraine and rural areas have been growing most actively. The age of older age group rep- resentatives has also increased. The research shows that now Internet audience is growing mainly due to rural inhabitants who lead among mobile inter- net users – 42% of domestic mobile Internet access subscrib- ers live in rural areas. Source: DELO.UAIN 5 YEARS UKRAINIAN INTERNET MARKETWILL REACH 52 BILLION UAHAccording to “Research and Markets” forecasts Ukrainian In- year to year approximately on 4,3% which is to bring overallternet communications market will reach 52,4 billion UAH in 5 income of more than 100 billion UAH to data services duringyears. Due to the company’s researches the market will grow 5 years.FRESH DISTANCE SELLING NEWS FOLLOW OUR PAGE ON 7
  8. 8. CROSS-BORDER DISTANCE SELLING IN UKRAINE: INFO DIGEST July 2012 Forecasts of the company “Research and Markets”, which ana- lyzed situation on the Ukrainian market of Internet communi- cations, proved to be quite reassuring. Thus till the end of this year the market should reach 42,5 billion UAH. This means 8% growth in comparison with the previous year. However, do not rejoice too early as the projected growth rate will fall slightly. During the 2012-2017 period the market will grow at an en- couraging rate, which on average will be over 4% growth per year and the market will reach yearly turnover of 52,4 billion UAH. The researchers note that generally market development is be- ing provided by a broadband Internet, while mobile Internet market is also gradually increasing though not so rapidly.104 billion UAH Ukrainian data services will bring in a five-year plan for 2012-2017 period. We can only hope that if the experts were wrong, it is only in the direction of even higher growth rates. Based on E-COMMERCE.COM.UA reportUKRAINIAN INTERNET BECOMES OLDERAND MORE FEMININEAccording to the WAWE 6 research, in 2012 the proportion For the brands it is important not only interact with the us-of women among active users of Uanet was 49% (in 2011 ers, but also which marketing value it may have. Audiences arethem was 45%) and time wasting on social networks and TV interested in different forms of involvement. They depend onequalized. the category of goods. For software developers this may be the involvement of consumers in product development. In theIn the past year the proportion of people aged 16 to 24 years fashionable clothes users interested in discounts. In computerwas 42% this year the proportion dropped to 38%. The num- technology are important personal responses to complaintsber of visitors to Internet resources in the 35-44 and 45-54 has and suggestions.grown from 18% to 20% and from 10% to 12%, respectively.The audience proportion of 25-34 did not change and is thesame 30% of that in the past year. These data are released byUM.According to the WAWE 6 research, TV and social network-ing equalized to the time that they spend on active users *– namely, to 8 hours per week. E-mail takes 5 hours, to visitthe forums and video sharing goes weekly 4 hours and forblogs – 3More popular are just mobile phones. It takes away from peo-ple up to 10 hours per week.The priorities for Ukrainian users of social networks is enter-tainment and communications, which corresponds to the Euro-pean trends. At the same time in Asia active users are attractedby self-development and empowerment. However, research-ers do not exclude that in the near future, the graph “self-development” will mean for the Ukrainian audience more.Active users show more willingness to buy licensed softwareand high-tech goods. They also wanted more time to use themobile Internet. Active users define themselves as opinion For access to social networks active users mostly use desktopleaders. computers (73%), laptops (49%), mobile phones (43%) and smartphones (18%).Planning Director of UM Natalie Papanova predicts that theavailability of the Internet in the long term will affect on the * According to the classification of UM active users are thosereduction of attention to other media, although this trend is who comes to the Internet every day or every other day. Theso far quite weak. Also noticeable reduction in visits to the share of Internet users in Ukraine is 45%. 90% of them are ac-official websites of brands. During the year recorded a 14% tive users.fall. A possible explanation could be that these resourcesare narrowly focused and do not satisfy the majority of user Source: MEDIABUSINESS.COM.UAneeds.FRESH DISTANCE SELLING NEWS FOLLOW OUR PAGE ON 8
  9. 9. CROSS-BORDER DISTANCE SELLING IN UKRAINE: INFO DIGEST July 2012 ANNOUNCE DISTANCE SELLING AND E-COMMERCE COMPANIES WILL DISCOVER UKRAINE leading European distance selling brands on Eastern Europe markets entering Mr Weening like no one else understands their needs and interests. On September 20-21th 2012 Trade mission for European and Russian distance selling companies will take place in Odessa in order to familiarize them with capabilities of Ukrainian market, its features and expectations of Ukrainian consumers, legal nuances and everything which will let to prepare for market entrance properly. The organizers have formed program of the Mission the way to give participants 360-degree overview of the whole mar- ket. “Despite many years of organizers working experience with distance selling companies it is still hard for us to take a detached view at the market”, – claims Yulia Pavlenko, the executive director of Ukrainian Association of Direct Market- “Discover Ukraine” – is a brand new hot trend! And even ing. “That is why we forwarded for examination the program though this process includes many controversial things – it is of our event to a person who stood at the origins of European hard to argue with the necessity of this process. Especially in distance selling market development and who knows nearly matters of new business lines, where both parties will benefit. everything about it!”, – adds Yulia. Those who learn about Ukraine will receive new markets and new opportunities for development, and Ukrainian consumers And indeed Mr. Weening has devoted many years to distance – modern products and quality service. selling companies’ assistance in new markets entering: explor- ing the possibilities, customers’ analysis, searching and selec- September 20-21, 2012 Odessa will host a Trade Mission for tion of reliable contractors and so on. That’s why he knows European and Russian distance selling and e-commerce com- very well which data require company to enter a new country, panies in order to familiarize them with the capabilities of for what company is looking in potential partners and even in the Ukrainian market, characteristics and expectations of the which form the presented information will be better accepted! Ukrainian consumer, legislative nuances and other, which will help to properly prepare to the market entry. The format of the Mission – free communication of colleagues around throughout interesting and important subjects will an- The Missions program is specially developed to give partici- swers any questions, as the speakers of the event are repre- pants a 360-degree view of the entire market, and includes sentatives of only those companies that already have a similar the following blocks: experience. 1. Entering the market with a deep dive in the legal, operation- Sign Up! More information on the web-site http://trademis- al and logistical issues associated with company registration in sioninua.com Ukraine and the import of goods on the market “360-degree on the potential market for distance selling” – Trade 2. Ukrainian consumer expectations – from a detailed portrait Mission to Ukraine for distance selling and e-commerce compa- of the consumer to the aspects of service in contact centers nies (20 – September 21, 2012, Odessa) – is carried out to attract and organizations offering door-to-door delivery of goods the attention of European and Russian companies of the industry to the vast possibilities of Ukrainian market. The organizers of 3. Marketing. On-line and off-line strategies, the difference the Mission are the companies with longstanding experience in between Western and Ukrainian methods of promotion, the organizing entry and operation of the DS companies in Ukraine specifics of the media market of Ukraine and many other that (marketing group OS-Direct), transportation and logistics services will help to predict the necessary promotional campaign in the provider to the consumer (PGK Groupe), and professional asso- local market. ciations of Ukraine (Ukrainian Association of Direct Marketing) and Russia (National Association of Distance Selling). With the Program of the Trade Mission to Ukraine for Mail Order and support of modern printing house Univest Print http://www.uni- E-commerce companies (20 – 21th of September, Odessa) vest-print.com/eng/ and consulting company NBSC http://nsbc. passed the test of the leading European expert in distance kiev.ua//ru.html Detailed information and registration http://trad- selling field – Mr. Aad Weening. Counseling for many years emissioninua.com/ or by e-mail pavlenko@uadm.com.ua If you want to decline or recommend digest Hot Line +380 (44) 495 7885CONTACT to your colleagues, please feel free to contact us by US distance_selling_in_UA@uadm.com.ua © UDMA, 2012 Follow us on Twitter: @DistanceSell_ua Follow us on Facebook: DistanceSellingInUA FRESH DISTANCE SELLING NEWS FOLLOW OUR PAGE ON 9