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Brookfield SOP and Validation


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Brookfield SOP and Validation

  1. 1. Presentation onAPC, S. Patel 1Guided by: Dr. V.T.Thakkar
  3. 3. APC, S.P.Patel 3
  4. 4. APC, S.P.Patel 4
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  6. 6. APC, S.P.Patel 6
  7. 7. SOP1) Turn on the viscometer and allow standing,must be auto zero. After the few seconds thescreen appears which indicates 2 digits.2) Now press the key. The screen displays theinstruction to remove spindle. After removingthe spindle and pressing the key theinstrument begins. It is auto zeroed.3) After approximately 15 second the screendisplays the instruction to replace spindle4) Attach the spindle to viscometer by screwingthem on the lower shaft using left handthread.APC, S.P.Patel 7
  8. 8. 5) Press select spindle key and up and down arrowkeys. When the desired code is displayedrelease the arrow key.6) To select spindle, first press either up and downkey which cause the area to show current speed,press the set speed key for adjusting the speed.7) Insert center of this spindle in the test material untilthe fluid level is at the immersion groove on thespindle shaft. Tilt the spindle slightly whileimmersing to avoid air entrapment.8) To measure high viscosity choose a small spindleand to slow speed if the chosen spindle/speedresult in torque above 100% and then reduce thevalue.APC, S.P.Patel 8
  9. 9. 9) Allow time for the individual reading to stabilize,record the value.10) Press the motor on/off/escape key to turn off motor11) The time mode allows the user to record thereading for fixed period of time or until a set torquevalue is attained.12) Then enter/auto turnkey allows determiningmaximum calculated viscosity possible with currentspindle/speed.13) Pressing the up and down arrow keys will allow theviscometer data to be examine, pressing and otherkey ( except enter/ print key) will bring backnormal display.14) Turn off the mains after use.APC, S.P.Patel 9
  11. 11. IQ: INSTALLATIONQUALIFICATION Inspect package for shipping damage Confirm that all components have beensupplied as detailed in the OperatingManual and Packing List Assemble lab stand as shown in manual. Mount viscometer head to assembled labstand as shown in manual. Verify appropriate spindle set (LV #1-#4)(RV/HA/HB #2-#7)APC, S.P.Patel 11
  12. 12. OQ: OPERATIONQUALIFICATION Level viscometer using adjustable feet Remove shipping cap on spindlecoupling nut Power on Viscometer and followinstructions displayed to complete autozero Perform oscillation check.APC, S.P.Patel 12
  13. 13. PQ: PERFORMANCEQUALIFICATION Verify calibration using a minimum ofone calibrated viscosity standard fluidaccording to the procedure describedbelow Centipoise reading should be within thevalue stated on the fluid ± the instrumentaccuracy and the fluid accuracy.APC, S.P.Patel 13
  14. 14. Oscillation check This check verifies the mechanicalcondition of the sensing mechanism in theviscometer. Auto-zero the instrument according todirections in the manual. Do not attach the spindle but do press anykey so the main screen will be displayed. The display should show 0.0% torque. Thetolerance for this and all tests is ±0.1%APC, S.P.Patel 14
  15. 15. 1) Start the motor rotating at 10 or 20RPM.2) The % reading should initially bounce,then is should stabilize at 0.0% ±0.1%3) Stop the motor. When the % displayagain stabilizes it should return to 0.0%±0.1%APC, S.P.Patel 15
  16. 16. Operational and CalibrationCheck Determining Measurement Accuracy All Brookfield instruments are guaranteed to beaccurate to within 1% of the full scalerange(FSR) in use. The full scale range (FSR) is simply themaximum viscosity that can be measured withany spindle/speed combination. Select a specific spindle and rotational speed. To determine the resulting FSR (full scalerange), depress and hold the AUTORANGE key.APC, S.P.Patel 16
  17. 17.  The % display will show 100% and thecP display will show the FSR (full scalerange) that can be measured undercurrent choice of spindle and speed. 1% of this value is the measurementaccuracy under these conditions.APC, S.P.Patel 17
  18. 18.  Calibration Check In principle, all Brookfield rotationalviscometers are calibrated torque meters. Brookfield offers a variety of viscositycalibration fluids that enable one to checkthe calibration and linearity of the instrumentover its operating torque range of 10%-100% torque.APC, S.P.Patel 18
  19. 19.  Any spindle and any one of several calibrationfluids may be used to perform a calibrationcheck. Experts recommend using one spindle and onefluid while taking measurements at multiplespeeds. This enables multiple calculations of viscositythroughout the torque range of the instrument; one at low torque, one at medium torque and one athigh torque. The FSR, and consequently the instrumentaccuracy in terms of centipoise, will be differentat each speed.APC, S.P.Patel 19
  20. 20.  The calibration fluid must be transferred intoa 600ml low form, Griffin beaker (withoutcreating any bubbles) and, on LV and RV models, the instrument GuardLeg must be used. The beaker, fluid, spindle and Guard Legmust stabilized at 25.0°C (±0.1°C) before thecalibration check can be performed.APC, S.P.Patel 20
  21. 21. EX:Actual viscosity is 5,120cP, Allowable error = 1% of the FSR + 1% of theactual value of the calibration fluid The lower and upper viscosity limits,indicating acceptable calibration, equal theactual value of the fluid, in this case 5,120cP, ± the allowable error.APC, S.P.Patel 21
  22. 22. RPM MINcPMAX cP(FSR)1% ofFSR%torquecPREADINGALLOWABLEERROR12 1000 10000 100 51.2 5120 ± 1516 2000 20000 200 25.5 5100 ± 2513 4000 40000 400 12.7 5080 ± 451Allowable error = 1% of the FSR + 1% of the actualvalue of the calibration fluidAPC, S.P.Patel 22
  23. 23. Calibration WorksheetA B C D E F G H IFluidValuefromCertificatecP1% ofFluidValuecPInstrumentModelSpindle RPM FSRcP(depressandholdAUTORANGEkey)1% ofFSRcP1% ofFSRcPViscositycPAPC, S.P.Patel 23
  24. 24.  The viscosity reading should equal the cP value on thefluid standard to within the combined accuracies ofthe Viscometer and the viscosity standard as calculatedbelowLow Limit= A – (B + G)ReadingIHigh Limit= A + (B + G)Pass or FailAPC, S.P.Patel 24
  25. 25.  Any reading outside these limits mayindicate a Viscometer problem. Contact the Brookfield technical salesdepartment or your local Brookfielddealer/distributor with test results todetermine the nature of the problem.APC, S.P.Patel 25
  26. 26. Reference: Brookfield DV-ii+ pro, programmableviscometer, operating manual no. M/03-165-A0404 “Solution for a viscous world” brookfield2007 catalog. www.brookfieldengineering.comAPC, S.P.Patel 26
  27. 27. APC, S.P.Patel 27