How to write a business plan 01


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Some ideas about how to write a business plan.
The first chapter : introduction

See the second chapter : information & analytics : (

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How to write a business plan 01

  1. A Business Plan is an essential business design for your success.
  2. It projects your business development in 3-5 years.
  3. It explains your business goals,
  4. why they can be achieved and how.
  5. To begin with, you can ask yourself: who are you?
  6. Who are your partners?
  7. What do you do ?
  8. Why are you different ?
  9. Which markets do your business serve?
  10. What is the size of the markets ?
  11. What are the trends ?
  12. Which opportunities do you smell ? 63%
  13. What are the threats ?
  14. Who are your competitors ?
  15. What are they doing ?
  16. What are the critical needs of your potential customers?
  17. What are your strengths & weaknesses?
  18. How important is your target market to your competitors?
  19. How much market share can you gain? 25%
  20. Are there any Regulatory Restrictions ?
  21. What do you sell ?
  22. What are the specific benefits of your product or service ?
  23. Do you have the Intellectual Property?
  24. What about your Research and Development Activities ?
  25. How do you plan to market your business?
  26. What is your penetration strategy ?
  27. What is your communication strategy ?
  28. What is your distribution strategy ?
  29. What is your Pricing strategy ?
  30. What is your sales strategy ?
  31. You determine your strategies, you build your action plan.
  32. How is your company's structure ?
  33. Need more persons for your projects ?
  34. What is your recruitment strategy?
  35. How to train your new staff ?
  36. What resources do you have ?
  37. What resources do you need ?
  38. How  much  will  it  cost  to realize  your  projects  ?
  39. How much time do you need ? loading..
  40. How much will you earn ?
  41. The cash flow ?
  42. What are the risks ?
  43. How to manage them ?
  44. How to finance your projects ?
  45. A good business plan is clear .
  46. Simple  .
  47. Coherent .
  48. A good business plan gets you there .