Interactive videos & engineered virality


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How digital technics help us manage the risk lying with big production/media budget or out-of-the-box stories.
Knowing in real time if your video content is getting the traction envisioned is a BIG advantage compared to pushing content out there and crossing your fingers for results.

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Interactive videos & engineered virality

  1. 1. Morning Sessions* VIDEO IN DIGITAL ADVERTISING
  2. 2. INTERACTIVE VIDEO ENGAGEMENT... Adways  :  h*p://­‐studio/ sid lee 2 Adventr:  h*p://
  3. 3. INTERACTIVE VIDEO CONVERSION... Welcome to Portland Sport Chek sid lee 3
  4. 4. viral VIDEOS ‘MAKE IT VIRAL’ sid lee 4
  5. 5. viral VIDEOS SHIP MY PANTS Creation/ planning sid lee 5 Launch
  6. 6. viral VIDEOS TARGET AND PLANNING Know your audience before creating content - what are they watching? - what are they searching? - not sure? use versioning to create different message for different audiences Plan the reporting and iterations ahead of time: - adjust the video in post prod? - shoot extra materials in the first place? - re-edit most appealing segments sid lee 6
  7. 7. viral VIDEOS INCREMENTAL ROLL OUT e power of Nimble media to track what’s working: - audience size - most popular content type and sub topics - social media reactions - viewer sentiment - traffic sources and properly expand online reach and targeting. + Sequential Advertising to tell different part of a story based on Devices. sid lee 7
  8. 8. viral VIDEOS DISTRIBUTE Share the passion and seed carefully - Social outreach and sharing - Seeding can be seedy.. CTR < 0,001% - YouTube Ads done right are worth it CTR > 3% - Search is currently the most efficient in terms of ROI - Distribution lists : HTML5 <video> tag ... sid lee 8
  9. 9. viral VIDEOS ENGINEER IT. 9 out of 10 viral videos in 2012 were professionally created - Mashable sid lee 9
  10. 10. INTERACTIVE VIDEOS - MYTH SHIP MY PANTS Ship My Pants,” it knew it was taking a risk. “Kmart is known as a family brand … and this is not a family commercial,” Adriana Llames Kogelis, vice-president of Sears Holdings Digital Marketing Division told a branding conference in June. But it was a calculated risk. Instead of starting with a mass audience, Kmart targeted a core audience through digital first. In the initial 24 hours of the campaign, online sentiment reports were being filed up to the CEO-level every two hours. By closely monitoring the social media reaction the brand progressively amplified the engagement, seeding it in social media and using targeted ad buys including TrueView, YouTube ads that people choose to watch, to reach a defined, relevant audience. The brand expanded its online targeting from late-night show fans to more traditional Kmart fans. Within weeks, the spot spawned a sequel and, armed with the knowledge they had a hit, expanded from online-only to also include TV. Now closing in on 20 million YouTube views, “Ship My Pants” is only one in a series of recent successes that highlight the importance of media planning in engagement, and the power of nimble media, ads that people choose and what happens when brands give themselves the time and ability to react to consumer response sid lee 10