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Oscar Murphy Life Strategists Pvt Ltd                                                                                     ...
G R A D E S: Get Results by Assessing and Developing Effective Styles                                                     ...
G R A D E S : Get Results by Assessing and Developing Effective Styles                                                    ...
G R A D E S : Get Results by Assessing and Developing Effective Styles                                                    ...
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Grades Brochure


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Grades Brochure

  1. 1. Oscar Murphy Life Strategists Pvt Ltd Presents Learning Style is the way in which GRADES each learner begins to concentrate on, process, absorb, and retain new Results, results and results, the world is looking for people who perform and produce results. Get Results by Assessing and Developing Effective Styles and difficult information (Dunn & Dunn). It is better to assess and train the It involves personalizing What is the impact of such It is advantageous for children’s mind right, at the the educating methods, differences on learning and students of all age earliest opportunity than to repair particular to an individual academic performance? groups to understandThe foundations of result orientation orachievement, is firmly laid when we are learning the adult. that are presumed to To reveal the natural their type of learning style early on soand yet to enter the adult world. If you wish to get your children or allow that individual to tendencies and styles, that their students to perform and produce learn best. it is important studies andWhen we are attending to our classes, our studies, results, here is good news from The ‘One-size fits all to use compre- learning mayour education, be it school, college or the the world of Behavioral Sciences. approach’ just does not hensiveuniversities, we are either getting our results right work with respect to psychometric become easieror not up to our expectations. Each and every student learns and learning, intelligence and and less assessments understands differently. Their education. stressful in the minds are influenced differently by of learning styles thatThere is an urgent need in this world to help future todevelop emotional intelligence in our children their heredity, their upbringing So the best way is to start identify each individuals practice & train the and their environment. strengths and preferences other types ofalong with the academic intelligence. with the fundamentals. across the full spectrum of learning styles earlySo how do we instill this result orientation in our Everyone has a mixture of Learn and understand, as physiological, sociological, on so that, as he/shechildren’s mind and that of our students, at the strengths and preferences. No-one to how are they different psychological, emotional, grows, the child canright time, before it is too late? has exclusively one single style or from each other? and environmental utilize the other types preference. elements. effectively. Happening In We are with you for every step of the way which is beneficial for >>> GRADES consists of the Bangalore, Hyderabad, 1. Parents following assessments: Chennai, Delhi, Pune, 2. Students 1. FITS Cochin & Kolkata 3. Coaches & 2. 4C’s 4. Teachers and Mentors 3. VAK 5. Counselors 4. CARS 6. Trainers 5. PRES 7. Facilitators 6. MI-Multiple 8. Psychologists and the like. Intelligence
  2. 2. G R A D E S: Get Results by Assessing and Developing Effective Styles Who Should Attend G R A D E S: 1. Any individual learner interested in BENEFITS of GRADES empowering himself/ herself to learn better 1. Encouraging students to look at and more efficiently for the purpose of learning holistically so as to make use of improving academic GRADES. it in the real world and not restrict it to only books or scoring marks. 2. Parents and teachers looking for new 2. Appreciating and helping each student insights, techniques and tools from for their individuality, thus instilling. Parents& Educators have the opportunity to make a educational and psychological research to confidence to face things. huge impact on students, but like most opportunities help their child to excel will also find this it comes with many challenges. 3. Give way to talent and creativity; help programme highly beneficial. them look at things from various The need of a generation of teachers who aim to perspectives so as to make them broad 3. This workshop makes you the parent/ develop learners instead of teaching them. minded and open to the learning teacher aware of your children’s/ student’s process. individualized learning styles and equips To help their students to become independent 4. Such involvement activates and pushes you with the skills to work with rather than (learning to learn), who provide students with the student to achieve their potential against his/ her learning. motivation and interest for life-long learning and best - thus shaping well - mannered and urge them to become autonomous learners, is thoughtful generation of youngsters. 4. For the teacher, knowing the class learning essential in the education of the future. styles, facilitates more effective teaching. Psychometric Assessments and its Awareness: • Deepens parental and the teachers understanding of their children better and enables improved and easier ways to deal with them. • If children are grown up and need to start looking at career choices, the assessments about learning styles help in enhancing your support in their academic choices that result in a far better life. • These Psychometric Gems enable you to really understand the natural strengths and thereby helps to assess the right subjects for your children that will provide a big boost in your career and life INVEST IN YOURSELF at just • At times, one may feel the need to make the change for the better. Yes, the Psychometric Assessments Rs.7850/ + 12.36% service tax does help identify for the kind of person your children / students are. per person. • You can avail it to understand your children’s/ students special talents by gifting them with the enhanced life. Help Empower Life Potential
  3. 3. G R A D E S : Get Results by Assessing and Developing Effective Styles CONTENT DESIGN FOR 3 DAYS DAYSParticipants can also get “Certified with G R A D E S” with an additional Investment of Rs-3000/-. The Battery of 6 Psychometric Gems, in this 3 day journey into theworld of Scientific assessments and its applications & benefits for various endeavors of children. Post workshop assignments & reviews to help gain a broad overview todiagnose people related challenges. You also have the benefit of ONLINE Certification Process for those living in the far corners of the world. Floor, PH2, 560025 OSCAR MURPHY LIFE STRATEGISTS PVT LTD ‘Rich Homes’, 6TH Floor, PH2, 5/1, Richmond Road, Bangalore 560025 STRATEGISTS 91-80-41161534/ Office: 91-80-41161534/ 35
  4. 4. G R A D E S : Get Results by Assessing and Developing Effective Styles International Consultants ProfileOur consultant coaches from Singapore, Mr. Sreenidhi S.K. and Ms. Tay Chinyi Helena are a wonderful combination of vivacity, humour, intellect and action. Theycombine their individual strengths to complement each other while co-facilitating training programmes for Corporates, Students, Teachers & Parents.Having diverse backgrounds in the field of behavioral sciences like sociology and psychology, their experience with empowering Schools, Teachers and Parents on ‘BestPractices on Imparting Education’ is vast.Having such deep insights into human behaviour, they possess the urge and means to “Help Empower Life Potential” enriching the lives of countless individuals whocome for Career Counseling, Marital Issues, Children’s Behavioral & Educational concerns. Their extensive interactions with the corporate world enable a deeperunderstanding of the competencies the future citizens of tomorrow need to develop for Success.They have worked as a team for a multitude of Management & Behavioral programmes with over hundreds of thousand participants, of all age groups both in India,Singapore and South East Asia.With such expertise and skill they keep their audience spell bound through out the programme enriching them with skills & knowledge, empowering them with values andvirtues, entertaining them with humour and an array of dramatics. Organisation ProfileOscar Murphy Life Strategists Pvt Ltd is a home grown change agent, making effective use of multidimensional approaches backed by behavioural science methodology.Motivated by the go-regional campaign of the Singapore government OMI entered India as Oscar Murphy Life Strategists Private Limited located in Bangalore, the ITcapital. OMI has made a huge difference for many organisations as they successfully face global competition.This rich, hands-on experience has given us the impetus to seek greater challenges to ensure growth and progress in many varied industries. You can gain from thislearning curve and benefit your organisation and contribute to making your organization stronger.We have many a good reference for you to fall back on and best of it all, our process based interventions are measurable. Our associates world-wide help us with research& development. You want results… and we HELP your people deliver. OMI interventions offer practical case studies, experiences and tips for successful implementation of Life Enriching Change Strategy Floor, PH2, 560025 OSCAR MURPHY LIFE STRATEGISTS PVT LTD ‘Rich Homes’, 6TH Floor, PH2, 5/1, Richmond Road, Bangalore 560025 91-80-41161534/ Office: 91-80-41161534/ 35