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A I M S: ASSESS                         INFLUENCE                      MOTIVATE                  SALES  To   Achieve     A...
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A I M S: ASSESS                         INFLUENCE                        MOTIVATE            SALES                        ...
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AIMS Brochure


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AIMS Brochure

  1. 1. OSCAR MURPHY LIFE STRATEGISTS PRESENTS AIMS ASSESS INFLUENCE & MOTIVATE SALESIn these uncertain times businesses are being more challenged by the fast BENEFITS of A I M S:changing and challenging trading environment. Whilst there is little or nothing The 2 day interactive AIMS workshop helps develop totalthat any business can do to change external forces, but we can definitely equip clarity on right sellingourselves to manage these uncontrollable forces on how they impact upon the approaches to deal differenttrading environment. customers.3 core elements to any business and one need to be working on each to get best ∗ AIMS – Assess, Influence &results from their business. Motivate Sales performance • Marketing - (How to Create More Leads). ∗ “know your mind” and “shape • Sales - (How to Convert Leads Into Customers) and it for better” results • Customer Service - (Make More Sales to Existing Customers). ∗ Flex your style when dealing with different customers &For any Sales, Marketing and Customer Service professional who wants to personalities.succeed, “Knowing themselves” and even more important, “to know theircustomers” is imperative in order to sell better. ∗ Discover strategies towards effective market analysis80% of the success of top sales and marketing people is due to their winning ∗ Identify client’s key concernsattitude. 20% is aptitude. This winning edge is psychological. So, developing a and add value through apsychological edge is the key to turning around Poor and Average performance holistic and empatheticinto Good and Top performance. Psychology can be applied easily to all approachaspects of your sales and marketing efforts to equip you with "the edge" overyour competitors. ∗ Step out onto the edge and lean into situations with confidenceWith AIMS you can eliminate the guess work and get the benefit of the Batteryof psychometric assessments provides knowledge on not just of their current ∗ Evaluate existing mindsets toskills and capabilities, but also their future ability. reach a higher level of customer/ marketAIMS provide you with the tools required to transform a lackluster & understandingmonotonous sales team into high performing and effective revenue ∗ Listen to unspoken fears,generators. aspirations, concerns, moods of customers ∗ Handle conflicts and have better understanding with efficient communication.
  2. 2. A I M S: ASSESS INFLUENCE MOTIVATE SALES To Achieve A I M S the Sales person must do 3 things; 1. Assess the Customer, the market, the competition, the industry, the product, the service and more… 2. Influence the customers’ mind, the decision makers, the people within to support before, during and after sales It looks very simple indeed! 3. Motivate the customers to buy & pay, But that’s where the complexity of effectiveness in selling begins. Every Customer is unique and hence the bosses and colleagues to flex, and ‘One size Fits all approach’ does not work in sales. to make things happen. Each and every Sales person must learn the Science of People Differences if one has to succeed…. …So Assess Influence and Motivate your People in Sales Why are Customers different? How to ASSESS the differences? Every customer is born with a different motherboard (Heredity). Every customer has a different monitor [upbringing] since childhood and is conditioned differently (Environment). The factors of heredity and environmental influences combine together, to form, the customer’s personality. So the Sales person needs to learn and practice scientific methods to assess and understand what differentiates each customer so that one can evolve a specific sales strategy to influence each one of them.Help your Sales Force to Assess Influence & Motivate your Customers?Customers are motivated if one is able to understand what’s in it for them and communicate accordingly.When you know the customers attitudes, behaviours and needs based on their personality differences, it isa lot easier to communicate what motivates them.You are able to present your products or services to your customers based on what they value most. It is notabout what they like to hear but about how you make them perceive the value of your products or services. The understanding of Customer differences and what Motivates them deep within is a sure Success Driver. Who can Benefit ? If you are keen to Assess, Influence & Motivate Sales People, For All Who want to now you can get, Certified too in Sales Effectiveness SELL & EXCEL.. measurement tools at the Assessment World and gain rich Dates: rewards by being Professional Associate of OMI. Venue: Bangalore, Delhi, & Professionals in Marketing, Sales, Business Development, Hyderabad & Mumbai Retail & the like can also get “Certified with A I M S ”. Price: Rs. 6900/- + 12.36%
  3. 3. A I M S: ASSESS INFLUENCE MOTIVATE SALES What’s in A I M S Assessments for Sales People: Participants will take the Battery of 3 Psychometric AIMS WORKSHOP!! assessments to benefit from the practical experience Upon completion of AIMS Workshop, participants and gain Self awareness in terms of Strengths, are able to: Opportunities, Limitations & Threats. 1. Identify sales approaches and actions that GETS the customer buying frontage 2. Empower the influencing skills of the Sales AIMs to understand & personnel Practice tactical 3. Helps create a winning style to GET targets and achieve AIMS Selling skills to get more 4. GET the best of customers self expressive Sales methods 5. Develop right communication strategies to listen and respond 6. Handling client reactions the right way 1. Carl Jung based FITS Personality Style Assessment - mirrors the various personality styles 7. Prevent problem situations by flexing styles based on heredity characteristics of the individual in terms 8. Assess client acceptance and learn to of Feeler, Intuitor, Thinker, and Sensor. People are influence higher Sales. different and display different behaviors on and off the job and these behaviors can be easily observed during the sales interaction process. These attributes will help see if there is a match between the demands of the market and the customer’s personality characteristics.2. William Marston based 4C’s - is a self awareness profile that indicates the Controlling, Convincing,Conforming and Consistent emotional responses of customers due to long-standing influences of upbringing fromthe customers environment, in order to assess various aspects like drive to overcome barriers, ability to persuadeetc. It throws light on individuals as people oriented or task oriented, reflecting the style through which they willget work done. It also helps find out if an individual is ‘Active or Passive’ in their approach to work and life.3. BPA based on B F Skinner - The Behaviour Pattern Analysis illustrates as to how to effectively deal withcustomers glue-like mindsets and die-hard habits due to upbringing. Effective tool in: Effective Communication Patterns & Responses Developing Interpersonal relationships Cultivating a Sense of urgency for sales to happen now, not later Dealing with the way the customers process information.The Battery of 3 Psychometric Gems, is a 2 day journey into the world of scientific assessments and itsapplications & benefits for various endeavors for people.Post workshop assignments & reviews to help gain a broad overview to diagnose people related challenges. You also have the benefit of ON-LINE Certification Process for those living in the far corners of theworld.
  4. 4. A I M S: ASSESS INFLUENCE MOTIVATE SALES INTERNATIONAL CONSULTANTS PROFILE:Our consultant coaches from Singapore, Mr. Sreenidhi S.K. and Ms. Tay Chinyi Helena are a wonderfulcombination of vivacity, humor, intellect and action. They combine their individual strengths to complement eachother while co-facilitating training programs for Corporate, Students, Teachers & Parents.Having diverse backgrounds in the field of behavioral sciences like sociology and psychology, their experience withempowering Schools, Teachers and Parents on ‘Best Practices on Imparting Education’ is vast.Having such deep insights into human behaviour, they possess the urge and means to “Help Empower LifePotential” enriching the lives of countless individuals who come for Career Counseling, Marital Issues, Children’sBehavioral & Educational concerns. Their extensive interactions with the corporate world enable a deeperunderstanding of the competencies the future citizens of tomorrow need to develop for Success.They have worked as a team for a multitude of Management & Behavioral programs with huge number ofparticipants, of all age groups across globes.With such expertise and skill they keep their audience spell bound throughout the program enriching them withskills & knowledge, empowering them with values and virtues, entertaining them with humor and an arrayof dramatics. ORGANISATION PROFILE: Oscar Murphy Life Strategists Pvt Ltd is a professional organisation spreading its wings globally, making effective use of multidimensional approaches backed by a behavioural science methodology. Motivated by the go-regional campaign of the Singapore government OMI entered India as Oscar Murphy Life Strategists Private Limited located in Bangalore, the IT capital. OMI has made a huge difference for many organisations as they successfully face global competition. Hurry Up! This rich, hands -on experience has given us the impetus to seek greater Grab the best challenges to ensure growth and progress in many varied industries. opportunity before You can gain from this learning curve and benefit your organisation and it’s too late contribute to making your organization stronger. We have many a good reference for you to fall back and best of it all, our process based interventions are measurable. Our associates world-wide help us with research & development. You want results… and we HELP your people deliver. OSCAR MURPHY LIFE STRATEGISTS PVT LTD‘Rich Homes’, 6TH Floor, PH 2, 5/1, Richmond Road, Bangalore 560025 Floor, 2, 560025 Office: 91-80-41161534/ 35