Raging bull


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Raging bull

  1. 1. Oscar J BuendiaFilm History 2Dr. MirrerApril 8, 2012 Raging BullFilm Slug:Raging Bull- 1980Drama/SportDirector- Martin ScorseseWriters- Jake LaMotta, Joseph Carter and three othersStars- Robert DeNiro, Cathy Moriarty and Joe PesciStoryline:An emotionally self-destructive boxers journey through life, as the violence and temperthat leads him to the top in the ring, destroys his life outside it. Raging Bull is a masterpiece created by Martin Scorsese and based on real lifestory of Jake LaMotta. The Film has a great cast with Robert DeNiro as Jake LaMottaand Joe Pesci as his brother. The Film was one of many that Martin Scorsese, Joe Pesciand Robert Deniro worked on together. All of the movies these three did together weregreat success and hits during their era. The Film also did something that was unusual for the 80’s since everything was incolor now. Martin Scorsese decided that because the real story was from the 40’s that thefilm would be in black and white. It was a great assertion since it does give a real life
  2. 2. feeling to the movie, and adding a really artistic touch to the movie. Something thatMartin Scorsese is known for is his use of lighting in his films and the storytelling beingvery good which is done very well in this film. The film did a great honor to the era it was trying to depict as it was done in blackand white, also the actors did a great job with their characters. The real Jake LaMottapraised Robert DeNiro for his boxing skills and the great interpretation he did of him.The era that he was trying to be depict was captured excellently. The NY times article I found was a review of the movie from the 1980 when themovie premiered. I found it interesting because it depicted DeNiro’s performance as hisbest yet. I find that funny because even though it was great acting, after this role RobertDeNiro played so many good roles in so many great movies. The article also says aboutScorsese’s fascination with violence and yes that is true Martin Scorsese loves violence,but he is also a poet and a great storyteller. In the Slant Magazine article the writer talks of how there is much that was leftout of LaMotta’s life in the film. While this may be true Scorsese did focus on what wasthe most interesting and symbolic part of LaMotta’s life, his inner demons. In the movieyou don’t really understand how he gets to the point he does, but you know thatsomething inside of him just isn’t right and he starts lashing out and life around himcrumbles. The film in my opinion was a great one for Robert DeNiro’s career, fro there theman went on to many great roles. The film was filled with great story telling of his innerdemons lashing out against everything he stood for and loved. It’s a very intriguingmovie that depicts the rise and fall of a man.
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