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Annie%20 hall


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Annie%20 hall

  1. 1. Oscar J BuendiaFilm History 2Dr. MirrerMarch 1, 2012 Annie HallFilm Slug:Annie Hall- 1977ComedyDirector- Woody AllenWriters- Woody Allen, Marshall BrickmanStars- Woody Allen, Diane Keaton, Tony RobertsStoryline:Romantic adventures of neurotic New York comedian Alvy Singer and his equallyneurotic girlfriend Annie Hall. The film traces the course of their relationship from theirfirst meeting, and serves as an interesting historical document about love in the 1970s.Woody Allen writes a refreshing comedy for the era, in a way very similar to what wenow call romantic comedies. Annie Hall has many themes, but it has one that outshinesall the others. The main theme is the absurdity and necessity of love, Alvy searches forthe secret to successful relationships and concludes that love is ridiculous but absolutelynecessary. Once the relationship with Annie goes south he desperately tries to pinpointwhat went wrong, he even asks anonymous pedestrians to identify the key to happiness inrelationships. The answers he gets add to the absurdadity of love, since most people
  2. 2. answer that they just go along and say nothing to keep the other person happy. Despitehis eagerness to find out the answer to his necessity for love Woody Allen concludes theFilm by celebrating the romance between Annie and Alvy, even though it failed. Addingto the paradox that even though its absurd love is needed. The Film relates to the text because it shows how the Film used techniquesdescribed in the text. How Film has evolved, and in the 70’s a new styles of film wereemerging. This led into what we now call romantic comedies, as they deal with love andunusual situations as Woody Allen did in the film. During the 70’s films were how theculture was Jazz upbeat music, animated text, and bright colors. The Guardian article shows how to some Annie Hall may just be the best comedyfilm of all time, it even says that it may be Woody Allen’s best film ever. I honextly donot agree with this article because I did not find this film as funny as others did. It may bethat the time era of the film was not of my liking. In my opinion there are far bettercomedies than Annie Hall. In the Montreal Journal article about Annie Hall the writer makes various claimsas to Woody Allen being a genius and that for the last 20 years he has put a moviesconstantly. In what the writer says he is definetly correct Woody Allen has been a greatwriter, director and having a long and successful career in film industry is not an easyone. Annie Hall is definetly a great film in history because it marked a new era forcomedies. Some say it’s the best of all time, but I believe that people say that because ofhow it impacted the Film industry. Just like Citizen Kane a great movie even rankednumber one but I believe it was more because of what it did for industry as well. To me
  3. 3. both movies are great but they were great for their time.