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How To Sign Up with Oscar

We wanted a health insurance company that worked better. So we invented one. We simplify the process by providing intuitive health insurance and delivery of care. Our platform is clean and designed to put our members first. Signing up is easy. Visit or call us at 855-OSCAR-NY to learn more about what we can offer you. We're Oscar, a new kind of health insurance company.

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How To Sign Up with Oscar

  1. 1. How to sign
 up with Oscar A STEP BY STEP GUIDE
  2. 2. By now you’ve heard about the Affordable Care Act !2 #Obamacare penalties marketplaces
  3. 3. And the deadline is coming up! !3 March 31
  4. 4. So what do you do? !4
  5. 5. It’s actually pretty easy... !5
  6. 6. Go to or !6
  7. 7. …and quickly get your quote. !7 GET QUOTE We’ll even factor in any savings or subsidies you may qualify for!* I am single with no kids. I make $50,000 per year. My ZIP code is 10012.
  8. 8. !8 855-OSCAR-NY Give us a call at
  9. 9. We’ll be happy to answer all your questions !9
  10. 10. We’ll help guide you to the plan that’s right for you… !10
  11. 11. and get you signed up! !11 You
  12. 12. See? Easy! !12
  13. 13. Once your coverage starts, you can rest easy knowing that… !13
  14. 14. !14 Get Covered Call Mom Learn to Ski You’re covered!
  15. 15. !15 You’ll enjoy Oscar’s great benefits! For example…
  16. 16. Unlimited access to our Doctor on Call service free telemedicine available 24/7 !16
  17. 17. Many free generic drugs !17
  18. 18. And great health
 & wellness benefits including reimbursements for your gym membership !18
  19. 19. You met the deadline &
 avoided the penalty !19 Plus!
  20. 20. Hi, we’re Oscar, a new kind of health insurance company.
  21. 21. The deadline to sign up is March 31. Visit or Call us at 1-855-OSCAR-NY * We provide you with an estimate of your monthly premium costs. Precise premium rates and tax credit subsidies can only be determined once your complete information is provided to the NYS Exchange.