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Dating Profile Page


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Dating Profile Page

  1. 1. LastName : Giraldo Name : Oscar Age : 30 Home Town : Filadelfia, CaldasDescribe your hobbies: I really like going out with my girlfriend, drink beer, going to the movies, andtravel to the countryside with my friends. I don´t practice sports thought sometimes I play soccer. I alsolike to spend time at home, play video games and watch TV, I really like documentary programs especiallyabout animals.Describe your likes: When I go out with my friends, usually we go to the house of one of them, preparesomething to eat and then drink a few shots to share the rest of the night.My favorite music genre is rock, I enjoy listening catupecumachu band because I really don´t like dancing.Describe your dislikes: I don´t like going to crowded places like concerts, “bingos” or parades for example,I do not like crowds. I have issues with sweet food, I dont really like Hawaiian food and what I really can´tstand is very hot food.Describe the couple that you would like: an honest woman, sincere, responsible, support me in the goodand bad times, understanding and respectful