My poster Production


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Here you caan see the production of my Poster.

I used Photoshop to produce this and the skill I obtained in year 12 to help me.

I aimed to create a very dark poster which followed the genre and style of y film (horror) i wanted the audience to instantly realise that the film was a horror or thriller just by looking at the poster. I followed strict colour schemes such as the all white font, and I used only 2 fonts, DEFUS

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My poster Production

  1. 1. I started off with my desired Poster image and laid it onto an A4 page. I then used a smoky brush to cover the areas I didn't want to be focused on.
  2. 2. I added some contrast using curves and I also hevily darkened the smoke brush to make the image seem more grungy.
  3. 3. After looking at my audience feedback and I chose the most voted for font (DEFUSED) and made a logo for my film. After examining many existing products I decided to centre the logo, but position It 4/5 of the way down the page. To make the logo I used a drop shadow and an outer glow. I made the outer glow Green, which followed the colour of my film clips and made it look mossy.
  4. 4. Here you can see I have added a date, which describes when the film will be released
  5. 5. Next I added the cast in the film. I used the font, Mydrid pro as it is easy to read. I also stretched the font vertically. I also added an outer glow so that it would light up the page slightly. I did this To make the text more of a focus.
  6. 6. Here I have added some information describing the cast and crew members. I followed many existing products to make this a realistic as possible. I also followed the white colour scheme and I used the myraid Pro font however I dramatically reduced the width of the letters.
  7. 7. Here you can see I have added the production house logo, which is featured in my film (which Was made using LIVETYPE. I also added a Restricted logo. I positioned both of them using Existing products to help me.
  8. 8. My final poster