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How to start a blog - Step by Step Beginner's Guide

How to Start a Blog, a step by step beginner's guide.

This is a presentation to help you get started with blogging. The focus of it is How to start a blog and get your first blogpost published and ready for the world to see.

A complimentary full tutorial guide with step by step instructions and screenshots is also included at:

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How to start a blog - Step by Step Beginner's Guide

  1. 1. How To Start a Blog Step by Step Beginner Guide
  2. 2. First thing is to start... You simply have to put one foot in front of the other and keep going. Put blinders on and plow right ahead. –George Lucas
  3. 3. Starting a Blog in 2015 is Easy ● Starting a blog is almost automatic ● No technical expertise needed ● Anyone can start a blog
  4. 4. Why Start a Blog Now? ● To meet like-minded people ● To share your expertise ● To make money (many more reasons in the tutorial)
  5. 5. Follow My Guide ● Follow my step by step guide ● Visit ● Ask if you are stuck Twitter: @Notagrouch Email: oscar [at]
  6. 6. Deciding on a Topic ● Pick a topic you like ● It can be something you know or love ● Doesn’t matter if others write about it too
  7. 7. Guidelines to Pick a Topic ● A popular topic is better than obscure ● Don’t pick a topic for the money ● Don’t pick a topic on a whim
  8. 8. Ideas for Blog Topics ● Lifestyle ● Entertainment ● Religion ● Personal ● Political ● Do it Yourself ● Food ● Fashion ● Travel ● Parenting ● Health & Wellness ● Financial
  9. 9. Free Blogs vs Self-Hosted Blogs ● Free blogs aren’t “free” ● No-cost blogs are restrictive ● Cool features cost money ● You don’t own the free blogs...
  10. 10. Self-Hosted (Wordpress) Blog ● Cost is negligible ($3 - 5/month) ● You can do whatever you want ● 1000s of Themes and Plugins ● Sell, promote or talk about anything ● You own 100% of the content
  11. 11. Free vs Paid Blog Platforms ● Tumblr ● Ello ● ● ● Wix ● Squarespace ● Self-hosted WordPress
  12. 12. is Recommended ● Most popular platform ● Open source ● More Themes & Plugins ● Easy to use and customize ● Easy to install & configure
  13. 13. Your Own Domain! ● More professional o is not professional ● Unique brand ( is unique ● Your own email address ( ● Less than $10/year o free if you follow guide here: o
  14. 14. Next Steps ● Decide on a topic ● Pick your own domain (free) ● Buy a hosting account o (60% off at ) ● Install WordPress
  15. 15. How To Get Hosting ● Get a Web Hosting account ($3.95/month) o This link will give you deep discount & free domain o use: ● Pick free domain ● Complete the order
  16. 16. How to Install WordPress ● Login to your new Control Panel (cPanel) ● Look for Autoinstallers ● Use WordPress button to install ● Follow simple steps to install o See full tutorial at
  17. 17. How to Start Blogging ● Login to your WordPress dashboard ● Click on New Blogpost ● Type in the title ● Type in your blog post (body) ● Click Publish!
  18. 18. Beyond The First Blogpost ● After your first blogpost… ● Create an about page ● Customize your menus ● Customize your theme ● Write more blogposts!
  19. 19. What Should You Do Next? ● Review full tutorial for more details: o ● Additional tutorials published weekly ● Special blogging tips and advice ● Support group and FAQ