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customer relationship management "wall mart"


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my report about CRM in wall*mart
u will ejoy and have benefits :D :D

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customer relationship management "wall mart"

  1. 1. Information system report about: WALL*MART
  2. 2. Making of RportUnder supervision of:-Dr: Ahmed MustafaTeam members:1-Osama Gamal Darwiesh2-Ahmed HamdyTawfik3-mohamed HamdyHofny4-Ahmed Elsman Ibrahim-In this report we will cover the topics down here :we will studyThe customer relationship managementin the wall-mart company and itswebsite:And its components:1-Contact and account management.2-Sales.3-Marketing and fulfillment.4-Customer service and support.5-Retention and loyalty programs.And take them step by step :
  3. 3. 1-Contact and account management.-Wall mart website provide highly excellent customer service accountand contact management:* First if you are a new customer you should sign up for a new accounthere:-New Customer.* And provide the customers with a help tutorial to create your account inwallmart.How to Create an Account.* And manage your account on the website of wall martmanage your account.*And after you have an account you will have the next capabilities:Your payment method her:Payment Method Detailsyour trial balancesGift Card/Trial Offer Balancesyour address bookAddress Bookyour alertsCommunication Preferences & Alertsand if you want t change your name and password:Change Name, Email and Password-and you canview complete your order history.
  4. 4. 2-Sales.-wall mart works on the cross-seling way the customer come to usto buy something he want but when he come he will buy things that hedoesn’t expect to buy .wallmart provide every order from every type toevery customer at any time.Wall mart has several departments specialized in everything thecustomer interested in and we will find these departments here in thisphoto:-wallmart departments sales:-Every customer will find any information and question about how heorder their orders :-In the ordering tab in the website:-OrderingYou have all the information to help you to make your order easilyProducts and MerchandiseHow to Order
  5. 5. How to Track Your OrdersSecurity and PrivacyShipping and ReturnsSafety and Privacy on Walmart.comShopping TipsWalmart Services
  6. 6. 3-Marketing and fulfillment.-Walmart has always aimed at increasing sales through its friendly prices.-Walmart has been aggressive in reversing its 7 consecutive quarters ofsame store sales declines with a variety of marketing tactics.- Walmarts Grocery business continues to be a growth factor for theircompanys business strategy and they are rapidly embracing social mediaand developing mobile strategies at a rapid clip.Marketing program include:-product-place-price-promotionWalmart Marketing Tactics - Connecting the Dots:-MerchandisingWalmart Broadened their Product Assortment (adding back products they cut back) alongwith a simplified Ad Match Guarantee with Low Prices Every Day on Everything.-Smaller Format Stores and Local Focus:Go local and small format with their 10,000 sqftWalmart Express and launchingWalmart Express in a Chicago food desert..-Walmarts Social Media and Mobile Strategies:Making Walmart "virtual" to be with the customer anytime and anywhere launchingnew Walmart Shopping Apps.Getting Close to You through Your SmartPhone" It allows a receipt to be sent to a smartphone in place of a paper receipt.
  7. 7. 4-Customer service and support.-Who want to contact :-wall mart give the customer excellent care andinteresting and call u any time through email,telephoneand fax to be in touch with you-and in your events they send a messages to yourtelephone and emails.-also,they send you the new offers of their ordersdaily,weekly and monthly.
  8. 8. 5-Retention and loyalty programs.Ther is akey feature about wall mart loyalty program:- Supporting its brand promise of “Everyday low prices” with weekly price scans of 60 competitors to make sure they deliver on the promise A renewed layaway payment plan to ease the pain of major purchases for customers Re-stocking it shelves with a broader selection of goods, reversing an attempt to streamline inventory and offering more choice to customers Giving attention to private label product lines, focusing on its George clothing lineWalmart doesn’t have an explicitly named loyalty program, nor is itawarding promotional currency or giving away punch cards and key fobsat the register. Best Regards :)