Tutoring vol. 2


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This is the second part of International tutor training slides.

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  • Syrjäytymisen tunnistaminen ja henkiset ongelmat!!
  • Tutoring vol. 2

    1. 1. Tutor as a part of study guidance0 Tutor is an imporant relayer of information to the new student settling down to the academic world0 Tutors should remind their students 0 Annoucement of precense and absence for the academic year 0 Repeat exams dates and practices related to it 0 Other dates related to academic year
    2. 2. About the flow of information0 Tutor teachers and study councellors relay the big lines and content associated with them0 Flow of academic years us not necessarily familiar to many0 A good way to remind people is some peer to peer marketing when you meet them or contacting them trough social media before the deadlines0 There are always unic specific ways of action, working with the study councellors should always be interactive
    3. 3. Responsibility in tutoring0 The tutor is the closest peer support the student has, this position should not be abused in any way!0 Remain confidential about the talks with the student0 Confidentiality  Duty to disclose0 Don’t draw lines yourself, consult0 Remeber that you are acting in the group as a guide, not as a leader 0 Relay the independancy to the group bit by bit
    4. 4. About the operational enviroment in general 0 Tutors work in a network of our institution and in accordance to the big lines set by Study Councellors and International Coordinators 0 Give constructive feedback to all the parties involved 0 Serious lack in education should alwaways be relayed forwards either by the group itself or the students 0 The Student Union has the tools if the group itself is not willing to take the case forward
    5. 5. Guiding role0 When the problems show up, the most important thing is the forward guidance0 Tutor guides the student to take the issue forward
    6. 6. The international sector - Exchange0 Echange students arrive at steady intervals for the spring and autumn periods.0 The average time of stay is three to four months0 Currently the accomodation is arranged in Otokylä0 Students need to be contacted prior to their arrival and the students they pick up are assigned by International Coordinators0 Tutor students need to arrange the keys from the dormitory manager as soon as possible, even if there is plenty of time 0 Both of the managers are part time workers and students just like you
    7. 7. 0 Not every exchange student is here just to party 0 Make sure you check on their needs and provide them information they need0 Once you do the initial contact it is good to do premilinary check 0 Many of them usually need/want bikes for themselves so it is good to check the possibilities before they arrive
    8. 8. The international sector - Degree0 People that come here for the duration of their studies, just like you0 They come to stay in a foreign culture for a long time so they might need more information of the practices 0 Related to the magistrate and continuation of visa for example0 They don’t always need to be picked up but this information is relayed by the International Coordinators
    9. 9. 0 As they get accepted they get notified that they need to arrange their accomodation themselves 0 However some people still expect there to be some form of emergency accomodation available0 With good premilinary information from them you are able to check on places you need to show them, especially if they arrive after the orientation days
    10. 10. General things about international sector0 Many people are active practicers of various religion 0 Also many people turn to the church with problems of life even though they are not actively taking part in the sermons0 Lutheric church is also providing a lot of services that are religiously neutral 0 They can also guide people to their specific religious institutions that act in oulu area0 When many people arrive here there can be having a bundle of questions 0 Have an open mind and be ready to explain things that seem natural to you 
    11. 11. Transparency0 Always give a trusworthy image 0 Treat others in a way you would like to be treated0 Always be on time, if you agree something with the group 0 Keep them informed, if something changes0 Try to remain objective, if the topics take a more serious tone0 Remember to contact the group as a whole, not just the closest people that you are confortable being around0 Don’t expect information to travel, make sure it does