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CrowdGene: The DNA of Crowdsourcing


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CrowdGene is the power behind IdeasWatch: Startup inspiration from the crowd

CrowdGene is a modular platform of human motivation-driven blocks that are rapidly adaptable for community websites. In IdeasWatch, users submit new business ideas, discuss them on idea pages, suggest similar projects that the idea submitter and his team should know of, request to join project teams, and watch ideas to get updates on activity.

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CrowdGene: The DNA of Crowdsourcing

  1. 1. The DNA of Crowdsourcing You’ve built a community. Shouldn’t you have a fully-functional crowdsourcing site?
  2. 2. Crowdsourcing ain’t all about Crowdfunding Sure, it could be. Your members might need feedback: ● imagery/logos ● book chapters ● people for a project, even!
  3. 3. Crowdsource Design Give the community a starter idea and concept. Collect ideas. Share the hell out of them. What people like, they might buy.
  4. 4. Get sufficient input before deciding Too small a sample can lead to poor choices. (Feel like trying to sell this…?)
  5. 5. The bigger the name who’s asking, the more input you’ll get. If it really matters, get yourself a big name collaborator. “What do you think?”
  6. 6. Be ready to discard much of what you get Ideas, content, and yes, comments. Crowdsource, and the more input you get, the more you’ll toss. (With a good-natured smile, of course)
  7. 7. So, what is your community about? Music? Still, there will be many things to get input on: ● lyrics ● cover art ● costumes, personal branding ● marketing materials Or even, “we need a drummer.”
  8. 8. Crowdsource your own makeover Give your people multiple choices and welcome negative feedback along with the positive. Provide only a “like” button and you might make a choice you’ll regret...
  9. 9. Make a splash with a jab! Crowdsourced brand-bashing… This got someone’s attention!
  10. 10. How do you think data is collected? What if you could compile powerful trend & market data that you need for clients at zero cost? Perhaps you’ve been missing opportunities…?
  11. 11. Br prepared to socially share You will need a community site with social sharing. You will also need to motivate site users to share.
  12. 12. Make people look, make them smile Your community site must be user-friendly. #uxdesign And catch them where they are. #responsive
  13. 13. So, What do your people need your site to do? CrowdGene is an initiative from Michal Hudeček: a modular platform of motivation-driven blocks that are useful and rapidly adaptable for any type of community website. nearly any community site that places high value on crowd input. Here’s what we did with our own site, IdeasWatch > Try the site (no registration needed), and email with how you’d re-imagine IdeasWatch if it was your community site.
  14. 14. With CrowdGene, we can have your own social network built and you running it - in as little as two weeks. Develop & earn from your community site with: ● ● ● ● social registration & sign-in moderation advertising social sharing & social proof and you’re in charge, CEO & “admin.” CG is the community site solution for: non-profits, schools, clubs, startup communities, communities of creatives and entrepreneurs.
  15. 15. What do your site users want from the crowd? Crowdstorming Your users want to gather input, so the CrowdGene team will work with you to determine which features you want and where you want them, such as... Share a submission: In IdeasWatch, this is an idea. In your community site, “submissions” might be... ● startup pitches or ● business plans or movie scripts ● images, videos ● or even a SlideShare presentation.
  16. 16. How will site users make submissions searchable by the crowd? Add hashtags: markers for classifying the submission. ● ● ● hashtags can be topic keywords/phrases, locations, events or types of submission (in the case that your site will accept more tha one type of media as a submission - i.e. #photo #video #presentation #howto #diy #pitch #idea #fun) can be limited by either the CrowdGene-powered site’s administrator to make all submissions taggable by just the content submitter or open to tagging by any user of the site. separation of location tag and/or content type hashtag areas is also possible.
  17. 17. Empower your members to get others talking with them Site users can start discussions regarding submissions. Options for discussions: ● they can be taggable (see last slide) ● they can have threaded comments ● users can have the option to receive notifications on comments on their discussions
  18. 18. Let members get others to vote up/down and monitor submissions of interest ● Up/down voting: this gives site users a way of indicating approval or rejection of content with a single click. Content and even comments on content can appear on your designated pages or the homepage based upon: ○ meeting a pre-designated threshhold of a certain number of upvotes (minus downvotes). ○ across a category or among all community content submissions, feature submissions with the highest total number of upvotes (minus downvotes). ● Watching of community submissions: this allows site users to indicate that they would like to be know how the submission develops. Registered site users can opt to receive notifications on-site or by email. Watches and votes on a submission give your members validation from the community: they see just how much their ideas resonate.
  19. 19. Bring online communities together In the video that follows, I show how I do this with the Google+ Startup Bootstrappers Community and CrowdGene-powered IdeasWatch