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Facebook Fan Page Basics


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Published in: Education
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Facebook Fan Page Basics

  1. 1. Facebook Fanpages Basicspresented by AJ Leon & osCharity #FBbasics partnership with
  2. 2. Facebook vs Twitterwhat’s the difference anyway?
  3. 3. Fanpages vs Groups
  4. 4. Why are you on Facebook?• Update your community (pics & vids)• Connect supporters to each other• Communicate longer form messages• Stay in Consciousness
  5. 5. Basics of Fanpages• photos• videos• events• ads
  6. 6. Photos on Fanpages• Tell Stories• Encourage users to submit photos• Photo of the Week
  7. 7. Take a look atHabitat for Humanity GB
  8. 8. How to add photos ...
  9. 9. Videos on Fanpages• Supporters can see your work.• Ask supporters to submit videos.• Create a Weekly Series.
  10. 10. Take a look atShakespeare Birthplace
  11. 11. How to add videos ...
  12. 12. Events on Fanpages• Gather a Specific Group of People.• Select a Region to Invite.• Update a Segment of your Supporters.
  13. 13. Take a look atHabitat for Humanity GB
  14. 14. How to add events ...
  15. 15. Ads on Fanpages• Highly Targeted.• Link your Supporters to an Experience.
  16. 16. Like vs Sharewhat’s the difference anyway?
  17. 17. Take a look atShakespeare Birthplace
  18. 18. How to create ads ...
  19. 19. Recap• Facebook Ecosystem• Basics Functions• Like & Share
  20. 20. Questions