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English Home Work Oscar Tamara


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English Home Work Oscar Tamara

  1. 1. My name is Oscar Támara My first name is Oscar My family name is Támara I do not have nick name
  2. 2. My middle name is Edgardo My full name is Oscar Edgardo Támara Riveros I am studying at the UPTC I come from Santa Rosa
  3. 3. I am married I live at home with my wife and my son My wife’s name is Lisbeth She is a to help of radiology
  4. 4. My son’s name is David He is a student He study in the kinder garden My favorite color is red
  5. 5. My favorite sport is soccer My birth day is july the three My favorite program tv is Natgeo I started learning english five years ago
  6. 6. I am twenty seven years old I live in Duitama I like the movies My favorte movie is Alien
  7. 7. My hobby is listen music I like the music of Blink 182 I am a student of enginnering I have english classes twice a week
  8. 8. I have a dog I like to dink Coca cola I like to enjoy soccer My father is a Industrial Administration
  9. 9. My father’s name is Alirio My mother is a saleswoman My mother’s name is Myriam My brother is a engineer
  10. 10. My brother’s mane is Andres My sister is a student at the UPTC My sister’s name is Julieth My favorite animal is the shark
  11. 11. I like to eat pizza I like to read very much My car is color red I love my wife
  12. 12. I love my son I work in the internet coffe I was born in Santa Rosa My favorite singer is shania Twain
  13. 13. I do not like to dance I do not like the cats