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Jobs - Datasheet


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Jobs - Datasheet

  1. 1. Recruiting SolutionsLinkedInJobs NetworkLet our jobs do your jobLinkedIn Jobs find the best passive and active candidates on theworld’s largest professional networkAttract the best professionals on the web Get the additional flexibility of slotsWhen it comes to applicant quality, LinkedIn beats the Refresh your job whenever you like. Pool your slotsmajor job boards by a factor of 3-to-1 (see graph on with your team. Take applicants directly to your ATSthe back). “apply” flow or your career site. Post and manage jobs directly from LinkedIn Recruiter.Give your jobs a serious viral boost Give candidates a personal experienceWe make forwarding so easy that LinkedIn membersforward your jobs to 11 other members on average. Candidates see who posted the job and how theyAs a result a job typically collects 1000 views and 30 are connected into your organization. Candidatesapplications.* can reach your LinkedIn company profile in a single click, helping them feel fully informed.Automatically discover the best passivecandidates Boost your jobs’ presence on the web Search engines index LinkedIn Jobs, boosting yourOur proprietary matching technology identifies the jobs’ presence in search results. We also push yourbest candidates for your job in real-time, immediately jobs to Twitter.after posting.Reach passive candidates on our home pageOur smart “Jobs you may be interested in” modulepromotes your jobs to highly relevant professionals.* Average views on a job posted with a Job Slot
  2. 2. Passive and active candidates discover jobs perfectly suited for Apply Now button can them on our home page link to your ATS Posts feel personal Candidates see who they know at your company Jobs are indexed for search engines and can be published to Twitter Members forward your jobs in 2 clicksJob Poster Survey: Applicant Quality A year-round LinkedIn Job Slot allows you“Which site would you rank highest for applicant quality?” to do all of the following: 48% Change your job posting as often as you like - even daily Easily renew and keep a position open on LinkedIn for longer than 30 days Get up to 50 real-time candidate recommendations per post 13% Streamline the posting process with integrated 3rd party job 10% 10% 10% distributors 7% 2% Pull jobs onto LinkedIn from your career web site* 1% er er rs t s r Send applicants straight to your ATS from LinkedIn dIn ild nst de slis Dic e ob he ke rBu ad aig otJ OtLin e Mo he L Cr H C are T Y! Add a third party tracking URL to your post Source: Internal survey of job posters conducted December 2009. 250 respondents. * Minimum slot purchase required | Please contact your sales manager or account manager for more information. Copyright © 2010 LinkedIn Corporation. LinkedIn, the LinkedIn logo, and InMail are registered trademarks of LinkedIn Corporation in the United States and/or other countries. All other brands and names are the property of their respective owners. All rights reserved. 10-LCS-007-G 0710