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  2. 2. Simplify IT New industry trends such as mobility and big data are putting tremendous pressures on the application infrastructure inside today’s data centers. Spiraling power and cooling costs, unplanned downtime, and the need for new services to support a demanding, “always on” user community—these new challenges simply can’t be met with endless farms of application silos running on aging hardware technologies. Successful IT organizations are implementing more-efficient technologies and processes, and investing the resulting savings back into their companies to develop innovative business services that drive top- and bottom-line growth. These organizations understand that eliminating complexity and simplifying IT not only lowers operating costs but can also drive better productivity. By refreshing older server and storage hardware with the latest generation of faster, more efficient systems, they are delivering performance improvements, productivity gains, and cost savings that give them a quantifiable return on investment and a real competitive advantage within their industry.
  3. 3. Building the Business Case Upgrading your hardware can help you: • Boost performance and availability for mission-critical applications • Reduce total cost of ownership with lower acquisition and operating expenses • Reduce time needed to deploy new applications • Improve hardware utilization • Improve eco-efficiency to bring down energy and cooling costs • Shrink space requirements with powerful, high-density servers and storage • Scale quickly to address dynamic business needs • Simplify compliance to meet changing regulatory mandates Oracle’s world-class products and services help you identify and implement the best upgrade or consolidation project to address your specific business and budgetary needs. Better still, the project can be done securely and with minimal disruption to your business. This e-book is a short introduction to the benefits that can be gained by modernizing a legacy infrastructure with Oracle’s industry- leading hardware systems and supporting programs and services. At the end of this e-book, you’ll find links to resources to help set you on a path that meets your specific business needs. Ravi Pendekanti VP, Systems Product Marketing Oracle
  4. 4. Servers The latest generation of Oracle’s comprehensive portfolio of servers delivers extreme performance, simplified management, and dramatic efficiency gains—helping you increase availability, drive productivity gains, and reduce data center costs. Oracle’s SPARC Servers Oracle’s SPARC servers running Oracle Solaris operating system are the best systems for mission-critical enterprise applications that require high performance, security, and scalability. Oracle’s SPARC server family includes systems designed for optimal performance on all application tiers, from highly concurrent Web applications to complex enterprise applications and data warehouses. Upgrading to the latest generation of Oracle’s SPARC servers can bring instant benefits to your business, helping you deliver: • World record performance for both vertically and horizontally scaled environments • Unparalleled reliability and availability for mission-critical enterprise computing • Unmatched security with on-chip encryption and the Oracle Solaris security framework • Tight integration with the complete Oracle hardware, middleware, and software stack • Considerable cost savings with improved processor core factors for reduced Oracle software licensing costs • Improved system utilization with no-cost virtualization • Simplified management and cloud deployments with Oracle Enterprise Manager Ops Center 12c Learn more about Oracle’s installation, configuration and mission critical support services for Oracle Systems
  5. 5. SPARC SuperCluster T4-4 SPARC SuperCluster T4-4 is an engineered system for server consolidation and mission- critical enterprise applications that combines the high-performance computing power of the SPARC T4-4 server, the unmatched scalability of Oracle Solaris 11, the database optimization of Oracle Exadata, and the accelerated processing of Oracle Exalogic Elastic Cloud. Oracle has brought together the very best of its high-performance technologies to deliver a single machine that is optimized to run complex multitier application workloads faster than ever before, enabling you to: • Get world record performance at a fraction of the cost • Scale seamlessly to meet changing business needs • Consolidate affordably with no-cost virtualization • Gain enhanced security with no performance penalty • Boost productivity with streamlined systems management • Achieve ROI in just six months with rapid deployment of a pre-optimized system • Consolidate up to 100 legacy midrange servers to a single SPARC SuperCluster A Technical Overview of the Oracle SPARC SuperCluster T4-4 Matthew Clark Senior Director, IT Qualcomm The New SPARC T4 Processor Delivers Even More Oracle’s latest SPARC T-Series servers feature the revolutionary SPARC T4 processor, delivering: • Up to 5 times better single-thread performance over the previous generation of T-Series processors • Up to 7 times better floating point performance • Integrated on-chip cryptographic acceleration for 16 popular ciphers
  6. 6. Servers SPARC T-Series Servers Oracle’s SPARC T-Series rack and blade servers running Oracle Solaris are ideal for enterprise- class and mission-critical applications cloud deployments, as well as consolidation projects requiring a single server. They can support a diverse set of single and multithreaded workloads across the middleware and applications tiers. • Achieve up to 5 times better performance for single-threaded application workloads • Scale affordably by consolidating applications onto a single, highly expandable server with integrated, no-cost virtualization • Protect critical data and services with wire-speed encryption Oracle’s SPARC T4-1, SPARC T4-2, SPARC T4-4 and SPARC T4-1B Server Architecture SPARC M-Series Servers Oracle’s SPARC Enterprise M-Series servers running Oracle Solaris provide an always- on platform for mission-critical applications, allowing you to: • Simplify consolidation with built-in virtualization at no additional cost • Reduce the cost of providing high-availability features • Deliver the highest performance and scalability for complex application workloads • Protect your investments with nondisruptive upgrades that work with your existing systems High Availability for Business-Critical IT Services Using Oracle’s SPARC Enterprise M-Series Servers SPARC Enterprise M3000, M4000, M5000, M8000, and M9000 Server Architecture: Flexible, Mainframe-Class Compute Power “Our benchmark testing of Oracle’s SPARC T4 system on our ERP system led to impressive results. We saw performance enhancements of up to 4 times that of our legacy server. And deployment was easy—just a drop-in.” Umberto Angelucci, Chief Technology Officer, SKY Italia
  7. 7. Oracle’s Enterprise x86 Servers Oracle’s x86 rack and blade servers deliver superior application performance while dramatically lowering data center costs and simplifying management and support with built-in, application-aware virtualization and management software at no additional cost. Optimized to run Oracle Linux, Oracle Solaris, and Oracle VM, and engineered to maximize performance across the enterprise IT stack, Oracle’s x86 servers, based on current and newly launched Intel Xeon chipsets, deliver: • 50 percent lower TCO compared to HP and IBM deployments using third-party operating system and virtualization software • Superior scalability with world-class performance supporting virtualization and consolidation • Simplified management with Oracle Integrated Lights Out Manager included at no additional cost x86 and SPARC-Based Blade Modular Systems Faster performance. Extreme cost-efficiency. The industry’s smallest carbon footprint. These are just a few of the reasons to upgrade to Oracle’s latest modular blade systems, which integrate robust x86 and SPARC-based servers, storage, and advanced networking capabilities to support a complex and dynamic mix of IT workloads. • Unparalleled flexibility to match the right servers to the right workloads • Reduced risk during deployment and in production environments • The lowest TCO for any virtualized blade solution The Industry’s Best x86 Platform for Running Oracle Enterprise Applications Download the white paper “Improving Data Center Infrastructure with Oracle x86 Systems” “By using SPARC M-Series servers we get higher performance with a [smaller] footprint less energy, more power—it just makes sense.” Robert Yanckello, Chief Technology Officer, University of Central Florida
  8. 8. Oracle Solaris Operating System Oracle Solaris 11 is the first operating system engineered for the cloud. With advanced functionality, improved security, and breakthrough ease of management, Oracle Solaris 11 builds on the success of Oracle Solaris as the world’s #1 enterprise operating system. And with the Oracle Solaris 100 percent binary compatibility guarantee, you can upgrade to the most efficient, powerful, and secure UNIX operating system without having to make changes to your existing applications. In fact, by allowing you to run more applications faster than ever on fewer servers, Oracle Solaris 11 running on Oracle’s SPARC systems offers dramatic improvements in utilization, application performance, and data center efficiency.
  9. 9. Only Oracle Solaris 11 delivers: • Streamlined management and minimized downtime for all your systems, with Oracle Enterprise Manager Ops Center included at no additional charge as part of Oracle Premier Support • Zero overhead virtualization with Oracle Solaris Zones, allowing huge numbers of workloads to be consolidated onto a single system • Optimized performance for Oracle software with up to 3 times better Oracle Database performance, and 5 times better performance for Java applications • Complete investment protection with 100 percent binary compatibility guaranteed and continued support for more than 11,000 third-party applications Solaris 11 Overview Find out more on Solaris 11 On-Demand Online Forum: Oracle Solaris 11: What’s New Since the Launch Optimize Your Data Center with SPARC and Solaris 11 “The SPARC T4 platform is a huge part of our virtualization effort, and we’re very impressed with the performance capabilities it has shown. Whenever we need an application to be highly reliable, we run it on Oracle Solaris and the SPARC T4 platform.” Matthew Clarke, Senior Director of IT, Qualcomm
  10. 10. Storage Oracle offers a complete portfolio of best-in-class storage products and business- ready storage solutions that optimize performance, maximize data protection, and reduce the total cost of ownership for Oracle Databases, applications, and heterogeneous data management. Disk Storage: Flexible NAS and SAN Storage Solutions Oracle offers both network attached storage (NAS) and storage area network (SAN) products, providing best-in-class choices for enterprise database or application environments, virtualized or cloud infrastructures, backup and recovery needs, and data center consolidation projects. Simplified storage management – is that even possible in today’s complex data centers? Oracle’s Aaron Newcomb goes on a fact finding mission, and discovers that it IS possible to simplify your storage with the advanced analytics and management interface of the Sun ZFS Storage Appliance.
  11. 11. “With Oracle’s Sun ZFS Storage Appliance, we’ve created a highly available and scalable storage environment for our growing content-on-demand service. The robust set of data services available with the systems, and not having to spend more money to license them separately, made economic sense and simplified our installation. As important, we’ve been able to use the robust environment to support revenue streams, such as providing content to other cable networks and creating an online store for premium, paid digital entertainment.” Christine McKinlay, Manager, Video Applications and Application Platforms, Rogers Communications Inc. Sun ZFS Storage Appliances Oracle’s Sun ZFS Storage Appliances provide enterprise-class NAS performance, outstanding ease of management, and the lowest total cost of ownership by combining third-generation software with high-performance controllers, flash-based caches, and disks. This award-winning storage simplifies data center administration and delivers the flexibility to handle an ever-increasing volume of data, allowing you to: • Improve efficiency and reduce required storage capacity with built-in, inline duplication and compression capabilities • Speed data center and application performance with Oracle’s unique hybrid storage pools architecture • Save time and improve productivity with an easy-to-use management interface and the industry’s most advanced storage analytics • Provide world-class data protection and disaster recovery at a lower TCO • Accelerate business performance through tight integration with Oracle software and Oracle engineered systems
  12. 12. Storage PILLAR AXIOM STORAGE SYSTEM Oracle’s Pillar Axiom storage system provides best-in-class SAN consolidation, predictable performance, automated management, and cost-effective scalability for dynamic, multiapplication storage environments. It offers a robust next-generation platform for reducing cost and complexity, enabling you to: • Get more storage for less cost with an innovative approach to storage consolidation • Ensure predictable application performance with breakthrough quality of service software • Improve capacity utilization with thin provisioning • Adapt dynamically to changing needs with a uniquely flexible, modular architecture • Enhance business performance with tightly integrated Oracle software and Oracle systems engineered to work together
  13. 13. Pillar Axiom Product Overview Video: Quality of Service (QoS) Pillar Axiom Product Overview Video: Modular Architecture Pillar Axiom Product Overview Video: Hybrid Columnar Compression
  14. 14. Storage Tape Storage: Powerful Archive Solutions As the volume and value of the data stored by enterprises continues to grow, upgrading your tape storage infrastructure can help you achieve unprecedented performance gains and cost savings. StorageTek Tape Product Overview Video: Lowering Total Cost of Ownership with StorageTek Tape StorageTek Tape Product Overview Video: Industry-Leading StorageTek T10000C Tape Drive
  15. 15. STORAGETEK TAPE Oracle’s StorageTek tape products deliver industry-leading quality and reliability features, and unmatched data availability during upgrades, expansion, and service. They can also significantly reduce operating costs by lowering power, cooling, and space requirements. By refreshing your tape storage systems with Oracle, you can benefit from: • Increased throughput speed and utilization for tape library functions • Extended useful life for your current tape library infrastructure • Simple and cost-effective upgrades with massive TCO savings especially when upgrading to Oracle’s newest StorageTek T10000C tape drives, which offer the highest capacity in the industry
  16. 16. HARDWARE CONSOLIDATION AND VIRTUALIZATION Consolidating servers and storage is essential to creating a leaner, more efficient data center—accelerating cloud deployments, simplifying systems management, and maximizing cost savings. Oracle’s complete portfolio of SPARC and x86 systems offer built-in virtualization at no additional cost, making it far simpler and more affordable to implement consolidation initiatives, whilst delivering application-driven virtualization and integrated management, optimizing application performance and simplifying cloud deployments. And with Oracle’s storage solutions you can optimize the performance, security, and manageability of your virtualized infrastructure—reducing data center costs and complexity, and expediting cloud provisioning. Boost Utilization and Cut Costs with SPARC Consolidation and Virtualization Watch this webcast and learn how Oracle’s integrated no-cost virtualization capabilities for SPARC servers enables consolidation of applications on fewer, more powerful and more efficient servers.
  17. 17. With Oracle’s consolidation and virtualization solutions you can: • Improve system utilization to as high as 90 percent with almost unlimited partitioning • Reduce space requirements by up to 80 percent with fewer higher-performance servers • Decrease power consumption by up to 65 percent with more-efficient systems • Integrate management of physical and virtual environments in a single console • Enable rapid, secure deployment of public, private, and hybrid cloud infrastructures • Deploy applications faster with full production in minutes or hours, not days or weeks • Get big savings on Oracle licensing costs with all SPARC virtualization solutions “In the past, it used to take 6 to 10 weeks to provision a physical server; with Oracle VM, we can have a virtual machine up and running in 35 minutes.” Chris Perry, Oracle Project Support Manager, Parks Victoria
  18. 18. Oracle Optimized Solutions Only Oracle can innovate at every layer of the IT stack and deliver combined hardware and software solutions. Oracle Optimized Solutions offer proven blueprints for modernizing Oracle software environments. Oracle Optimized Solutions are fully documented, pretested and tuned architectures made up of best-in-class Oracle components - storage, servers, operating systems, virtual machines, middleware, database, and applications - that are tested together to offer proven complete stack solutions for the enterprise. Marion Wilson Solution Architect Design Group Manager Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA)
  19. 19. Oracle Optimized Solutions can be implemented as complete solutions, or as individual components in an existing environment to help you: • Optimize performance for a range of Oracle applications • Save up to 75 percent on operational and acquisition costs compared to competitive solutions • Mitigate risk with fully documented, pretested, and pretuned systems • Accelerate time to value with up to 6 times faster deployments • Increase productivity with up to 11 times faster transactional throughput Oracle Optimized Solutions: Enterprise Solutions for Mission-Critical Environments - Learn how Oracle Optimized Solutions allow you to lower total cost of ownership, mitigate risk, and accelerate business agility and user productivity
  20. 20. How to Get Started Oracle offers the best options for safely modernizing your IT infrastructure to meet your business needs for both today and tomorrow. Oracle minimizes the risks associated with upgrading through a streamlined set of programs and services, along with the investment protection engineered directly into the products. Oracle further simplifies the technology refresh with preconfigured systems such as SPARC SuperCluster T4-4 and pretuned architectures with Oracle Optimized Solutions. You can also test your new environment with a proof of concept at one of Oracle’s global solutions centers. Innovative financial offerings such as Oracle’s Upgrade Advantage Program, which provides trade-ins on existing Oracle and non-Oracle systems, and Oracle Financing enable you to take on technology refresh projects faster and with lower upfront costs.
  21. 21. Trade In, Trade Up: Oracle’s Upgrade Advantage Program Trade-in aging hardware via the Upgrade Advantage Program and get maximum trade-in value while boosting performance, utilization, security, and availability with your new Oracle hardware. With the Upgrade Advantage Program, legacy Oracle/Sun customers can save big (up to 20 percent in some cases) with trade-in discounts on Oracle’s server and storage systems and components. It also includes an eco returns program that recycles, reclaims, and reuses components and entire systems. Oracle will even pick up the older systems you trade-in from your shipping dock at no charge to you. Oracle Financing Oracle Financing offers financing, leasing, and flexible payment options to help you meet your ongoing IT requirements. With flexible payment structures spread over multiyear operating or capital budgets, Oracle Financing helps simplify budgeting with predictable payments. These payment solutions provide the lowest cost of entry for acquiring Oracle’s superior technology, allowing you to maximize the return on your IT investments, optimize resource utilization, and increase IT capabilities without a large cash outlay.
  22. 22. How to Get Started Services Oracle Advanced Customer Support Services has the global experience and product knowledge to deliver a faster more predictable technology refresh or consolidation project. Whether you are deploying a private cloud infrastructure, migrating from older technology, or simply optimizing an existing environment through the use of virtualization technologies, service engineers from Oracle can help. Oracle Advanced Customer Support Services offers a portfolio of modernization and virtualization services from installation and configuration assistance, to performance reviews, monitoring and support of a virtualized IT infrastructure. Oracle Advanced Customer Support Services delivers annual, fixed scope, and time and materials services including the following: • Production readiness services, including installation and configuration, focused on accelerating return on investment and reducing risk. • Production optimization services, including configuration and performance reviews, to continuously maximize availability and improve performance. • Annual services, including a Solution Support Center, to provide tailored proactive and preventive support services for mission critical systems. • Advanced monitoring resolution services across the entire IT stack to maximize availability. • Advanced Support Engineers with unparalleled support and operational experience for all Oracle technology.
  23. 23. “I would recommend Oracle Advanced Customer Support Services because they provide comprehensive solutions… as well as [an] onsite dedicated engineering team to provide faster business solutions.” The Oracle Support Advantage Oracle Premier Support optimizes your technology investments by providing the essential services and resources your business needs to maintain its performance and availability SLAs. Coverage includes 24/7 rapid- response hardware service, expert technical support, powerful proactive tools, and updates to Oracle operating systems, Oracle VM, and integrated software (such as firmware). Contact Oracle today to help assess your current and future business needs. We will work with you to identify the most beneficial upgrade opportunities, assess the current value of your existing assets, and map out your future infrastructure. Chandra Rapolu IT Manager CISCO Systems Inc. “Oracle’s Sun infrastructure and Oracle Premier Support ensure that our critical research data and systems are secure, always available, and easy to access.” Jake Carroll, Information Technology Manager, Queensland Brain Institute
  24. 24. Resources Oracle Hardware Oracle Systems Webcast Center Next-Generation SPARC T4 Servers and SuperCluster T4-4 Launch - Watch Oracle Executives Larry Ellison and John Fowler unveil the next-generation SPARC servers and the SPARC SuperCluster T4-4 A New Approach to Data Center Efficiency - Discover how Oracle’s new approach to data center efficiency delivers maximum flexibility, minimum overhead, and extreme performance Oracle Hardware: Reliable Systems for the Most Demanding Environments - See why the world’s leading businesses deploy Oracle systems to deliver superior performance, scalability, and reliability Servers Oracle Magazine: March 2012: Destination SPARC Consolidate Without Compromise with Oracle’s SPARC SuperCluster SPARC T4 Servers – Optimized for End-to-End Data Center Computing Oracle Solaris and Oracle SPARC T4 Servers—Engineered Together for Enterprise Cloud Deployments SPARC SuperCluster T4-4 e-Book SPARC T4 Server e-Book Server Virtualization for Dummies e-Book Latest Servers and Solaris Podcasts
  25. 25. Solaris IDC: Oracle Solaris 11, Aimed at Cloud Deployments, Enhances Network Virtualization Solaris 11: Built for Clouds Oracle Solaris 11: Best for Enterprise Applications Oracle Solaris 11 How-To Guides Oracle Solaris 11 Administrator’s Cheat Sheet Find out more about Solaris 11 Training Oracle Solaris 11 Training Summary Discover Oracle Solaris 11 Certification Value Packages Evaluating Solaris 11 Storage Staying Ahead of the Data Explosion with Oracle Optimized Storage e-Book Storage Magazine: Oracle NAS Comes Up Big – Twice Edison Group White Paper: Gaining Storage Management Efficiency with Oracle’s Sun ZFS Storage Appliance Sun ZFS Storage Appliance Savings Calculator ESG: Oracle’s Pillar Axiom 600: A Great Fit in an Increasingly Broad Oracle Portfolio Delivering Storage Quality of Service with Oracle Pillar Axiom 600 Archiving for Dummies, Oracle Special Edition e-Book Lowering Storage Costs with the World’s Fastest Tape Drive
  26. 26. Resources Consolidation and Virtualization Oracle Virtualization Server Consolidation Oracle Special Edition eBook: Server Virtualization for Dummies Is your data center becoming a money pit? Get your free copy of the Server Virtualization for Dummies eBook, and discover how getting virtualization right can help you slash costs, accelerate application deployment and gain business agility. Oracle Optimized Solutions Make Your Applications Run Faster and Smarter for Less Oracle Optimized Solutions Oracle Systems Online Forum: Oracle Accelerates Your Business with Breakthrough Application-to-Disk Solutions
  27. 27. Services Installation Services for Oracle Systems Services for Solaris 11 Refresh Services for Systems Modernization For More information on Oracle Advanced Customer Support Services visit: Oracle Premier Support for Systems Community Stay connected with Oracle Hardware