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ITB2019 ForgeBox Enterprise : Private Software Directory - Javier Quintero


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In this session we will explore the enterprise edition of ForgeBox so your company can have a private ForgeBox software directory in the cloud. You will learn how to leverage both CommandBox and ForgeBox to secure, store and distribute your binaries within your enterprise. Modernize and scale with ForgeBox Enterprise!

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ITB2019 ForgeBox Enterprise : Private Software Directory - Javier Quintero

  1. 1. FORGEBOX ENTERPRISE Brad Wood Javier Quintero @ortussolutions
  2. 2. WHAT IS FORGEBOX ● ● Forgebox Is the package repository and software directory for ColdFusion (CFML) ● Cloud Package Management ● CommandBox integration forgebox register
  3. 3. HOW TO USE FORGEBOX ● Step 1 ○ Download CommandBox ● Step 2 ○ Register through the CLI or UI ● Step 3 ○ Browse/Install packages ● Step 4 ○ Start contributing ■ Publish ■ Unpublish ■ Collaborate
  4. 4. FORGEBOX COMMANDS $ forgebox help
  5. 5. FORGEBOX NEW FEATURES ● Modern and refresh UI ● Responsiveness ● Badges ● Digital Ocean Support ● Admin Dashboard ● API enhancements ● Dependency Viewer ● Vue JS integration
  6. 6. FORGEBOX COMMUNITY VERSION ● Software directory ● Discover and install public packages ● Publish unlimited public packages ● Unlimited collaborators for public packages ● 10GB included ● Community support ● It’s FREE
  7. 7. PRO ACCOUNTS ● Monthly Subscription Service ● Private Packages ● 50 GB included ● Optional S3 Storage ● Unique Installation strings ● Free for limited time install ortus@rafflebox
  8. 8. FORGEBOX ENTERPRISE HAS LANDED! ● Custom and private hosted version of ForgeBox for your organization ● Share unlimited public and private packages across your organization with exclusivity and security ● Empower your development teams to build apps rapidly, modern and secure ● Modernize and conquer!
  9. 9. FORGEBOX ENTERPRISE FEATURES ● Unlimited public/private packages ● Secure + Isolated private registry ● Modern SSL + WAF ● 250GB Package Storage + CDN ● Custom CommandBox Namespace ● No more clone/download repo ● Unlimited Collaborators
  10. 10. MORE FEATURES ● Customizable roles, permissions, public access ● Manage internal shared collaborators ● Deployed on Docker containers into the Ortus Docker Cloud ● Fully managed and supported by the Ortus Team
  11. 11. FORGEBOX ENTERPRISE STORAGE ● Includes up to 250GB of binary storage with elastic capabilities ● Ability to use your Amazon S3 Storage artifact ● Digital Ocean Spaces Support forgeboxStorage Amazon S3 Digital Ocean Spaces
  12. 12. PRIVATE PACKAGES ● Packages that only you can see and install ● Use the private box.json property ● The slug must contain your username: package init package set private=true package set slug=my-slug@forgeBoxUser publish my-slug@forgeBoxUser
  13. 13. ENTERPRISE IMAGE ● ForgeBox for Enterprise + Government ● Docker Image ● Encapsulated Dependencies ● Unique URI entrypoint ● Unique CommandBox Registrations
  14. 14. ENTERPRISE MANAGED ● Monthly Subscription Service ● Managed Containers @ Ortus Cloud ● Scalable ● Support & Mentorship By Ortus Team
  15. 15. ADMIN DASHBOARD ● Dashboard Admin Stats ● Manage Packages and Packages Types ● Manage Users ● Manage Roles ● Manage Permissions and public access ● Control Licenses ● Manage Collaborators
  16. 16. ADMIN STATS
  17. 17. GLOBAL SETTINGS ● ForgeBox Endpoint Name ● Custom News Banner ● Notifications for outcoming and incoming emails ● Package Comments ● Gravatars ● Pagination
  18. 18. ARTIFACTS STORAGE ● Storage Provider ○ Local Storage Provider (250GB) ○ S3 Compatible Storage Provider ■ Amazon S3 ■ Digital Ocean Spaces
  19. 19. S3 COMPATIBLE SETTINGS ● Amazon S3 / Digital Ocean Spaces Support ● Enter your access and private key ● Configure storage details ○ Storage Region ○ Storage Domain ○ Storage Bucket Name ○ Secure URL Timeout ● Validate credentials
  20. 20. SECURITY OPTIONS ● Enable/disable public user registration ● Enable public software directory
  21. 21. BENEFITS ● Scalable Binary Storage ● Detect outdated packages ● Faster updates ● No more repository cloning or full downloads ● Fast Semver evaluations ● Faster Downloads (CDN)
  22. 22. MORE BENEFITS ● Security ● No more source code access ● Granular installation/publishing access ● Security Audits and Fixinator via Foundeo “Fixinator makes it easy to find and fix security vulnerabilities in your CFML / ColdFusion source code.”
  23. 23. FORGEBOX ENDPOINT COMMANDS $ forgebox endpoint ? ● forgebox endpoint list ● forgebox endpoint register ● forgebox endpoint remove ● forgebox endpoint set-default Note: Please note that you will need CommandBox 4.5 or later to use the new endpoint commands.
  24. 24. REGISTER ENDPOINT ● Register Endpoint ○ Give it a name ○ Set your endpoint URL forgebox endpoint register custom
  25. 25. LOGIN ● Login into your own endpoint forgebox login endpointName=custom ● Enter your credentials and make sure authenticate successfully User [ortus] authenticated successfully with [custom]
  26. 26. LIST ● List the endpoints forgebox endpoint list Endpoint: custom (Default) API URL: Authenticated As: ortus ● Look for your endpoints and verify what is your default one and if you are authenticated or not
  27. 27. USE ● Let’s install our module from our private and secure directory forgebox install custom:myPackage In the code shown above we are installing myPackage module from our endpoint called custom. It’s that simple!
  28. 28. CHANGING THE DEFAULT ENDPOINT ● You can always change your default endpoint so you don’t have to type your endpoint’s name every time you want to interact with it forgebox endpoint set-default custom Endpoint: custom (Default) API URL: Authenticated As: ortus forgebox install myPackage
  29. 29. LIVE DEMO
  30. 30. COMING SOON ● Package Security Audits (Fixinator) ● Package white and black lists ● Two-factor authentication ● Single Sign On
  31. 31. Q & A
  32. 32. THANKS!