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ITB2019 Come cover your *** with some TestBox Coverage! - Brad Wood


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TestBox 3.0 has released and we've joined up with the smart guys at FusionReactor to bundle some awesome functionality that CFML devs are missing. Testing code coverage is the process of tracking exactly what lines of code in your application were actually executed during your testing suite. Code that isn't run, isn't tested! This gives you the power to visualize the bits of your code which need some testing love so you can improve your testing suite. Come see how easy it is to start getting code coverage metrics right inside your test results now when using FusionReactor.

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ITB2019 Come cover your *** with some TestBox Coverage! - Brad Wood

  1. 1. Cover your *** with Code Coverage Brad Wood @bdw429s
  2. 2. How comprehensive are your tests? Do you refactor fearlessly or fearfully
  3. 3. TestBox Basics 3 ▪ Installation ▪ Usage of base tests ▪ Sample test suite
  4. 4. “ Code coverage is the percentage of code which is covered by automated tests. Code coverage measurement simply determines which statements in a body of code have been executed through a test run, and which statements have not. 4
  5. 5. Code Coverage 5 ▪ Visualize untested parts of your code ▪ Identify how effective your tests are ▪ Find areas to focus on writing tests
  6. 6. Requirements 6 ▪ Install FusionReactor ▪ Upgrade to testbox 3 ▪ Profit!
  7. 7. Analyze 7 ▪ Stats ▪ Best files ▪ Worse files
  8. 8. Configuration 8 ▪ Enable/Disable ▪ Path to capture ▪ Whitelist ▪ Blacklist ▪ SonarQube XML output
  9. 9. ▪ What is it? ▪ Generating ▪ Viewing code coverage Coverage Browser 9
  10. 10. ▪ Lucee first run(sometimes) ▪ Large Files ▪ Adobe no coverage for non-compiled files Known issues 10
  11. 11. 11 Q&A