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Dr. Millett specializes in disorders of the shoulder, knee, and elbow as well as all sports-related injuries. He uses advanced open and arthroscopic surgical techniques to restore damaged joints, ligaments, and bones. Dr. Millett is also affiliated with the United States Ski and Snowboard Association and serves as a team physician for the U.S. Ski Team.

Dr. Millett treats patients with all types of shoulder, knee, and elbow disorders including: traumatic, instabilities, rotator cuff, arthritis, sports-related injuries, arthroscopically-treated problems, total shoulder replacement, shoulder and collar bone (clavicle) fractures.

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Dr. Peter Millett | Internationally Experienced Orthopedic Surgeon | Testimonials

  1. 1. "Dr. Millett put me back in the game! I was told by other surgeons that I would never play competitive tennis again and should think about giving up the sport completely. .... I currently have a National Doubles ranking of #7 and plan to go even higher!" Shelly Thigpen San Francisco, California I had my shoulder surgery done by Dr. Peter Millett at the Steadman Hawkins Clinic in Vail, Colorado. I couldn’t be any happier with the professionalism, results of surgery, and rehabilitation program that I was given by Dr. Millett and his team! Dr. Peter Millett, thank you so much for helping me to get back on the ice healthier then ever. You are truly the BEST at what you do! Serge Payer Professional Hockey Player National Hockey League Minnesota Wild Ottawa Senators The highest compliment which can be paid to a surgeon is to call him a surgeon's surgeon. This is how I would describe Dr. Millett. His surgical skills are elegantly blended with an affable, compassionate manner, and he is self-critical to the degree that he is always trying to improve his craft. His fellow surgeons recognize this and therefore are pleased to seek him out as their provider. Dr. Millett is without peer in the Rocky Mountain Region and is recognized on a National and International Level for his care of patients with shoulder problems. I would be happy to send him any member of my family either for management of a routine or a complex problem of the shoulder. Jon J.P. Warner, MD Chief, The Harvard Shoulder Service Professor of Orthopaedic Surgery Harvard Medical School Massachusetts General Hospital Boston, MA It is with great pleasure that I can attest to the outstanding care I received from Dr. Peter J. Millett and the Steadman Hawkins Clinic. The preparation, the operation, the rehabilitation and the follow-up have all been at the highest level of medical care one can hope for. Everything you guys do in Vail is world class and cutting edge. One feels extremely at ease with the whole environment. After the surgery by Dr. Millett, my knee is now back to 100%, and I have resumed running with no pain whatsoever. I truly believe that your group is the best in the world particularly when it comes to treating elite athletes. Pierre Boivin Président, Montreal Canadiens Professional Hockey Team.
  2. 2. Montréal, Canada I came to Dr. Millett at Steadman Hawkins in Vail because my first shoulder surgery, done elsewhere, failed. I had my shoulder re-fixed arthroscopically by Dr. Millett. My entire experience with Dr Millett, his staff, and the rehabilitation program at Howard Head was nothing short of exceptional. They provided professional services and friendly staff members. I am now looking forward to getting back on the volleyball court for my last season in college thanks to Dr. Millett and his team! Amber Sutherland Captain, Women’s Volleyball Team University of Colorado Boulder, Colorado Dear Dr. Millett – Everyone here including the Physical Therapists is dazzled by how fast my recovery has been since my ACL reconstruction. Quite a testimony to you and the Steadman-Hawkins Clinic! Credit goes both to your surgical team and to the staff at the Howard Head sports medicine center who were relentless in encouraging me through the twice a day physical therapy sessions. My knee now feels strong and responsive. The new activities I have been able to do each week, each month, have been remarkable. All summer I did lots of laps in the pool. In July I resumed road running and in September added trail running in the nearby mountains. I'm looking forward to ski season this year and in the years to come, and to joining my kids and grandkids on the slopes. Furthermore my work as a scientist and a leader at the NIH demands a lot of energy. Being active in outdoor sports is energizing. The concept that people in their sixties can be good candidates for ACL surgery seems not to be widely upheld. Those of you at the Steadman- Hawkins Clinic are going a long way to change this notion and thereby offer us enhanced quality of life and health. Best regards to you and to all of your team, Dr. Nancy Colburn Scientist and outdoor enthusiast National Institutes of Health Bethesda, MD Dear Dr. Millett Thank you for allowing me to spend a few weeks with you and your team and for caring for me as a patient. You have an incredible practice -- offering world class medicine as well as a level of world class service that is unfortunately rare too rare. It was an inspiring experience both from a medical student and business student perspective. I have never seen a practice where patients have so much access and such great loyalty to their physician. Patients know that you care about them and will deliver the best results, meeting or exceeding their highest expectations.
  3. 3. It was an inspiring experience from a patient, a medical student, and a business student perspective. From what I saw, Steadman-Hawkins is truly a world class institution in every regard! Thank you for allowing me to be part of it!! Sincerely, Clancy Si France MD/MBA Candidate 2007 Dartmouth Medical School Tuck School of Business Hanover, New Hampshire Dr. Millett - Thank you for getting me back on the field and allowing me to follow my dream! I can’t thank you enough. Charly Martin Wide Receiver, West Texas A&M Buffaloes Academic and Athletic All American Lead Conference in Receptions after returning from Reconstructive Shoulder Surgery Dr. Millett – A HUGE thank you for getting me back in motion in the mountains! My deepest appreciation for your fine surgical talent and your caring nature. (From an appreciative and average 66 year old Squaw Valley skier!) Dr. Fred Ilfeld Retired physician and powder skier Squaw Valley, California “The doctor said I could have the surgery now and be ready for the season or I could get hurt during the year and have it later. It’s a no-brainer when someone as respected as Dr. Millett says that to your face!” Chris Higgins Professional Hockey Player Montreal Canadiens Montreal, Canada Dr Millett – “Thank you for fixing my knee” Mike Dunleavy NHL Basketball Player Indiana Pacers
  4. 4. Dr Millett – Thanks for everything! You guys are the best! “Doc’ Magoon 5 Time US offshore speedboat racing champion Retired Ophthamologist Dr Millett – Thank you for making my shoulder usable again! Bill Koch Winner of the America’s Cup Yacht Race 3 Captain, America Palm Beach, Florida Dr. Millett – Thank you so much for taking care of BOTH my shoulders (rotator cuff repairs)! I could not have done it without your expertise. (after harvesting a 6 x 7 Rocky Mountain bull elk with bow and arrow). Michael Rohr Chief Administrative Officer Colorado Mountain Medical Archery expert Vail, Colorado I knew I made the right choice when I arrived at Vail in March. I don’t know how I would have felt or survived if I could not challenge myself with my physical pursuits because of a bum knee. Back in March I questioned my ability to continue at a level I was accustomed to. I appreciate your patience and good work. Thanks doesn’t seem nearly enough... Sincerely, Glenn Browning Triathlete Hope Valley, RI "Having been diagnosed with a torn meniscus and recommended to have a meniscectomy, I was very concerned about the prospects for arthritis in later life and sought a second opinion at the Steadman Hawkins Clinic. I was impressed with the amount of time spent on diagnosis, including a thorough investigation of my current level of physical activity and my aspiration for physical activity in the future. The conclusion was that a repair seemed feasible if I was committed to a long process of rehabilitation. Dr Millett was able to repair the meniscus and I am, after 6 months, back to a high level of performance in all the sports I previously pursued (the winter has not yet started, so fingers crossed!)."
  5. 5. Neil Winward Partner, Blue Sky Capital New York and London Dr. Millett – Give my regards to everyone at the Steadman Hawkins Clinic. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR FIXING MY ACL AND GIVING ME LOTS OF COURAGE! Muchos saludos! Bettina Russo Caracas, Venezuela “I am very pleased with the recovery my shoulder has made since Dr. Millett repaired my shoulder separation. I was a bit nervous about having surgery, but I could feel that my shoulder was not going to recover unless I had the ligaments repaired. Dr. Millett and his team took their time going over everything I could expect during and after the surgery. They were patient and thorough. At this point, I’m right on track for a full recovery and am looking forward to another ski season completely confident that I will be able to perform as well as ever.” Michael Routh Vail Ski School Instructor and Trainer Vail Demonstration Team 2002, 2005-2006: Aspen World Champion 2005 PSIA (Professional Ski Instructors of America) Examiner and Trainer Dear Dr. Millett – As for my shoulder, thanks to you I am fine now and know that should I have any further deterioration, you will efficiently fix it in no time..........I continue to believe that Steadman Hawkins Clinic is a unique place in the world and that its physicians are among the best trained and most experienced. I also wish you to know that I am privileged to be your patient. With my best regards, Slavica Esnault-Pelterie Private Banker Schroeders Private Bank Geneva, Switzerland "I was reluctant to have rotator cuff surgery because my previous surgery resulted in a long painful recovery. Almost immediately following Dr Millett's surgery I had excellent range of motion and little pain. It has been only three months since surgery and I'm hiking in the Italian Alps. My shoulder is doing great. I am having no trouble hiking 6+ hours a day with 15 or 20 lb backpack. You did a great job!" Frank Arcella Las Vegas, Nevada
  6. 6. It's really nice to know that you've kept me in your thoughts. You are an exceptional doctor, and I thank you for your kindness and compassion. I have never met a doctor who cared so much about his patients. You are one of a kind! Sincerely, Kelly Perkins Registered Nurse St Louis, Missouri Dear Dr. Millett - My shoulder is GREAT - thank YOU! I'm so glad I had it taken care of it earlier rather than later and followed the PT regimen - and, more to the point, that you did the work! Others I have talked to, who used other surgeons and/or PT guidelines and/or had different attitudes re exercises, etc. have not had such success. I feel NO stiffness or discomfort whatsoever . . . regardless of the activity . . . and have full strength (whatever that is for someone my age). I'm always eager to recommend you to any and all! Thank you! Tom Healy President, Habitat for Humanity Vail, Colorado Three years ago, I was having a hard time doing what I love because of my knee pain. It got worse and worse and I decided to visit Dr. Peter Millett at the Steadman Hawkins Clinic in Vail. After discussing the options with Dr. Millett and my dad, I decided to have surgery to fix my knee. Two days later, I had the surgery and that same day was able to leave the hospital! I followed up with rehab at the Howard Head Center and was off crutches in no time at all. Later that fall, I was back in Austria training for the winter ski season and was able to resume ski racing. I am now pain free and back to competitive form! I am very grateful to have had such a fast recovery from a problem that can be career threatening. Thank you, Dr. Millett, for everything! George Rolfs Ski Racer, Burke Mountain Academy Burke, Vermont I knew that I was in for a quality medical evaluation of my shoulder concerns-ongoing arthritic pain -poor range of motion, and constant sleeping discomfort.when I initially contacted Steadman Hawkins and their shoulder specialist Dr. Peter Millett. I was in awe of the personal touch and flow of communications from the very beginning when I asked all of my ignorant questions, and received nothing but encouragement and an overwhelming amount of information about my shoulder and the options for treatment.
  7. 7. Imagine my most pleasant surprise when I received a person call from Dr. Millett answering my questions and encouraging a face to face evaluation of the treatment options. On the day of my 1:00 pm initial meeting, I was greeted promptly at 1:00 pm, introduced to the evaluation team, handed my schedule for the day including x-rays, MRI, and personal question and answer times...and every meeting and even went according to schedule and without delay. What a pleasant medical experience. Importantly at each step of the process, a highly trained and pleasant staff member patiently answered my questions and concerns. Following a pleasant lunch, I walked into a room where all the results of my testing were arranged in front of me and the team of 4 physicians headed by Dr. Millett evaluated and discussed my case- with me sitting there participating and answering a constant stream of questions about my background history and physical strengths and weaknesses. I was presented two options which resulted from the evaluation and encouraged to consider the pros and cons of two treatment options. With great confidence, I selected a total shoulder replacement. It was scheduled and completed, and I was ready to leave the hospital with physical therapy already commenced the afternoon of the day after surgery. My physical therapy was planned and outlined by Dr. Millett and his team and was followed to the letter. I had a total shoulder replacement on July 19th and played golf without pain on October 1st! I continued physical therapy using pulley exercises combined with light weights for two additional months. I resumed a full golf schedule of three games per week in November and my handicap is now at a 6! I have had no shoulder discomfort whatsoever, and have complete range of motion and strength. I sleep without pain of any kind. I would be delighted to discuss my experience with anyone at anytime, and my cell phone is 970- 250-0596. My confidence and professional respect for Dr. Peter Millett and his orthapedic team is 100%! Jeffery Wortman Insurance Broker, Golfer and Angler Grand Junction, Colorado and Naples, Florida Dr. Millett, Thank you so much for your care; you are amazing! I still think of you every day in a prayer of thanks for your brilliance, skill, and dedication. My shoulders are still pain free and I am able to do anything and everything I want with them. I will be forever grateful to you for the vast improvement in the quality of my life you enabled. From Boston, I wish you all the best! Jerry Giuliano Golfer Boston, Massachussetts After two previous arthroscopic shoulder surgeries failed to solve the problem, I was faced with a dilemma. At 39 years old, do I ignore my shoulder pain and my limited range of motion or do I have a total shoulder replacement? I decided to get some expert advice and consulted with Dr
  8. 8. Peter Millett from The Steadman-Hawkins Clinic. After many thorough discussions and weighing of my options, I decided to have the surgery. I couldn't be happier that I did. Before the surgery, I had forgotten what it was like to move my arm without pain. It's now been six months since the surgery. I have my full range of motion back, I continue to get stronger every day and, best of all, I am now pain free. Having surgery was a tough choice but thanks to Dr Millett, one that I felt well educated in making. I am tremendously grateful that I had him on my team and would highly recommend him. Thanks again Dr. Millett! Matt Simi Former Collegiate Soccer Player Investment Banker, JP Morgan San Francisco, CA Dr.Millett, Just wanted to say thank you for everything! Before the surgery I lived with constant pain and was unable to move my left arm to its fullest ability for several years. I had been through several injections it was only a bandaide. Before I was referred to you I had just about given up on ever being able to live a normal life. Now three months post op I have complete movement of my left shoulder and I am able to pitch again to my kids. Thank you for giving me my arm back. Jason Crabtree Orthopaedic Specialist Denver, CO Dear Dr. Millett: Thank you so much for caring for our mother. She is now turning 80! Thanks to YOU - she is doing remarkably well. She is driving and is very independent - that is the ONLY way she would want it! She is active with her "Busy Bee" senior group and amazes all of us with her positive attitude! She is a blessing to all of us and we are grateful every day that she is still with us! Dr. Millett, you are often talked about with admiration and the highest regard - thank God for your talent and willingness to accept her case. God's hand is truly in everything. We are all truly blessed! Thank you again for everything, Dr. Millett. God Bless you and your family! Kathy Winkler and all of Mary Helen Haindle's very grateful daughters - 5 in all!! New Orleans, LA After 30 years of expert skiing without a single injury, in March 2006 I was hit from behind by a snowboarder traversing at very high speed across a wide open slope. My right upper arm took most of the impact, resulting in a complex triple fracture just below the shoulder joint and catapaulting me head-first 15 to 20 feet down the hill. If not for my ski helmet, three fractures would have been the least of my worries. I would have simply been an organ donor.
  9. 9. Regaining consciousness a minute or two after the accident, I had no idea of what just happened but the searing pain meant there was serious damage to my right arm or shoulder. My first thought was, "Oh no, not my golf swing . . ." Given the injury's location, I knew it could spell the end to playing low-handicap golf. In fact, I might never be able to take a full swing with a golf club again. After being rushed to the Vail hospital and taken through a litany of x-rays to diagnose the damage, Dr. Peter Millett came to see me. An orthopedic surgeon and shoulder specialist with Steadman-Hawkins Clinic, he recommended a minimally invasive procedure. He would thread in two surgical screws to pull together and stabilize the three pieces of my upper humerus. Three temporary pins were implanted to support the fracture area and mitigate the need for a body cast. After a six-day hospital stay, and two days after surgery, I flew home to New Hampshire. Based on this very positive experience with Dr. Millett and his staff, I flew back to Vail's Steadman-Hawkins Clinic for two follow-up surgeries. Three weeks after the initial procedure Dr. Millett assessed the initial progress of my healing and surgically removed the three temporary pins. Then, eight months later I returned for a third arthroscopic surgery to release the natural build-up of scar tissue was limiting my shoulder's mobility despite intensive physical therapy. Thanks to superb care provided by Dr. Millett and his Steadman-Hawkins team, coupled with 15 months of rigorous physical therapy from an outstanding practitioner back in New Hampshire, I have regained 95 percent of my right shoulder and upper arm's strength and range of motion. In addition, I sense no residual pain or discomfort. My physical therapist has treated hundreds of severe shoulder and arm fracture injuries similar to mine. While I give her much of the credit for my recovery, she commented repeatedly that my three surgeries are the best she's ever seen. In addition to providing a premier level of orthopedic skill, Dr. Millett's personal strengths also bear mention. Top surgeons are rarely known for their warm, engaging bedside manner. In contrast to that stereotype, throughout the trauma, surgeries, recoveries and follow-up visits I felt remarkably supported by Dr. Millett and his team. He was consistently interested, readily available and genuinely "present" with me -- asking me detailed questions, patiently answering mine, and reassuring me each step of the way. This built my confidence and motivated me to persevere through a long -- and often painful -- physical therapy regimen to realize a full recovery. Bottom line, at age 49 I am hitting the golf ball farther and straighter than ever, and I can ski without any discomfort to my shoulder. I also keep a close eye on snowboarders around me! My enduring thanks to Dr. Peter Millett and his entire Steadman-Hawkins team for all they do. Their state-of-the-art surgeries and attentive care reflect the very best in American medicine. Kent Dahlberg Chaplain, Dartmouth College Hanover, New Hampshire "Four months after ACL replacement surgery, I am working out as hard as ever! My Physical Therapist and my friends have said I have less pain, more flexibility and as quick a recovery as they have ever seen. Dr. Millett is not only a great surgeon but one of the kindest people I have had the pleasure to know." Steve McKeever Real Estate Developer Edwards, CO
  10. 10. Dear Dr. Millett, It has been a year since you operated on my shoulder and in this season of Thanksgiving. I just wanted to thank you. My arm continues to grow stronger and has seen me through cooking class in Italy, climbing in and out of Range Rovers on African Safari, and actively packing up what made our house a home and moving. However, the poem below expresses my greatest joy and appreciation: TO HUG AGAIN… To be able to open and raise both arms and embrace another- To welcome To accept To console and soothe To encourage To show affection and love. This is not the thrill of competition…. but the joy of life which cannot be measured. I thank God for giving you the ability and the opportunity for training and developing your skill to bring healing to my arm and spirit. Gratefully, Adelaide Jurs Chicago, IL Dr. Millett, On behalf of our entire family -- my three young boys, my wife and myself -- I can not thank you enough for "putting us back together" again.(Mom-knee, kids-broken bones, Dad-shoulder and knee) Your understanding, compassion, and demeanor are rare gifts that are only surpassed by your surgical skills. Thank You Dr. Millett! All the best – The Sapp Family Vail, Colorado Hi Doctor Millett, I just want you to know that I think about you (and all those who helped me thru my surgery and rehab) all the time, like every time I use my arm! I went rolling in my kayak for the first time in 6 years and it went great and in a couple of days I'll be paddling thru Westwater Canyon with 34 of my favorite boatin' buddies to celebrate my big 5- 0. Thanks again.
  11. 11. Sincerely, Dianne Madsen