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"Web-based Email Marketing Service is a powerful and effective tool in promoting your services. Email marketing services help you create effective bulk email marketing campaigns to increase your customer base and boost your sales

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Mail My Eflyer Email Marketing

  1. 1. MailMyEflyer Email Marketer
  2. 2. Email marketing increases revenue. Period. • By the end of 2007, e-mail will have delivered $48.56 in sales for every dollar spent. -- Direct Marketing Association
  3. 3. Email marketing increases revenue. Period. “If you don't have a newsletter, then publishing one is probably the single- highest ROI action you can take to improve your Internet presence.” - Jakob Nielsen's Alertbox, March 12, 2007 Email Newsletters listed as #1 on Jakob Nelson’s list “10 High-Profit Redesign Priorities
  4. 4. Problem How can you leverage the low cost of email to: • Build solid relationships with your customers and prospects • Up sell / cross sell additional products or services • Generate consistent leads • Automate your marketing campaigns • Create marketing campaigns on shoestring budgets
  5. 5. The Solution: Email Marketing Software
  6. 6. Email Marketing Software  Manage your list of customers and prospects and their information  Easily create and send email campaigns with rich text formatting, images and links  Personalizes each email so emails are addressed as: “Dear Richard” instead of “Dear Friend”  Use auto responders to automatically follow up with prospects  Send highly targeted emails to specific customers and prospects  Integrates with your website to collect leads in minutes  Automatically tracks customer behavior and email statistics
  7. 7. Your Options • Build your own custom solution  Too costly + time consuming • Use existing tools such as Microsoft Outlook  Doesn’t manage your subscriptions and unsubscribe requests automatically  No statistics or email tracking  No automated follow up emails • Outsource to a third party  Too costly • Hosted Solution / SaaS  Monthly Fees / Per Email Fees  Limited Number of Features  Branded “Powered by” Emails
  8. 8. You Need MailMyEflyer Email Marketer  Web based software application that makes email marketing a breeze.  Easy step-by-step email campaign creation. If you can use Microsoft Word, you can use MailMyEflyer Email Marketer.  Built-in auto responders allow automatic email follow ups to your prospects.  Insightful campaign tracking and reporting.  Send Targeted Emails to Specific Customers and Prospects  Full featured. Everything you need to run effective email marketing campaigns
  9. 9. All-In-One Email Marketing Software
  10. 10. All-In-One Email Marketing Software
  11. 11. All-In-One Email Marketing Software
  12. 12. All-In-One Email Marketing Software
  13. 13. All-In-One Email Marketing Software
  14. 14. All-In-One Email Marketing Software
  15. 15. All-In-One Email Marketing Software
  16. 16. MailMyEflyer Email Marketer Makes Email Marketing a Breeze Use the step-by-step email creation wizard to create compelling email campaigns in minutes.
  17. 17. Follow up with prospects -- Automatically. Using auto-responders, you can send emails to your prospects sequentially and automatically. Write the email once and send it many times --automatically.
  18. 18. Generate Sales Leads Directly From Your Website
  19. 19. The Smart Choice Features Completely Web Based  Easy to use WYSIWYG Editor  Step by Step Easy Email Campaign Creation  Automated Follow Up Emails  Insightful Statistics and Reporting  Add to Your Website in Minutes  Pre-designed Email Templates  CAN-Spam Compliant 
  20. 20. Increase Your Revenue With MailMyEflyer Email Marketer
  21. 21. Your Business with MailMyEflyer Email Marketer  Your direct sales increased by up to 50%  Increased sales leads  Stronger customer relationships  Prospects converted to customers automatically  Immediate results on marketing campaigns
  22. 22. So…What’s Holding You Back? • When do you want to leverage the low cost of email to run effective marketing campaigns? • When do you want to start building stronger relationships with your customers? • When do you want to turn prospects into customers – automatically? • When do you want to turn your website into a sales lead generating machine? • What’s stopping you from enjoying these benefits right now?
  23. 23. Learn more and buy online at http:// To speak with a sales representative, call: +91 98410 18912 (India) +65 6291 1314 (Singapore)