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Traditions & culture of Bangladesh


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Bangladeshi traditions and culture

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Traditions & culture of Bangladesh

  1. 1. Presentation on Traditions& Cultureof BANGLADESH Presented by Sumaiya Islam ID:152081002 Sbmitted to Ms.Zakia Shurovi Lecturar of English Department Co urse Details … Course TiTle-english CommuniCaTive skill-ii Course Code-eCs122 Submission Date… 16/08/2016
  2. 2. Intro ductio n Bangladesh did not exist as a distinct geographic and ethnic unity untill independence. Bangladesh got its independence on 1971.It had been a part of Indian empire.So,there is a huge influence of indian culture in Bangladeshi culture & tradition.But however Bangladesh also has its rooted culture. In this presentation I will emphasize on Bangladeshi rooted culture and tradition
  3. 3. What is CULTURE ? Characterstics of a perticular group of people,defined by everything from language,religion,cui sine, social habits,music & arts. What is TRADITION? The way of thinking,behaving or doing something that has been used by the people in a perticular group,family,society for a long time. For example: dance,costume,tips,celebra tions,games and others
  4. 4. Difference between culture & tradition Culture Tradition Ideas, customs and social behavior of a particular social group Transmission of customs and beliefs from one generation to another.  can be seen in a social group.  can be even seen in a family.   is created by a particular social group of people, over a period of time.  can be created by individuals. SOSO From these POINTS, it should be clear to us that traditions are also a part of the culture.
  5. 5. CLASSIFICATION OF BANGLADESHI CULTURE  Rural culture Includes folk culture Includes…  Folk song  Folk dance  Jatra  Nobanno utshob  Tribal culture Is the most ancient and unique  Modernism Influenced by globalization
  6. 6. Tribal culture of Bangladesh • Bangladesh has many tribal people, majority of who live in the Chittagong hill tracts area. • Majority of them are Buddhists, and rest are Hindus, Christians, and Animists. • Chakma,Marma,Murong, Khashia,Garo,Shaontal, Monipuri are the majority of tribal people here. • They all have their individual language,cloths,foo ds,tradition and culture. Modern culture • Is nothing but a total complex of western culture. • People of cities and towns mostly practise modern culture • People of new genaration hardly knows about our rooted culture • It is actually a result of GLOBALIZTION
  7. 7. Folk songs • Bhatiali,Baul,Marfati,Murshi di,and Bhawaiya are the most prevalent. • Lalon Shah,Hason Raja,Kangal Harinath,Romesh Shill,Abbas Uddin, and many unknown anonymous lyricists have enriched the tradition of folk songs. • Robindro Shongit and Nazrul Giti form precious cultural heritage of Bangladesh.
  8. 8. Folk dance Jatra Pala
  9. 9. We have also ….  Our cultural dresses for both Men & Women For example: Lungi,Sharee, Punjabi,Payjama, Salwar kameez,frock for kids  Our own cultural festivals and celebrations For example Pohela Baishakh,Pohela Falgun,Nobanno Eid Ul Fitre,Eid Ul Adha,Durga Puja,Jonmashtomi,Chrism as and others as our religious festivals Victory day, International Mother Language day etc etc as our national holiday
  10. 10. NOW, Lets move to TRADITIONS OF BANGLADESH
  11. 11. BANGLADESHI TRADITION Bengali TRADITION is interelated with Bengali culture in many ways.. We have our own  Traditional food  Traditional puppet show  Traditional dresses  Traditional musical instruments  Traditional beliefs & customs
  12. 12. TRADITIONAL FOOD OF BANGLADESH We have our traditional delicious food items since ancient time.we have a Tradition to cook different items of food in different festivals. Like…. In POHELA BAISHAKH we eat PANTA VAT & ELISH. In NABANNA UTSHAB we make PITHA PULIZ to celebrate that day
  13. 13. Traditional dresses We already know what are the cultural and traditional dresses of Bangladesh. We have a tradition to wear different colors of dresses in each…. • We wear red and white combined Sharee & Punjabi at Pohela Baishakh. • Same in Pohela Falgun we wear yellow/orange Sharee & Punjabi. & • Black & White dresses are for our International Mother Language Day
  14. 14. Traditional musical instruments Traditional PUTUL NACH
  15. 15. GLOBALIZATIONAL impact on Bengali culture • Music:switching to western & indian pop rock songs • Dance:Hiphop,salsa are getting more popular than traditional dances • Movies:new movies have Bollywood/Hollywood touch.Theatre dramas are getting rare • Festivals:valentiones’s day,friendship day,father’s day etc western festivals are also now celebrating • Dresses:western dresses become more popular.
  16. 16. Thank youThank you