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PMP sample tests

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  1. 1. QUESTIONS1. Which of the following is not an example of constraints that can limit flexibility in theAcquire Project Team process?A) Organizational structureB) Resource availabilityC) LocationD) Activity resource requirements2. Question: You are managing a telecommunication project. Three project teams are working for you. Each teamcontains four engineers and a team lead. The job requirements is such that there is no requirement for cross-teamcommunications; every person is only communicating within his team. Only team leads are reporting to you, and insituations where information from one team is required to be passed on to another team, this information goes throughyou. How many communications channels do you have in this scenario?A. 36B. 30C. 33D. 1203. Which of the following tools & techniques are used to create a Communications Management Plan?A) Communications Requirements Analysis & Communications Technology.B) Communications Skills & Lessons Learned Process.C) Stakeholder Analysis & Project Scope Statement.D) Communication Channels & Work Performance Information.4. Question: "Activity / Duration / PredecessorA / 4 / STARTB/3/AC/1/BD / 5 / STARTE/4/DF/6/EG / 2 / C,FH/4/DI/2/HWhat is the duration of the critical path?"A. 10B. 11C. 17D. 185. CPI is 1.03 and AC is 6000. How much is EV?
  2. 2. A) 200B) 7000C) 6180D) 7200.6 Which of the following strategies are suggested to deal with threats or risks that havenegative impact on projects?A) Avoid, transfer or enhance.B) Exploit, share or enhanceC) Avoid, transfer or mitigateD) Avoid, exploit or mitigate7. Question: "You are managing a construction project. You are currently estimating the duration of a very criticalactivity. You have gathered the following information from the experts:Best case scenario: Activity can take 3 days to complete.Worst case scenario: Activity may take up to 12 days to complete.Expected scenario: On average it takes up to 6 days to complete such activities.What duration you will put into your schedule for this activity if you want to put some weight on the expectedscenario?"A. 7 daysB. 7.5 daysC. 6 daysD. 6.5 days8. What is the work breakdown structure (WBS)?A) It is a deliverable-oriented hierarchical decomposition of the workto be executed by the project team, to accomplish the projectobjectives and create the required deliverables.B) It is a hierarchically organized depiction of the project organizationarranged so that the work packages can be related to theperforming organizational unit.C) It is a hierarchically organized depiction of the resources by typeto be used on the project.D) It is a hierarchical tabulation of the physical assemblies,subassemblies and component needed to fabricate amanufactured product.9. Which of the following may be considered as the outputs of performing Quality Assurance?A) Requested changes, recommended corrective actions, organizational process assets, project management plan.B) Requested changes, requested preventive actions,Quality metricsC) Quality management plan, Quality metrics, Quality baselineD) Quality control measurements, recommended preventive actions
  3. 3. 10.Corrective action is:A. Fixing past anomaliesB. Anything done to bring the projects future performance in like with the project management plan.C. The responsibility of the change control boardD. An output of project plan execution.
  4. 4. ANSWERS1. The Answer is D.Source: Hint : To simplify the mesh, there are teams each having 5 members, then there is another management teamcontaining you and the three team leads.Correct : CReference: PMBOK4 - pg:253source: Section: Manage Stakeholder ExpectationsProcess Group: Executing Process GroupQuestion Type: CalculationKnowledge Area: Communications ManagementDifficulty Level: HardExplanation: Each team contains 4 engineers and a team lead. So the total number of internal team communicationschannels are 5*4/2 = 10. Since there are three such teams, so the total of all internal team communications channels is30. Since three team leads are also reporting to you and not with each other, that adds three more communicationchannels. So the total number of project communication channels is 33. Choice C is the correct answer to this question.3. Souce: source: Section: Sequence ActivitiesProcess Group: Planning Process GroupQuestion Type: CalculationKnowledge Area: Time ManagementDifficulty Level: ModerateHint : Use PDM to calculate.Reference: PMBOK4 – pg:138The answer is C.Explanation: The duration of the critical path for the given data is 17. Hence choice C is correct while rest of thechoices are incorrect.5. The Answer is C6. Answer: : Use PERT to calculate.Reference: PMBOK4 – pg:150Explanation:Since you want to put some weight on the expected scenario, you will use the PERT formula. Yourestimate will then be 6.5 days. Hence choice D is the correct answer.
  5. 5. 8. Answer is B