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Analysis of shots


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Analysis of shots

  1. 1. This shot was filmed in central London. We have used a medium long shot to make sure we can see her costume in particular the red dress. The quick cuts have been used here to put together scenes shot from different angles. It has worked really well to show that the female character is leaving her apartment and getting ready for a night out. The costume which is part of the mise-en-scene is sexy and provocative purposely done to attract male audiences but also to aspiring females who aspire to be models. <br />
  2. 2. We have used a tricaster to film this scene. Using chroma key is conventional in most RnB and Hip/Hop music videos. We have used it to show our performance concept of the video. We have used long shots to be able to see the dance moves of the silhouettes. <br />
  3. 3. The ‘feet’ shots were filmed in central and the tracking was done in Wembley. The quick cuts and rapid transitions have been used to fit in with the tempo of the song. We have purposely used this sequence as it helps tell the narrative. Also the tracking shot of the feet and the location in the background are used to show movement again linking this with the title of the song and also the lyrics. <br />