Political climate in the Philippines


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Political climate in the Philippines

  1. 1. The Adolescent and thePolitical Climate in the Philippines “Wealth and power do not bring trueblessings. True blessings come from service especially for the poor and the needy.”
  2. 2. Politics- A system of government which has to do with thestructure, organization andadministration of the State. (Aristotle)
  3. 3. Three Branches of Government1. Legislative- Makes the laws- Made up of the Senate and the Congress
  4. 4. Three Branches of Government2. Judiciary- Interprets the laws- Made up of the Judges with the Supreme Court as the highest agency
  5. 5. Three Branches of Government3. Executive- Implements the laws- Headed by the President of the country and composed of his/ her Cabinet Secretaries and local government units
  6. 6. • Each of those branches is supposedly co- equal with one another and independent.• The true meaning and purpose of politics is services to the people of different political units for smooth administration of government.• They are leaders at the same time servants of the people for their wages and the salaries come from the taxes collected from the people.
  7. 7. CIVIL AUTHORITY- the civil government (the state) with legitimate authoritySOLIDARITY- unity or oneness. The active and responsible participation of all in public life.
  8. 8. The Involvement of the Church in Politics
  9. 9. Principles that must guide Filipino Catholic’s participation in political life1. Pursuit of the common good;2. Defence and promotion of justice;3. The spirit of service;4. Love and preference for the poor;5. Empowering people both as a person process and as a goal of political activity.
  10. 10. Politics and Morality
  11. 11. • As Christians, we must first of all obey the laws of God, and as citizens, we must obey the laws of society.Civil law- We are bound to obey all laws which conform to God’s laws.
  12. 12. Patriotism- deep love for one’s country which prompts us to dedicate ourselves to promote those things which are good for our country and its citizens.Treason- betrayal of one’s country. The opposite of patriotism.
  13. 13. Duties of Citizens1. Support the government through the payment of taxes2. Be willing to depend our country against aggression3. Pray for our leader and our country