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Student voices on eportfolios edtech17 orna farrell


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Edtech presentation on my Phd research about eportfolios and critical thinking

Published in: Education
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Student voices on eportfolios edtech17 orna farrell

  1. 1. Orna Farrell @orna_farrell Student voices on eportfolios “The learning portfolio differs to other modes of learning, I am not simply learning and regurgitating information, I am also learning about myself.”
  2. 2. Background • Slow pace of adoption of eportfolios in Irish HE • pockets of engagement as module assessment none at programme level(Eportfoliohub, 2016)
  3. 3. The case study How can eportfolios enhance the nature of the learning experience and the development of critical thinking among online/distance higher education learners? Research Wahlberg @Research Mark
  4. 4. Theoretical framework-critical thinking Critical thinking is a judgement process. Its goal is to decide what to believe and/or what to do in relation to the available evidence, using appropriate conceptualizations and methods and evaluated by the appropriate criteria.”(Facione & Facione, 2008)
  5. 5. Theoretical framework-eportfolio “An eportfolio is the product created by the learner, a collection of digital artefacts articulating experiences, achievements and learning.”(Jisc, 2008)
  6. 6. Design of the study
  7. 7. Critical questions reflection template
  8. 8. Loop reflect supports
  9. 9. Student portfolios
  10. 10. Soc3a eportfolio walkthrough video
  11. 11. Student portfolios
  12. 12. Student portfolios
  13. 13. Analysis • ongoing process -circular model of gathering and analysing data, as “coding is analysis” (Miles & Huberman, 1994, Lichtman, 2014) • Analytical approach- thematic analysis following the Braun & Clarke (2006, 2013) 6 step approach
  14. 14. Emergent findings Emergent themes: Academic concerns Being an online distance learner Learning with an eportfolio Self-change/transformation Learning approaches Study sociology
  15. 15. Emergent findings
  16. 16. Student voices: What's it like learning with an eportfolio? “The learning portfolio differs to other modes of learning, I am not simply learning and regurgitating information, I am also learning about myself.” Jessica entry 1 “Im not even going to lie, I don’t even plan them out.(eportfolio entries) I kind of just…it’s a bit of a stream of consciousness when I’m typing. So sometime I get to the end of one I’m like ‘Haha that doesn’t even make sense’. I have no points made. Em but it’s kind of the one time when I let loose with my writing and it doesn’t have to be super structured. So I enjoy that.” Samantha interview 1 “I like that you can go back in and review your entries, you can pick back up where you left off and it is quite clear when you get into the swing of it, you can go from post to post and review what you are doing (in your eportfolio) and that's quite good.” Alison interview 1 “I have still not found this portfolio as functional as I probably should. It seems a bit droning and repetitive as I don’t see how my learning patterns and processes could change so much in a space of a month or two. I have read over my past couple entries and I don’t find myself amazed or inspired by what I’ve previously said and thought, so I don’t feel that I’m being influenced at all by the learning portfolio other than struggling to manage my time to write it.” Alvin entry 3
  17. 17. Student Voices: Connection between eportfolios and critical thinking? “Definitely, focuses my thinking, organises my ideas, it’s just dya know like getting me to reference correctly, like it’s not specifically getting me to those things, it’s leading me to the direction to just organise/ plan.” Deirdre interview 1 “I like the portfolio because in one way your are trying to think of something to say so you are looking at things from a certain point of view and see where can I fit that in and that brings you out in other directions then as well. I definitely think it makes you think more about the work you are doing and as I say if you have to link it in with what you have learned well that way it's expanding your thinking.” Bernie Interview 1 “I have found the learning portfolio process, so far, beneficial as it is not only useful in revising what I have learned but it also has me thinking about what information really appeals to me personally and how the information coincides or does not coincide with my own opinions and beliefs” Jessica eportfolio entry 1
  18. 18. Thank You