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  1. 1. Royal University of Phnom PenhMIS ដដដដដដដដដដដ Mr Kean Tak ដដដដដដដដដដដ Slide :32-36Telecommunication Hardware 1/ Ny Rachakna 6/Ly Limkri 2/Ngin Visal 7/Ly Sotharith 3/Orm SovannTara 8/Meng Chheng 4/My Poleak 9/Ngim Ratana 5/Loy Sakvanna 10/Nhem Ratbophea
  2. 2. Telecommunication HardwareSmartphones Conmbine the funtionality of a mobile phone .camera.Web browser. E-mail tool. MP3 player . And other devices Have their own software oprating systemsModems Modulationdulation devices (analog/digital)MultiplexersCombine data from multiple data sources into asingle output signal that carries multiple channels
  3. 3. How a Modem Works
  4. 4. Multiplexer to Consolidate DataCommunications onto aSingleCommunications Link
  5. 5. Front-end processors and PBXFront-end processors:special-purpose computers that managecommunications to and from a computersystemPrivate branch exchange(PBX):Telephone switching exchange thatserves a single organization
  6. 6. Switches Bridges Router GatewaysSwitches : Uses the physical deviceaddress in each incoming message in thenetworkBridge : Connects two LANs togetherusing the same telecommunications protocolRouter : Forwards data packets acrosstwo or more distinct networks toward theirdestionsGateway : seves as an entrance toanother network
  7. 7. ដដដដដដដដ