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Ormita Daily Report 28 march 2014


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Ormita Commerce Network - Daily Report 28 March 2014

Published in: Business
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Ormita Daily Report 28 march 2014

  1. 1. Disclaimer: This information is prepared for indicative purposes only. The Ormita Commerce Network accepts no liability whatsoever for any errors or omissions or consequential loss arising from the use of or reliance upon any information contained herein. Please consult your broker directly for trading opportunities. For internal staff support enquiries please log tickets at HEAD OFFICE Tel: +852 5808 2722 Fax: +852 5808 1360 Web: Gigi David Call Centre Manager +852 5808 2722 Cathy Ouyang Senior Broker +852 5808 6139 Vikas Tomar Technical Support +852 5808 6141 Gaurav Kumar Marketing / Design +852 5808 6140 Mikey Joksimovic Legal +852 5808 6137 Ormita Commerce Network Daily Report Campaigns Calls Signups Leads Australia 6 Bulgaria Canada 1 China 11 Cyprus 15 H.K. 1 India 1 7 Israel 7 Italy 9 1 Malta Mexico Morocco N.Z. Romania Singapore Slovenia 1 1 S.A. 12 1 1 S.K. 1 Ukraine UK 70 2 USA 37 1 Zambia Other 1 Energy Saver System 8000 piece of Electricity saver on barter. ECOOM ENERGY can monitor incoming power and adjust the input to meet the demand of electrical appliances and motors, thus eliminating energy wastage and extends the service life of electrical appliances. For 4000 piece the price is 18 USD/p F.O.B CASABLANCA For more than 4000 the price is 16.5 USD/p F.O.B CASABLANCA Products are availble for delivery. Packaging: 50 p / carton Origin: Malaysia Measurements: 570x375x520 mm The company is interested by renewable energy, electronics ... Tarik, Morocco 5 Star Hotel Accommodation Easter Holidays and 1st May spring break packages now available on Barter exclusively for Ormita network members at the prestigious 5 Star Grand Hotel Resort Ma&Ma ( on the enchanting island of La Maddalena, Sardinia. Cinzia, Italy Friday, 28th March 2014 ACCRUED NEW MEMBER TOTALS Daily Total 26 Current Week 97 Last Week 62 Week Before 102 Last 30 Days 537 URGENT TRADES Galaxy S4 Smartphone Cases Maker : Forest Green Website: (Global), (Korea) Stock : 11,800 Unit (quantity may be available less than this figure.) FHSS-405 Model : 3,300 Unit - Black 1,000, Yellow 1,300, Pink 1,000 FHCS-405 Model : 2,900 Unit - Dark Brown 1,500, Orange 700, Blue 500, cork natural 200 FHBS-405 Model : 4,700 Unit - Black 1,300, Navy 1,200, Brown 1,100, Pink 1,100 PRICE : $70,800 ($6/unit, List Price: 25$~35$/unit) Andrew, Korea Waste Water System We have a client who want to sell waste water processing system. The system is manufactured by the German company, Rochem RO system. They want to sell it at 420,000 USD. They will install the system upon request but buyer should bear the installation cost. Andrew, Korea Red Wine Sticky Tape with Carry Handle Talor, Israel DAILY STATISTICS INTERNATIONAL TRADE REPORT