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Ormita recovering-lost-value

  1. 1. RECOVERING FULL VALUEFrom unsold products and/or timewww.ormita.com
  3. 3. Business Today • There are not enough customers (with money) to go around • Liquidity is still an issue for many businesses • Market competition created by a lack of customers can cause overall price reduction • There is pressure from those with lower labour and material costs • Few of us have cash to invest in the future … (even if we really wanted to)
  4. 4. Ja 0 50 100 150 200 250 G pan re e Ic ce el an d Si I ng ta a ly U B po ni e re te lg d iu St m countries at e developed Ire s la Fr nd a Primarily highly Po nc rtu e gSource: CIA World Fact Book 2011 Eg al H yp un t G ga U er ry m ni te an d y K Isr in a gd el o N A m et u he st rla ria nd s Sp a B in ra Po zil as a % of GDP la Government Debt Tu nd r N key or D w en ay m a M rk ex So Ca ico n N uth ad ew A a Ze fric al a rapidly an Sa d countries Primarily ud C developing i Ahin ra a b R ia us Es sia to ni developed countries have an ever increasing amount of debt a The Future Isn’t So Good
  5. 5. The Future Isn’t So Goodfor the last 60 years (approx) virtually all highly developedcountries have had imports exceeding their exports 3,000,000 USA Imports 2,500,000 USA Exports 2,000,000 1,500,000 1,000,000 500,000 0 92 93 94 95 96 97 98 99 00 01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08 09 10 19 19 19 19 19 19 19 19 20 20 20 20 20 20 20 20 20 20 20 Source: U.S. Census Bureau, Foreign Trade Division. March 2011
  7. 7. consumer demand new technologieswe forgot about the foreign cost of productionchanges public debt labour costsin local money flows importing more than exporting falling asset prices
  8. 8. we will continue to spend onimported &less expensiveproducts from other places
  9. 9. 0 5 10 15 20 25 Sp Ire ain la Sa G nd ud ree i A ce ra Tu bi a rk Po ey U la ni Fr nd growing te an d St ce at es It In almost all highlyU Fi aly developed countries ni nl te Sw and d unemployment levels are Ki ede ng n d Be om lg C i um an a Ic d a el a Ru nd D s N en sia ew m Ze ark G alan er d m an Is y 2010 UNEMPLOYMENT FIGURES M rael e Au xic st o ra Ja lia pa C n M hin al a a levels are shrinking Th ysi ai a la nd countries unemployment In most rapidly developing
  10. 10. surplus capacity extra production capacity underutilised facilities depreciating inventory the surplus labour force empty hotel rooms unsold media spaceresult Idle rental capacity spare time lost manufacturing capacity lack of local market demand
  11. 11. Thedevelopedworld issitting onanendlesspile ofdebt
  12. 12. whichmeans the supply of money is actually less than the amount of available goods and services in the global economy
  14. 14. Doing the same thingover and over, yetexpecting differentresults, is thedefinitionof crazy. - Anon
  15. 15. Summary• Developing markets are rapidly growing in power and wealth• The current systems are creating the need financial change faster than most businesses can keep up with• More than 73% of the worlds customers are outside of highly developed countries• Its time for a change
  17. 17. More than 30% of all globaltrade, is non-cash, including: 1• 70% of all fortune 500 companies 2• Eight out of ten media companies 3• 65% of all New York Stock Exchange listed firms 4• More than 129 governments 5• Nearly 400,000 businesses in the USA 6• $6 billion USD value each year in Switzerland 7• 18% of the Argentina economy in 1995 8• Most start-ups boot-strap themselves with barter• Frequent-flyer points 1. (2004)., Department of Commerce Fact Sheet. USA DOC. 2. Schmiddgall, R.S., Damitio, J.W. (1999)., Bartering activities of the Fortune 500 and hospitality lodging firms., International Journal of Hospitality Management 3. American Association of Advertising Agencies. (2003). 4. (2004)., Annual Report, National Association of Trade Exchanges. Fact Sheet, International Reciprocal Trade Association. 5. United Nations Commission on International Trade Law. Vol XIX. (Yearbook). A/CN.9/302 6. Stodder, J. (2007)., Residual Barter Networks and Macro-Economic Stability. Renselaer Polytechnic Institute at Hartford, Hartford CT. 7. Studer, T (1998)., WIR and the Swiss National Economy 8. Pearson, R. (2003)., Argentinas Barter Network: New Currency for New Times., Bulletin of Latin American Research
  18. 18. Use surplus capacity to pay for what we need Shortage of money & oversupply of capacitiesthe solution
  19. 19. What the Media Says …
  20. 20. What If Your Excess CapacityCould Purchase …• Advertising & Media• Essential Goods & Services• Fixed Assets• Gifts & Rewards• Healthcare• Investments• Products & Services• Travel & Entertainment• Wholesale Commodity Items ** Available to qualified corporate traders and governmental customers only
  21. 21. in·no·va·tion /ˌinəˈvāSHən/nounthe introduction ofsomething new. Oxford English Dictionary
  22. 22. Creating Value from Under-performing Assets• Reduces existing cash outlay• Buying using your own goods or services as payment is a lower-cost option than purchasing using cash• Helps expand (or maintain) market share• Increase sales• Sidesteps liquidity problems• Cleans up bad debt situations• Offers interest-free credit• Credit is based on unsold capacity versus cash credit which is based on pre-sold capacity
  24. 24. You may need someoneRadio Station They may not need you Accounting Firm Yourbusiness
  25. 25. $100,000 You may want more value from themRadio Station They may want less value from you Accounting Firm $10,000 Yourbusiness
  26. 26. You may want them in 6 months timeRadio Station They may want you now Accounting Firm Yourbusiness
  28. 28. Basic Principles:1. Ormita will never devalue your current cash market2. Ormita will only offer your service for exchange into markets where it does not currently exist and/or where there is low brand awareness3. Customers who acquire your product or service through exchange are more likely to give positive feedback4. The cost for you to service an additional customer may be nominal versus what you gain in return
  29. 29. Retail Shop Manufacturer Direct exchange is not necessaryRadio Station Accounting Firm Yourbusiness Hospital Hotel
  30. 30. You wish to buy from these companies Retail Shop ManufacturerRadio Station Accounting Firm Yourbusiness Hospital Hotel
  31. 31. These people could buy from others in the network Retail Shop ManufacturerRadio Station Accounting Firm Yourbusiness Hospital Hotel
  32. 32. These businesses could buy from you Retail Shop ManufacturerRadio Station Accounting Firm Yourbusiness Hospital Hotel
  33. 33. To make the transactions work this needs to happen Retail Shop ManufacturerRadio Station Accounting Firm Yourbusiness Hospital Hotel
  34. 34. When you sell your account is credited(for the same value as if you sold your spare time / capacity for cash) $3,000 $2,000 $1,000 $0Made sale worth$3,000
  35. 35. When you buy your account is debited (for the same value as if you purchased using cash) $3,000 $2,000 $1,000 $0Made purchaseworth $2,500 -$1,000 -$2,000
  36. 36. Accounts balance over a period of time (you do not buy and sell at the same time) $3,000 $2,000 Balance left in account $1,000 = $500 $0 -$1,000 -$2,000
  37. 37. Transactions are recorded in a central ledger (like a bank statement)
  38. 38. Ormita :• Sources new customers for you• Records the value of each transaction when it takes place• Acts as a third-party to mediate between delivery of goods and services• Finds alternative (non-cash) suppliers for you to make purchases from
  39. 39. Generating New Revenue 1. Ormita customers do not replace existing cash customers 2. Ormita brings new you only new customers 3. These customers generate new revenue 4. Your businesses uses this revenue to pay for: - advertising - existing fixed costs - brand development - business expansion - new acquisitions - business investments
  40. 40. Never before in history hasinnovation offered promiseof so much toso many inso short a time. ~ Bill Gates
  41. 41. We Launch Media First• Media can barter with media - a magazine might advertise on the radio - a newspaper might advertise on television etc This lets them acquire more audience for themselves and, in return, sell more advertising for cash• Media can invest in new start-up business OR - media can exchange advertising space for shares in new start-ups - these investments should return dividends (in cash)• We charge no fees to media companies
  42. 42. We then sell media to ourother customersThis is designed to bring more cash customersto the media buyer while letting them save cashon their existing media budgets• International media• National media• Regional media
  43. 43. Those customers then alsostart selling back to mediaThe new customers thenstart the next layer of thenetwork, selling to oneanother and also to themedia.And so the network getslarger with everyonesneeds being met…It’s actually a bit more complex than this but you get the idea …
  45. 45. ADVERTISING AMENITIES AUTOMOTIVE- Ad Specialty - Awnings - Air Conditioning- Billboards - Building Inspection - Brakes- Blimps - Building Maintenance - Detailing- Coupons - Electricians- Direct Mail / Flyers - Glass Repair- Fax Broadcasting - Elevator Maintenance - Muffler and Exhaust- Internet Advertising - Engineering - Painting- Magazine - Equipment Rental - Parts and Accessories- Messages on Hold - Gardening- Newsletters - Repair and Maintenance- Newspaper - Gas Installation - Stereo and Alarm- PR Management - Gas Repairs and Maintenance - Tires- Printing - General Contractors - Towing- Radio - Glass & Mirror Installation- Sidewalk - Transmission Repair- Signage - Glass Tinting - Truck Lease- Telemarketing - Grading & Excavation - Truck Purchase- Television - Heating Repairs and Maintenance - Warrants / Permits- Trade Show Exhibits - Hot Water Repairs & Maintenance- Videos - Window Tinting - Landscaping - Vehicle Lease - Light Fittings & bulbs - Vehicle PurchaseADVERTISING SPECIALTY - Locksmiths- Audio Visual Prod - Painting & Decorating- Graphic Design COMMUNICATIONS- Desktop Publishing - Parking Lot Maintenance - Line Rental- Engraving - Pest Control - Long Distance Services- Silk-screening - Plumbing Repairs & Maintenance - PABX Purchase/Upgrade- Film Separation - Roofing- Photography - PABX Rental- Printing - Snow Removal - Telephone Answering- Publishing - Tree Removal & Trimming - Telephone on Hold- Recording Studio - Ventilation - Telephone Repair- Web Page Design - Window Cleaning - VOIP Solutions - Window Tinting
  46. 46. COMPUTERS & NETWORKING EMPLOYEE HEALTH HUMAN RESOURCES- Audit - Addiction Recovery - Catering- Computer Cabling - Chiropractors - Data Entry- Computer Hardware - Dentist - Employee Testing- Computer Repair - General Practitioners - Employee Training- Consulting - Massage Therapy - Employment Recruiting- Hardware - Optometry - First Aid- Internet Access - Orthodontist - HR Consulting- Network Installation - Psychiatry - Newsletters- Network Maintenance - Surgery - Secretarial Services- Network Monitoring - Seminars & Trade Shows- Network Support EQUIPMENT - Temporary Services- Printer Repair - Art & Art Hire - Trophies & Awards- Printer Toner - Books- Security - Computers OFFICE SERVICES- Software - Electronic Equipment - Carpentry- Training - Equipment Lease - Carpet Cleaning- Website Design - Equipment Repair - Cleaning Supplies- Website Hosting - Food Handling Equipment - Drapery Cleaning - Furniture - Dry CleaningCONSULTANTS - Indoor Plant Rentals - Furniture Cleaning- Communications - Machinery - Janitorial Services- Food - Medical Equipment & Supplies - Repairs and Maintenance- Health - Mining Machinery - Upholstery Cleaning- Human Resources - Office Furniture- Market Research - POS Equipment- PR & Marketing - Shelving- Sales - Specialist Products- Special Events - Stationery Supplies- Training
  47. 47. POSTAGE & FREIGHT PROFESSIONAL SERVICES TRAVEL- Air Freight - Accounting & Audit - Air Fares- Bulk Mailing - Customers / Freight Brokers - Airport Transfers- Container Hire - Financial Planning - Backpacker / Hostels- Container Storage - Legal Professionals - Car Rentals- Couriers (Local) - Management Consultants - Conference Rooms- Envelopes - Security Specialists - Hotels- Freight Logistics Management - Taxation Specialists - Interpreters- Freight Storage - Telecommunications Consultants - Long Term Corporate Suites- International Freight - Translation - Luggage- Long Distance Freight - Restaurants- Mail Handing Equipment STATIONARY - Taxi Fares- Mail Handling Supplies - Binding Equipment- Moving Service - Binding Supplies OTHERS- Offsite Storage - Cleaning Products - Equipment Rental- Packaging Services - Coffee & Beverages - Food Items- Packaging Materials - Filing Materials - Furnishings- Pallets - Lamination - Imported Goods- Rail Freight - Office Misc. - Machinery- Sea Freight / Containers - Office Supplies - Minerals- Truck Rental - Paper Supplies - Office Rental Pens / Pencils - Raw MaterialsSECURITY Photocopy Services - Real Estate- Alarm Installation & Monitoring Printing - Tools- Fire Audit & Control Systems Water Coolers- Investigations Water Filters- Security Audit and Equipment- Security Patrols … and much more
  49. 49. Unique Offerings• Media available on barter in 16 countries• Access to resorts and hotels internationally• Investment in start-ups (without using any cash)• Wholesale commodities for import *• Free export assistance• Countertrade agreements with Governments• Business to business barterWe have zero debts and maintain a fully balanced barter system with no deficits.* Available to qualified companies only
  50. 50. End-To-End Supply Chain End-User Retailers Manufacturers Raw Materials
  51. 51. Multiple Facets of Barter Alternative Tolling Funding Barter Switch Community Trading Currencies Offset Counter- Trade trade Monetising Debt Surpluses swaps Media Green Government Barter Trade Initiatives
  52. 52. WHO ISORMITA ?
  53. 53. Our Leadership TeamSjaak Adriaanse Hans-Werner Lynnea Bylund Chris Cook Daniel Evans Marc Gauvin Max Giannopoulos Netherlands Alpermann USA UK New Zealand Spain Greece GermanyJim Gielarowski Kevin Hau Benny Hui Primo Ibarra Amr Kandil Jonas Lagander Rohit Mahajan USA China Hong Kong Mexico Egypt Sweden IndiaMarian Malczyk Yucel Olcay Miriam Worsnop Michael Xie Sadegh Yazdani Poland Turkey Australia China Iran
  54. 54. Our Network Germany Poland UK Greece China Hong Kong Canada United States Iran South Africa India Turkey Australia New Zealand Egypt
  55. 55. People & Facilities
  56. 56. People & Facilities
  57. 57. Contacting Uswww.ormita.com info@ormita.com+61 7 3121 9657 Australia+1 514 316 1025+86 755 3301 1789+20 10 049 4600 Canada China Egypt Offices in 16+49 931 3069 9928+30 211 198 2720 Germany Greece countries+852 3051 9895 Hong Kong+91 120 4141 000 India+98 218 850 2193-4+64 9 974 9159 Iran New Zealand Customers in+48 32 444 9155 Poland+27 21 300 2810+46 8 4083 9907 South Africa Sweden 52 countries+90 544 294 5447 Turkey+44 203 355 1381 UK+1 412 360 8450 USA More than 2 billion USD in trade