Ormita Licensee Overview


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Information on becoming a national licensee or joint venture partner of the Ormita Commerce Network.

Discusses the benefits of barter and offset trade in a broader sense and the particular benefits of using Ormita to act as a facilitator for these types of transactions.

See the Ormita website at www.ormita.com.

Licensee and franchisee enquiries are available for those interested in barter, offset trade, reciprocal trade, counter-trade, community currencies etc. If you ever thought of owning your own barter exchange franchise this is your chance - Visit www.ormita.com or www.ormitacorporate.com

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Ormita Licensee Overview

  1. 1. A Recession Proof Business Opportunity Own Your Own Business Provide a Valued Service Become an Integral Part of a Worldwide Market Leader Enjoy an Exciting Lifestyle www.ormita.com
  2. 2. The Ormita Business Model Few businesses run at 100 percent capacity. Unsold appointment time, empty hotel rooms, unsold venue passes, unfilled advertising space, rapidly depreciating stock, end-of-line items or oversupplied products all represent lost revenue which otherwise will never be recovered. It is Ormita’s mission to transform this otherwise lost profit into new income and opportunities for our members to: • Increase their existing revenue • Build on an existing asset base and acquire new goods and/or services • Recover value from idle / surplus capacity or excess / devaluing inventory • Recover outstanding bad or dubious debts • Provide a competitive edge when tendering for new business • Increase customer referrals • Donate to charity • Invest in new enterprises • Gain more advertising and grow existing market • Enhance the owners / managers personal lifestyle A Recession Proof Business Ormita is a business opportunity which thrives in good times and in bad as it offers its customers the ability to: • Reduce their cash output by selling excess capacity in return for trade credits which can be used to purchase retail-cost goods or services from other participants. • Expand their market through trading idle or depreciating assets for advertising, business refurbishments, marketing programmes, re-branding and expanded product and service offerings. • Speed up collections – at any one time business owners generally have 15% to 40% of all bills outstanding; the Ormita system offers them a way to receive immediate payment for their outstanding debts in needed products or services. • Get more out of their employees through enhancing staff’s performance through the creation of incentives for superior work. • Waging war on waste through allowing businesses to sell of non-producing assets and converting them to required products or services.
  3. 3. Welcome To Ormita The non-cash trade industry is one of the few remaining markets in the world today with not only con- sistent growth, but which is hedged against economic depression and thrives in environments with high business growth and competition. When you consider the opportunity that becoming an Ormita licensee represents I ask you to consider a very simple question: Is it cheaper to pay $1000 cash for something (either borrowed money or from of your existing savings) or to make a purchase using $1000 worth of your (previously) unsold time or depreciating / unsold stock? Any smart person knows the answer to this obvious question – it is better to pay for something out of new income, not current cash reserves. Everyone wants to conserve cash and generate more wealth and in a highly competitive market every business is on the look-out for something that will give them a competitive edge. The non-cash exchange industry represents an amazing offering for businesses – allowing them to “trade what they have – for what they want”. When a business can convert its surplus capacity into something of value – either expense already budgeted for or investments aimed at company growth – the business will succeed. The Ormita capacity exchange platform gives these businesses the opportunity to do just this – to grow their business, open new markets, provide alternative finance and enhance their viability. The brilliance of the Ormita model is that it works on many fronts and expands the concept of exchang- ing surplus or idle assets to a new level. We see being an Ormita licensee as being part of an organisation whose structure was carefully planned, whose growth has been carefully executed and whose vision has never wavered. Our vision is much more than being successful – it is the combined excellence and commitment to our members, staff and all other stakeholders, and the communities we serve. Above all, we believe that Ormita is well placed to deliver significant returns for its licensees. This opportunity sets out our commitment to a future of achievement. We recommend that you take the time to read it thoroughly and we commend it to you. Jim Gielarowski Daniel Evans Miriam Worsnop Partner Partner Partner Ormita Limited Ormita Limited Ormita Pacific Limited
  4. 4. A Global Network, a Global Brand There is strength in numbers. The open exchange of information is crucial to building a business. As one of several Ormita licensees your marketing power is enhanced through our global reputation and well-known founders and principals. Brand awareness and recognition. As part of building the foundations of a global brand we have al- ready laid the groundwork for your future business growth. Business owners of the world are not na- ive. Much of the world has access to the internet where they can research existing brands and evaluate their potential. Using an existing brand name provides a rapid way for you to enter a new market and negotiate with prospective clients. Tailored marketing packages. Marketing and innovating direct advertising programs are the key to attracting and building a solid base of customers. Here, too, Ormita helps you plug into the Compa- ny’s worldwide programs, as well as generate promotions within your local market. Collectively, our high-impact, structured marketing effort gives your business greater exposure with a smaller invest- ment than it would be possible to achieve independently. Research and development. New products and services are continually being developed at Ormita. The range of possibilities is virtually limitless within the Ormita concept. As we conceptualize, test, and implement new programs, we share our findings with our master licensees. The result: a stronger, more diverse business offering. Financial accountability. Ormita will provide financial controls training that will help you set up standard reporting and accounting systems to stay on top of your business. As part of this package you will be provided with our innovative customer billing and trading system, which is used to track billings, cash receipts and onward commission payments to your staff or sub-licensees.
  5. 5. A Dynamic Opportunity This is a full time business and licensees are busy people. They are committed to making Ormita a “World Class Company”, and focus on creating and retaining customers. A national or regional licensee performs a “market-oriented” function, often targeting specific target mar- ket needs; promote special offerings and managing their sales (Client Directors) and Broker teams. Your career path and progression of owning a Regional Licensee Business The Ormita Corporate infrastructure provides support for most of your administrative functions, leaving you to focus on producing. You do not need to invest in expensive software, networking, phones systems, inventory or even staffing if you do not see the need to. Along with developing membership, facilitating trade and finding new Client Directors Brokers in your territory, you have an obligation to the support, training and provide the management of your team of in- dependent client directors and brokers. Following the plan you laid out before you started your Licensee Business, within a few months, you’ll be an old pro comfortable, focused and on the road of success. Each month, take time to reflect and review what you accomplished, decide whether you are on track and make changes if needed. You can rely on your Support Team at Ormita to help you every step of the way. …and when you have too much money to count, this business can be sold and is transferable to an existing or newly approved Ormita Licensee. Or if you preferred, upon specific milestones you can purchase addi- tional available licenses at a reduced cost. Belief in the service, passion, education, honesty and dedication are the keys to success.
  6. 6. Control Your Own Destiny In order to meet the explosive demand for excess capacity trading, Ormita has determined that providing a high quality licensee opportunity is the best growth strategy – not only to satisfy the enormous need for our service, but also to maintain the Company’s high standards and range of services. Why? Because licensing our model is an efficient and entrepreneurial solution from which all parties ben- efit. The licensee can expand their successful business relatively quickly by teaming up with determined and energetic local entrepreneurs. And the licensee has the opportunity to achieve instant recognition by marketing a leading service, while benefiting from a built-in structure that includes comprehensive train- ing, marketing and administrative support. Perhaps most important, licensing is the ticket to controlling your own destiny – but with far fewer risks and start-up challenges than launching a business independently. Choose Your Own Job Description When you are a business owner, you can delegate certain aspects of the business to others and create a job description that suits your personality, skills and interests. Control Your Own Future Business owners live the scripture “you reap what you sow”. To some extent Licensees can manage their work schedule against family needs and recreation. Never Transferred, Laid Off Or Fired Major companies are notorious for relocating their employees and downsizing their staff at the most inopportune times! When a Licensee runs their own company they decide their future. Satisfaction Of Achievement Achievement of forecasts and budgets directly relates to additional income for the business owner. Selling The Business Should a Licensee wish to sell the business, Ormita will help you market it to a potential range of purchasers.
  7. 7. Your Ormita Operation An Ormita licensee acts as a clearinghouse for the trade of excess capacities, goods and services through a combination of online e-commerce, transaction processing, 24 hour telephone brokering and independent licensees. Rather than promoting direct trade between participants the Company brokers trades through a central- ized marketplace. 1. Transactions are recorded in a centralized “ledger” which records the value of the items pur- chased (debit) and sold (credit) - much like a clearinghouse does for stocks, or a commercial bank does for checks. 2. This ledger system utilises a “trade credit” as a method of accounting with 1 Trade Credit = $1. (NB. Trade credits are also referred to as Barter Dollars by our competitors) 3. Just like any brokerage firm, Ormita receives a cash commission on each transaction. Structure Of The Business At a national level, the licensee advertises their brand via the Internet, their national website, press releas- es, national sponsorships and working with national associations. Regional Licensees perform a more “market-oriented” function, often targeting specific market needs, ad- vertising special offers and managing their own sales and support teams. Ormita International • The Ormita brand • Business operational guidelines • Research and marketing Ormita • Training of national licensees • International trading, telephony, learning management, International knowledgebase and other online systems • Ongoing sales and marketing support • International trading opportunities between national licensees • International online training infrastructure National National Licensees Licensees • Localisation of materials • National co-ordination and media liaison • Acquisition of regional licensees • In-country training, sales support and networking for sub-licensees • National trade consolidation • Head office co-ordination, goal-setting and motivation Regional • 24 x 7 “overflow” call centre Licensees Regional Licensees • Attracting and retaining client directors and brokers • Team motivation, goal setting and co-ordination • Initial local market sales (prior to acquiring own client directors) Client • Corporate / large sales Brokers Directors • Local trade shows Client Directors • Customer acquisition Brokers • Membership management and trade facilitation
  8. 8. Revenue Streams As an Ormita licensee you will receive revenue from five different areas of the business: Buying Schedule Fees New Ormita members you recruit are required to have a “Buying Schedule” completed by a qualified Client Director. 100% of this fee is kept by the Licensee for their distribution to their staff, sub-licensees and other miscellaneous expenses. Transaction fees Every time a member transacts (sells) they are billed a 7% cash transaction fee. 90% of these fees are split between the National and Regional Licensees. Monthly fees Each month, if a member does not meet their Buying Schedule Commitment, members pay an Association fee of $20 cash. 90% of this fee is split between the National and Regional Licensees. Licensee fees National licensees sell sub-licenses to entrepreneurs wishing to operate under the Ormita brand and to resell the Ormita service. National licensees earn 75% on all regional licensee sales. Remarketing income 100% of all revenue earned from remarketing of assets acquired directly by the national or regional licensee Event fees 100% of all revenue earned from special events, members functions and trade fairs With the exception of remarketing and event fees, all others are billed in cash and charged automati- cally each month via direct debit and/or credit card.
  9. 9. Your Financial Obligation Ormita offers some of the lowest price start-up fees of anyone within our industry. Regional Licensee National Licensee License Fee $20,000 $100,000 Working Capital $10,000 $50,000 Cash Subsidy $700 per week for 12 weeks N/A Equipment Provided Yes Yes Office Required Yes Yes after achieving 100 customers Immediately Initial Training 1 week onsite + 2 weeks onsite + 2 weeks self-paced 2-4 weeks self-paced Ramp up time 2 months 2 to 4 months The Rewards Ormita targets businesses with an average (existing) cash income of approximately $250,000 per annum. Targeted trade volumes for these businesses is approximately $2,000 in monthly sale transactions. Generating a 7% fee on these transactions this results in billings of approximately $140 per member/ month or $1680 per annum – most of which goes to the licensee. Bigger clients can do as much as $30,000 a month – earning you more cash fees and more income. Regional Licensee National Licensee Gross Income: Yr $511,933 $3,740,111 Gross Income: Yr $1,455,741 $20,804,953 Gross Income: Yr $2,549,733 $51,380,448 Details of Client Director and Broker Licensee obligations and rewards are available as separate attachments to this document.
  10. 10. Be At The Cutting Edge Of The Industry You will be able to: • Build a business that is unlimited in scope • Deal with knowledgeable and motivated business men and women, not the general public • Have a huge residual income ($600,000 3rd year ote for regional licensees, $9,000,000 3rd year ote for national licensees) • Sell the concept to receptive clients who really want the service • Draw on a wealth of training and support from a company that really cares about you and your business. Protected Territories Ormita offers the unparalleled opportunity to own your own metropolitan territory for the cost of less than a new car. The Ormita opportunity is affordable from the initial investment throughout the relationship, providing the continual cash flow to make expansion possible. Industry leading support and assistance are provided for an ongoing royalty based on a percentage of your gross receipts. Ormita charges considerably less than competing licensee opportunities and is a result of our philosophy of rewarding larger territories to entrepreneurs who desire to grow a substantial business. A No Risk Investment We offer unrivalled help and support to our licensees to achieve our targets and theirs. For the first 12 months of business, however, Ormita offers a unique money-back guarantee for our licensees. If during this period they find that the investment is not for them we will refund up to the full purchase price back to them (once we sell the territory on).
  11. 11. How Ormita Supports the Your Success Ormita has an in-depth training and support program in place to get you started. Beginning with a com- prehensive management development program conducted at our Corporate Headquarters, you will be instructed in all areas of running your new business – from operations to sales. Ongoing training – as well as opportunities to network, interact and exchange information with other Ormita licensees throughout the world – provides you with the necessary support to run a successful business. We will teach you the skills needed to build corporate-level business relationships within this industry – where most competing busi- nesses have little chance. New Business Development • Prospect list development • Lead generation • Telemarketing • Appointment setting • Accompanying you on your first appointments • Major bid and proposal preparation Sales and Marketing • Tailored sales and marketing literature • Media assistance and liaison • Grand opening • Own localized website • Phone and Fax Lines Ongoing Support • Onsite assistance • Tailored training packages • Online learning systems • Peer working groups • Toll-free telephone support Online Licensee Support • Downloadable marketing materials • Master forms • Networking with other licensee owners • Operations manuals • Sample advertisements and marketing materials • New prospect leads • Online training, knowledge management and certification systems 0
  12. 12. Documentation Ormita provides its Licensees with complete training and documentation including: • The Ormita Operations Manuals • Software User Manuals • Administration Documentation and Forms • Marketing Operations Manuals • Licensee Induction Process • Licensee Profile Documents • Licensee Application Form • Licensee Reference Checking Form • Licensee Staff Employment Procedures and Daily Processes • Licensee Disclosure Documents • Licensee Agreements • Licensee Training Systems and Manuals • Licensee Support Process Software Support Our proprietary management software system is designed to meet the unique needs of the non-cash exchange industry and your local Ormita business. Some benefits include: • Fully web-based system that runs on any computer with internet access • Online customer relationship system • Complete online training, document management and knowledgebase • Integrated, intelligent global telephone system which follows you wherever you are
  13. 13. Is Ormita Right For You? There are currently so many licensee and franchise opportunities out on the market. How do you go about picking the one that is right for you? It’s all about fit – based on the optimum mix of experience, personal characteristics and business goals. An Ormita licensee is looking for an opportunity that requires a low-cost start-up and long-term stability in the industry, while allowing for tremendous growth potential. He or she wants the power to decide how large the operation will become, without a cap on growth potential. An Ormita license is designed for the entrepreneur looking for a professional opportunity to grow and nurture, not a small business where the owners is the principal worker. This is an opportunity to manage your own company and staff while helping other local business owners within your territory. You’re looking to customize the proven elements associated with running an Ormita territory to create the ideal business opportunity. Generic characteristics of the ideal Ormita Licensee • Desire for unlimited growth potential • Determination – The attitude of “I am going to make this business work no matter what!” • Excellent interpersonal skills to create loyalty, value and trust • An “out of the box” thinker who thrives on creating solutions • The ability to work hard, maintain focus on goals and meet targets whilst always having the future in mind • Decision-making capabilities • The ability to multi-task and solve problems • Self-starter and the ability to work without supervision • Eagerness to learn • Good organizational and follow-up skills • Willingness to follow systems and drive changes where appropriate • Honest • A broad knowledge of a range of business products • Ability to provide advice and take directions • Always finds for more ways to be more efficient
  14. 14. QA How many employees do I need? You can start alone and operate until you have about 100 members, 2 Client Director and 1 Brokers. However, it often works better to have a partner or, if funds are available, to hire an office assistant/support director. What type of facility do I need? You can start from a home office that has a photo-quality color inject, copier, PC compatible computer, and high-speed Internet access; provided that you can utilise a remote facility for the occasional business support meetings, and training. As your business grows and you have employees, the need for an office will become apparent. What investment does Ormita provide in terms of advertising and promotion in order to expand my Ormita Licensee business? Ormita has a co-op program that reimburses you one half of your investment in approved marketing, advertising and business development costs. While the details of the program can change over time, the current yearly co-op budget is $50,000 per Regional Licensee. How long has Ormita Corporation been in business? Although, Ormita was only launched in 2008 our management has over 20 years of industry experience. From our Board of Directors to our Board of Advisors – we are industry experts whose backgrounds are able to be readily proven through a quick search on the Internet. How much training will I receive? One week of initial training at your working location or at Ormita whichever is best for you. Then 2 weeks at your own pace training, including the online learning management system and regional licensee confer- ence calls every week. Other training is available and ongoing course with our online learning manage- ment system. National, Client Director and Broker Training schedules differ and are included on page 8 of this document. How much support will I receive after the initial training, and specifically, how does Ormita support my business? Ormita provides a full Member and Licensee Services department to handle member and licensee issues. You will have a Marketplace Support Representative assigned to you from day one, and a team of support- ing staff to assist you in the running of your Ormita licensee business. In addition, Ormita provides the technology infrastructure to record transactions as well as providing the billing and collections for serv- icing member accounts. Powerful reporting capabilities provides complete information on your office’s activities as well as leading CRM technology, ORMITA transaction posting, and administrative functions.
  15. 15. What are the some of the other benefits of owning my own Ormita licensee business? • Operate using a recognized name • Retain local control over day-to-day operations • The potential to build assets and equity • Take part in national marketing campaigns • Join a international network • Systems and support including a complete Licensee Operations Manual. Am I limited to a territory? There is NO territory of enrolling new members within the country you are a licensee. In reality, however, you must create an Ormita Community in your local market, before you reach out to enrol new members to serve their needs in other markets. Remote members can be difficult to serve and they are free to transfer their account to a closer (if less than 50 miles away) Licensee if you can’t satisfy their needs. If this is such a great opportunity, why haven’t I heard of you before? Ormita operates a business-to-business financial service, and we have found that our best candidates come from people who already know about the business from other sources. We have therefore restricted our marketing to that audience. What are the biggest challenges to being successful? The same as any service-related business: focus, concentration, persistence, and time management, as well as very results oriented, with experience in sales, marketing and managing people. Explain how this business survives - why it has “staying power”? Our members have a vested interest in the health and well being of the Ormita concept. Once a business has begun to utilize the system they maintain an active trade balance with us (either positive or negative depending on their activities that month). When they have a positive balance they are interested in spending on items to reduce their cash costs, increase their advertising capabilities or expand their business. When they are in debt to the system it is a sign that they have acquired more goods through the system than they have yet repaid – and they are obliged to provide goods or services to other members to ‘balance the books’. A businesses average time as a member of an excess capacity exchange network is approximately 5 years. What will cause my Ormita Licensee business to grow quickly? • A total commitment to adding new members every week, throughout the life of the business. • Building a positive, stable marketplace with well-trained members in industries businesses need (printers, pest control, restaurants, hotels, etc) as quickly as possible. • The more members have to transact with, the happier they will be with the Ormita Market- place. Also, relying on the opportunities and systems provided by the Company and network- ing throughout the Ormita community are vital to the strength of all Licensee business.
  16. 16. Do I have to be involved in the day-to-day operations of my Ormita Licensee? The Licensee Agreement requires that either you or a full time General Manager be involved day-to-day. If you use a General Manager both you and they are required to complete the Licensee training classes. What initial support and materials are available to get my business started? As part of a Regional Licensee Purchase, you’ll have: • 24/7 Online Support • 2 Local Office Phone and Personal (transferred to cell) Numbers from Ormita, including 2 VOIP Adapters. • 2 Email Addresses • Your own website • Regional Level Access to the Ormita Trading System • Access to the Online Learning System • An Initial Quantity of Business Cards, Letter Head, Sales Brochures and other Support mate- rial as well as print ready images of all sales and support material. National Licensees receive additional training and support materials as required. What if I want to sell my Licensee Business later on? You are free to sell your Licensee Business at any time. Ormita retains the right to approve the new Licen- see. There is a applicable transfer fee, the new Licensee would sign the then current Licensee Agreement, and they are required to complete applicable training. My question was not answered here. What should I do? Contact Licensee Department by phone at (412) 360-8450 or email at licensee.info@ormita.com and we will make sure you get the answers you need.
  17. 17. The Opportunity is Now As a member of the Ormita licensee community, you will play an active role in developing the Company in the years ahead. In fact, we will encourage your active participation and exchange of ideas. So now you know something about us, why not investigate the possibilities further. We urge you to read the accompanying inserts for more information and then fill out an application form. To keep the ball rolling, just send in a completed application or give us a call on any of telephone numbers in 39 countries (dial extension 3009) – and let’s talk it over. We’re confident you’ll like what you hear. Opportunity is knocking… Maybe it’s time to open the door Contact Our Licensee Division Today: From Australia: licenses-oz@ormita.com Phone: (07) 3121 9657 Extension 3009 From Italy: licenses-it@ormita.com Phone: (055) 535 7643 Extension 3009 From New Zealand: licenses-nz@ormita.com Phone: (09) 974 9159 Extension 3009 From Romania: licenses-ro@ormita.com Phone: (021) 519 1421 Extension 3009 From United Kingdom: licenses-uk@ormita.com Phone: (0203) 355 1381 Extension 3009 From USA: licenses-usa@ormita.com Phone: (412) 360 8450 Extension 3009 Internationally: licenses-int@ormita.com Phone: +1 (412) 360 8450 Extension 3009
  18. 18. AUSTRALIA Derby 0133 291 7004 MARYLAND Dundee 0138 260 5000 Edinburgh 0131 606 0044 Baltimore (443) 692 0121 Glasgow 0141 421 0051 AUSTRALIAN CAPITAL TERRITORY MASSACHUSETTS Gloucester 0145 249 8010 Canberra (02) 6160 1477 Huddersfield 0148 461 0011 Boston (857) 524 5135 Ipswich 0147 339 5000 NEW SOUTH WALES MICHIGAN Kingston upon Hull 0148 269 0011 Campbelltown (02) 4602 4115 Leeds 0113 358 0166 Detroit (313) 733 2939 Dubbo (02) 5804 5111 Leicester 0116 330 0033 Gosford (02) 4304 1501 NEVADA Liverpool 0151 151 0211 Newcastle (02) 4016 6127 London 0203 355 1381 Las Vegas (702) 446 0899 Penrith (02) 4702 0513 Manchester 0161 421 0177 Sydney (02) 8197 7017 NEW JERSEY Newport 0163 337 0011 Tamworth (02) 5711 1203 Norwich 0160 391 1010 Newark (973) 741 6884 Nottingham 0115 817 0011 QUEENSLAND NEW YORK Oxford 0186 557 6041 Brisbane (07) 3121 9657 Peterborough 0173 351 7070 New York (347) 527 7677 Gold Coast (07) 3166 5304 Plymouth 0175 239 9006 Sunshine Coast (07) 5313 3411 OHIO Preston 0177 221 7010 Townsville (07) 4795 0409 Reading 0118 331 0020 Columbus (614) 754 5884 Rotherham 0170 927 0000 SOUTH AUSTRALIA PENNSYLVANIA Saint Helens 0174 471 0000 Adelaide (08) 7423 0109 Sheffield 0114 301 0004 Philadelphia (215) 695 3040 Swansea 0179 267 6001 Pittsburgh (412) 360 8450 TASMANIA Swindon 0179 329 6077 Hobart (03) 6281 4775 TENNESSEE Watford 0192 337 9010 Memphis (901) 328 7278 VICTORIA Melbourne (03) 9095 3402 NEW ZEALAND TEXAS Austin (512) 499 2345 WESTERN AUSTRALIA Dallas (214) 461 4818 Bunbury (08) 9774 0105 NORTH ISLAND Fort Worth (817) 439 6909 Kalgoorlie (08) 9051 5200 Auckland (09) 974 9159 Houston (713) 820 9464 Mandurah (08) 9512 8010 Wellington (04) 974 9061 Perth (08) 6465 9631 UTAH SOUTH ISLAND Salt Lake City (801) 618 0488 ITALY Christchurch (03) 974 9041 Dunedin (03) 974 8014 WASHINGTON Seattle (206) 691 8191 Bari 080 214 9618 UNITED STATES Bologna 0511 990 7661 Brescia 030 207 7648 OF AMERICA HEADQUARTERS Cagliari 070 773 8241 Firenze (Florence) 055 535 7643 Genova 010 893 7302 ARIZONA AUSTRALIA Messina 090 896 8832 Phoenix (602) 427 5620 PO Box 638 Padova 049 859 7942 Booval, QLD, 4304 Palermo 091 619 3644 CALIFORNIA St Vincent 016 687 1130 Los Angeles (323) 443 0233 Facsimile: (07) 3123 5908 Taranto 099 987 1038 San Francisco (415) 358 1808 Email: aus@ormita.com Torino 0111 983 9445 San Jose (408) 538 0208 Verona 045 485 8775 NEW ZEALAND COLORADO PO Box 132009 ROMANIA Denver (303) 997 1666 Sylvia Park, Auckland DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA Facsimile: (028) 890 637 Washington DC (202) 380 3223 Bucharest (021) 519 1421 Email: nz@ormita.com FLORIDA UNITED KINGDOM UNITED STATES Tampa (813) 200 4844 PO Box 16120 Orlando (321) 281 3766 Pittsburgh, PA, 15242 U.S.A BBasildon 0126 843 0010 GEORGIA Birmingham 0121 264 0130 Atlanta (678) 298 3210 Facsimile: (412) 360 8403 Blackburn 0125 441 0010 Email: usa@ormita.com Blackpool 0125 358 0011 IDAHO Bolton 0120 423 0001 Boise (208) 906 1188 Bradford 0127 444 9121 Bristol 0117 361 0030 ILLINOIS Chelmsford 0124 576 0050 Chicago (773) 337 4770 Coventry 0247 699 8602 Ormita is a registered trademark of Ormita International Limited and/or its affiliates. Other names may be trademarks of their respective owners.