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Flexible And Usable Web Gis For The Organisation Opt

How to combine a need for flexibility and usability in WebGIS

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Flexible And Usable Web Gis For The Organisation Opt

  1. 1. 1Flexible and Usable WebGIS for theOrganisationKarolina van Schrojenstein Lantman – OrlinskaGIS & ICT AdvisorGrontmij Nederland B.V.The Netherlands
  2. 2. Grontmij… GIS&ICT… Team GIS 2 Engineering office, ~ 9.000 employees, Offices in West and North Europe 100: combining industry knowledge with sustainable geo-ICT solutions – Software development, maintenance, implementations and administration of tailor-made and standard applications 35: PL, Advisors, software developers – Open source & ESRI based – Clients & users of our software: Waterboards, Ministries, provinces, municipalities, Tennet, Shell, Insurance companies
  3. 3. 3Let’s step out from our special/spatial worldfor a moment…
  4. 4. A bigger picture… 4 World of specialists is very small Only when technology gets user-friendly enough it will be widely adopted and used It’s not about # of buttons or functions but about how well do you understand the needs (and limitations) of your users Value of every application can be measured with how well it supports the end users needs
  5. 5. 5
  6. 6. WebGIS <> GIS online 6 …so why would it be any different for WebGIS We want that everyone within an organisation uses WebGIS WebGIS is not for GIS specialists WebGIS is not the same as GIS over the internet (searching in google is not the same as sending SQL queries over the internet) WebGIS is for everyone!! This has very important consequences
  7. 7. Users of GIS vs. Users of WebGIS 7 Few Many Can be trained Can’t be trained / don’t want to be trained Technology and innovation is Do not care for technology and interesting innovation A lot of different work processes Repetitive work processes (not necessarily frequent) Need flexibility Need extreme user friendliness Understands GIS jargon Understands work process jargon (legal, maintenance, administration, spatial planning)
  8. 8. What most WebGIS offerts to its users? 8 Navigeer Zoek een Verschuif Activeer De kaart naar adres op De kaart Een laag Een locatie Buffer Voer een Zoek een Zoek een Geselecteerde Selectie uit straatnaam op Perceel op objecten Stel de afdruk Maak een Genereer een identificeer Parameters in afdruk rapport Zoom de Zoom de Geselecteerd Export als Kaart uit Kaart in resultaten CSV
  9. 9. How it should be… 9 I want… Generate work Close the orders for mowing Sint Jacobsstraat grass for maintenence Evaluate if one (wherever 12.09 - 14.09 is allowed to it’s needed) start a cafe at Hoofdstraat 33
  10. 10. Where does this bring us? – purpousspecific applications 10 WebGIS WebGIS WebGIS WebGIS WebGIS interface 1 interface 2 interface 3 interface 4 Technology A Technology B Technology A Technology C 10
  11. 11. How does it look like? 11
  12. 12. Management of purpose specific applications Intranet ‘Spatial application ‘basic’ planning mobile application application app Map services Integrations Database connections Reports Couplings Searches Security Workflows Server
  13. 13. Conclusions 13 Users of WebGIS <> users of GIS WebGIS <> GIS over the internet Only when the whole organisation is using info in WebGIS, you can get the ROI No lose steps in known work processes It is possible to satisfy flexibility and complexity at the same time Application management does not have to be a nightmare with the right tools Technology to make it happen is already available
  14. 14. Contact 14Karolina van Schrojenstein Lantman - OrlinskaE @orlinska @GeoWeb4, @GrontmijNL