Clever Cost Cutting Tips On Orlando Vacations


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When you ask someone what makes Orlando vacations great, the inevitable answer is Disney World. Everyone who has ever been in this theme park is unable to forget the sense of magic they felt once inside. It felt like they were walking on air and they were quick to tell all their family and friends about their amazing experience.

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Clever Cost Cutting Tips On Orlando Vacations

  1. 1. Clever CostCutting TipsOn Orlando Vacations
  2. 2. W hen you ask someonewhat makes Orlando vacations great,the inevitable answer is Disney World.Everyone who has ever been in thistheme park is unable to forget the senseof magic they felt once inside. It felt likethey were walking on air and they werequick to tell all their family and friendsabout their amazing experience.
  3. 3. Naturally, this makes all thosewhom they told jealous because gettingto Disney World seems to be missionimpossible for many people who assumeit to be expensive. The thing is, gettingto Disney World and back is not nearlyas costly as you may think, especiallywhen you know the various cost cuttingmeasures available to clever tourists. Orlando hotels abound withgreat offers and just as many greatamenities. Vacation homes, however,
  4. 4. may be an option well worthconsidering. These offer the kind ofamenities all vacationing families dreamabout; from swimming pools to the lat-est video games as well as a huge amountof space. Staying in a vacation homerental instead of a hotel may also allowyou to prepare food within your unit.Some hotel rooms do come with kitch-enettes; but it pays to research the costof a rental with a full kitchen. It is no se-cret that eating out takes up a large por-
  5. 5. tion of vacation funds. Therefore, pur-chasing food at a local grocery store andpreparing it right in your rental is oneeffective and easy way to keep more ofyour funds for fun things like activitiesand attractions. A tip that is almost unknown butcan save a small fortune regards theprice of parking in Orlando. There isnothing that cuts into a budget duringOrlando vacations that is moreannoying than parking costs. Airport
  6. 6. parking is very expensive so finding waysto avoid this cost is ideal. For instance,have a friend of family member drop youoff at the airport. This way your car issafe at home and your money is free tospend on other vacation necessities.There also may be special offers onparking lots near the airport if you mustdrive yourself and store your vehicle. Ifyou take your car all the way to DisneyWorld, you will find that parking cancost up to $20 depending on the day.
  7. 7. Staying in a hotel near the themepark may open the option of freeparking as part of the hotel room price;plus you will be close enough to walk tothe park or take a free shuttle. Travel insurance can cost afortune, especially if done at the lastminute (anyone sense a theme here?) Besure to compare and contrast the pricesoffered by companies as they are sure tovary wildly. Also, if you are likely to betraveling more than once in a year, take a
  8. 8. look at an annual policy rather than anindividual one. Orlando vacations don’t have tobe the expensive affairs they are madeout to be. Above are just some of themoney saving tips that can be utilized byabsolutely anyone. Why pay full price foranything when you don’t have to?
  9. 9. Keeping SafeWhen Renting KissimmeeVacation Homes
  10. 10. O nce the stress of booking avacation is over and you are all set totake the family to Orlando, it is easy toforget about taking steps to ensurepersonal safety. Even with the excite-ment surrounding your trip, you cannotwalk off the airplane and completelyforget your surroundings. Althoughthe crime rate in the area where
  11. 11. Kissimmee vacation homes are is oneof the lowest in the region, keepingtrack of your surroundings and yourbelongings is always a good idea. Thelast thing you want on the trip of a life-time is to be a victim of crime. You canmake things easy for yourself byremaining alert. This does not mean youhave to view everyone with suspicion,just enjoy the vacation with your eyessmartly open. Regardless of whether you are
  12. 12. staying in one of the thousandsof Orlando hotels available or inKissimmee, you should be watchful atthe airport. It is easy to believe that anairport is one of the safest places aroundbecause of all the security but this is justas likely a place as any to encountercrime of some sort. If anyone who is notin uniform asks to handle your luggage,politely refuse and inform airport secu-rity immediately. Pickpockets have anold trick where they bump into you
  13. 13. pretending to be clumsy but theyactually steal your wallet or purse.Ensure that all jewelry and cash remainshidden from plain sight. If you are planning on driving toyour accommodations, make sure youare familiar with all Florida state lawsincluding all speed limits. Google mapsis a tremendous tool and used be used todownload a map of the area you arestaying in as well as one which shows thebest way to get from the airport to the
  14. 14. hotel. If you are staying in a hotel, theairport rule of not leaving your baggageunattended applies. Kissimmeevacation homes should always be se-curely locked anytime the house isempty. Do not expect neighbors to‘keep an eye out’ for trouble. For all youknow, they could be the trouble. Although those staying inOrlando hotels are tourists, it is notwise to advertise the fact. Avoid walkingaround with a large map in front of you
  15. 15. as this automatically makes youstand out as an easy target. With thethousands upon thousands of peoplewho will likely be enjoying their vaca-tions at the same time, it is actually quiteeasy to blend in and avoid becoming atarget if you simply maintain awareness.Feel free to enjoy all the sights Orlandohas to offer, just don’t walk around in adaze for half the day. It only takes asecond for an experienced thief torelieve you of your possessions.
  16. 16. Whether you stay in Orlando orin nearby Kissimmee, you can enjoy yourvacation while staying safe and happy.Looking like a local, keeping yourpossessions safe, leaving jewelry athome; these are just a few of the tipsthat can help you come home with onlythe very best vacation stories to tell.
  17. 17. For more information about Orlando hotels andKissimmee Vacation Homes - please check