5 Tips When Booking a Disney World Hotel


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Not just planning the trip itself, you also need to be thinking about where you will be staying if you are planning to go on a vacation to Orlando, Florida to visit two of the largest theme parks in the world - namely Walt Disney World Resort and universal Studios Resort. By going to the finest Disney World Hotels, your trip will be a tad better.

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5 Tips When Booking a Disney World Hotel

  1. 1. 5 Tips When Booking aDisney World Hotel
  2. 2. Booking A Disney World Hotel Not just planning the trip itself, youalso need to be thinking about whereyou will be staying if you are planningto go on a vacation to Orlando, Floridato visit two of the largest theme parksin the world - namely Walt DisneyWorld Resort and universal StudiosResort. By going to the finest DisneyWorld Hotels, your trip will be a tadbetter.
  3. 3. So to help in your search, you will findfive useful tips on how to nail downone of the many Disney World Hotelsthat will not only suit your needs, butone that is also right for your budget.These tips will also hold true if you arelooking for Disney Condos or DisneyHome Rentals as well.
  4. 4. Book In Advance As you know, Orlando, Florida onlyhappens to be one of the most popularvacation sites in the world. Because ofthis, it is not hard to imagine that theDisney World Hotels are always full andmay not have vacancy from time totime. To avoid problems and delays, it isadvisable to book your accommodationsin advance. Disney World Hotels, aswell as Disney Condos and homerentals, often feature advanced bookingof up to several months in advance.
  5. 5. Review Your Budget Of course, your anticipation of thistrip should not blind you into lookingfor just any of the Disney WorldHotels and Disney Condos that youcan find. Take note that some of thesehotels are world-class and may chargea small fortune.
  6. 6. If you want a high class hotel, that isokay. But if you are on a budget, it isadvisable to browse for cheaperhotels in advance. Some examples ofbudget hotels in Orlando includeDisney’s Pop Century Resort, Disney’sAll-Start Music Resort, as well asDisney’s All-Start Movies Resort.
  7. 7. Choose Between Hotel And Home Rental If you will be staying for only acouple of days to a week, DisneyWorld Hotels are advisable. The amen-ities, facilities, and services are per-fect for a transient stay. The same isalso true for Disney Condos.
  8. 8. However, if you want to stay longer, aDisney Home Rental may be moreappropriate. You get the whole placeand you can enjoy privacy and the feelof home. Usually, it would cost more,but it is worth it.
  9. 9. Check The Amenities Different hotels also have differentspecialties. While almost every hotelin Orlando, Florida near Walt DisneyWorld Resort offer the basic mostamenities like fine dining, comfortablesuites, and pools, some go as far asoffering special extras.
  10. 10. For example, the Disneys GrandFloridian Resort & Spa offers relaxa-tion with their massage and spa ther-apies. Another is Disney’s BoardwalkVilla, which is famous for their uniquebrewed beer at Big River Grille andBrewing Works.
  11. 11. Select A Place Near You Destinations And to make your trip easier andwith less hassle, you need to ascertainthat the hotel you are staying at isclose to the places that you plan onvisiting. If you will be visiting theDisney Resort, hotels in Orlando arebetter. If you want to go to UniversalStudios Resort, you should stay at aKissimmee hotel.
  12. 12. So, before you go ahead and land aflight to Orlando, Florida, try followingthese tips first so your stay will gosmoothly. With the finest Disney WorldHotels, your visit will be more memo-rable.
  13. 13. Disney World Packages An eventful vacation is never alljust about the places that you visit.Part of the fun and the excitement arethe hotels that you stay at. After all,vacations can burn a lot of yourenergy, so you will need a place torelax after a whole day of having fun.But, since deluxe hotels can reallycost an arm and a leg, you might wantmoderately priced budget hotels whenavailing yourself of the Disney WorldPackages from your vacation agency.
  14. 14. Many people think that the lesserthe price, the lesser the quality of theservices. But, with moderate DisneyWorld Hotels, you will get to enjoyclass, completeness of facilities, andhigh quality services for a fairlymoderate price. There might not bethe same wow factors and extremeextras that you will find in deluxehotels, but everything that you willneed is there.
  15. 15. To help you find moderately pricedDisney World Hotels for your DisneyWorld Packages, here is a shortreview of select hotels near the WaltDisney World Resort that are easy onthe budget, but excellent in servicesand amenities.
  16. 16. Disneys Caribbean Beach Resort Enjoy the beauty of a Caribbeanatmosphere in this lush bayside resortthat features eye-catching pastelcolored architecture that is bothwhimsical and elegant in design. Thecool breeze coming from the sea andthe sound of waves will surely makethis one stay very relaxing and event-ful. If you are avoiding romance, thismight not be the place for you.
  17. 17. And while there are standard suitesfor the budget mindful, you can alsochoose to stay in the pirate-themedrooms. Especially if you have childrenwith your or you simply love the idea,these limited edition rooms will makeyour stay more enjoyable. And tomatch these beautiful surroundingsare first class amenities and services.
  18. 18. Disneys Wilderness Lodge Revisit Native American history inthis classic style lodge built fromLodge-pole Pine and situated in themiddle of lush greeneries and a flowerladen landscape. Everything frominch to inch of this villa is filled withclassical taste and architecture.
  19. 19. Upon entering the Wilderness Lodge,feast your eyes on genuine artifactsthat reflect the culture of NativeAmerica. Additionally, you can enjoy afeast at the barbecue restaurant calledWhispering Canyon Café. For addedrelaxation, there is a white sandbeach and pools that you can enjoy.
  20. 20. Disneys Grand Floridian Resort & Spa Now here is one resort that youwould never think as a moderatelypriced place to stay. The verystructure of the resort is a sight tobehold and shouts luxury from allsides. It features a beautiful andgrand palace-like building that issituated beside a lake.
  21. 21. And to complement this beautifuland grand structure are fine diningrestaurants, luxurious suites,entertainment facilities, andswimming pools. And for realrelaxation, you can indulge in thetherapies and massages offered at theworld-class spa of the Grand FloridianResort. It is all luxury for a moderateprice.
  22. 22. So when availing yourselves ofDisney World Packages for yournext vacation trip, ask your agency forthese luxurious, but affordable,Disney World Hotels. Now you will notonly have fun, but also experienceworld-class stay and relaxation.
  23. 23. For more informationabout Disney condos and Disney World packages, please check outwww.orlandovacation.com