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Status report template


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Status report template

  1. 1. Project Name Project Status Report – <Date>Project OverviewProject Objective:Project Phase: IT Workgroup:Sponsor Department: Service Delivery Mgr:Start Date: Strategic Services Mgr:Planned Deployment: App /Tech Services Mgr:Project StatusStatus Summary: GreenSchedule: GreenBudget: GreenIssues: GreenRecent Accomplishments: Goals Next 10 Days:Financial Status ($000)Budget committed to Vendor:Budgeted Actual Remaining % Utilized Est. to Complete Est. at Complete Est. VarianceCapitalExpenseMajor MilestonesMilestone %CompletePlannedStartActualStartPlannedFinishActualFinishCommentsOpen Issues and RisksType Description Probability ofOccurrence* RiskTolerancePriority Owner Due Date Description of MitigationHigh – StrongMed – PossibleLow – Not LikelyHighMedLowHigh – StrongMed – PossibleLow – Not LikelyHighMedLow* Risk Tolerance Level - High - Handle Risk w/ Little or No Adjustments, Med – Handle Risk with Minor Adjustments, Low - Project Impacted andAdjustments will need to be made if the Risk OccursCONFIDENTIAL & PROPRIETARY – May not be reproduced or distributed without written permission of Orange Lake 1