Standard Operating Procedures


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Orlando\'s developed SOPs

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Standard Operating Procedures

  1. 1. CONFIDENTIAL ALLIANCE USE ONLY Information Technology Management STANDARD OPERATING PROCEDURES Orlando Moreno 408.656.2498
  2. 2. CONFIDENTIAL ________________________________________________________________ STANDARD OPERATING PROCEDURES Tarjeta Global Alliance Program (Telecomm – e-Global Network – Bank– PROSA) Money Remittance Transaction Process November 14, 2001 ________________________________________________________________ • 1.0 BUSINESS RULES • 2.0 BUSINESS LOGIC DIAGRAM • 3.0 OPERATIONAL AND PROCEDURAL REQUIREMENTS • 4.0 OPERATIONAL FLOW • 5.0 TRANSACTIONAL PROCESSES • 6.0 TECHNICAL DEFINITIONS, REQUIREMENTS AND RESPONSIBILITIES • 7.0 TECHNICAL LOGIC DIAGRAM ________________________________________________________________ 2
  3. 3. CONFIDENTIAL 1.0 BUSINESS RULES: 1.1 US Senders create transactions through Tarjeta Global System enabled Telecomm Agents. 1.2 U.S. Money Remittance companies (affiliated with Telecomm) to enroll in E-Global Network’s Global Money Transfer System. 1.3 E-Global Network to provide a standardized software program/system to facilitate money remittance to Tarjeta Global Program participants. 1.4 PROSA to sponsor and facilitate the usage of the Tarjeta Global within the RED network. 1.5 PROSA Network to disburse funds to Tarjeta Global users. 1.6 EGN to create Tarjeta Global Cards/Accounts at participating Banks. 1.7 Bank to settle with PROSA within one (1) business day. 1.8 E-Global Network to settle with Bank within two business (2) days. 1.9 Mexican Beneficiary to receive funds immediately through Tarjeta Global Card or Account at Telecomm participating outlets. 2.0BUSINESS LOGIC DIAGRAM Proposed Switch Topology Telecomm/E-Global Network / PROSA Agent Agent ATM ATM Agent POS Remittance Acquirer Company (Bank) TarjetaGlobal Sponsor Agent Remittance Acquirer s it Bank Se ATM Company po ttle (Bank) De me n t E-Global PROSA GMTS Interchange Switch CarNet/Red Switch n Up atio da riz Agent Remittance te tho Acquirer POS Company Au TarjetaGlobal (Non-Bank) Card Issuance & Management System Remittance Telecomm Company Agent ATM Agent Agent Telecom Telecom Office Office Estados Unidos Mexico 3
  4. 4. CONFIDENTIAL 3.0TECHNICAL REQUIREMENTS: 3.1 CLIENT (SENDER) REMITTANCE LEVEL 3.1.1 Sender initiates request at GMTS-enabled agent (Tarjeta Global Card authorized agent and Telecomm Affiliated) 3.1.2 Sender provides necessary information to Agent Number Personal Identification Number (If new account) Number to be sent name (If new) Tarjeta Global Number 3.1.3 Sender remits funds to be transferred to Agent 3.1.4 Sender to contact Beneficiary of remittance and the (PIN) to activate Tarjeta Global (Card) 3.1.5 Sender chooses Dollars to Mexican Pesos transaction 3.1.6 Sender signs forms 3.1.7 Sender fills out Currency Transaction Report (CTR) if over $10,000 (USD) being sent 3.1.8 Sender provided hard copy receipt of transaction 3.2 AGENT SERVICES LEVEL 3.2.1 Agent begins funds transfer request from sender. utilizes local software program (coupled with GMTS) system to initiate wire request Capture Sender data Fill-out standard forms (US company requirements) Verify data for sender Check Identification 3.2.2 Agent starts new account for sender’s without previous transactions. (New Account Creation) 3.2.3 Agent requests sender for Beneficiary’s Tarjeta Global Account number. (Pre- existing Account) 3.2.4 Agent designates beneficiary account 3.2.5 Agent requests Sender to provide a (Personal Identification Number) (PIN) for initiation of Tarjeta Global (Card) 3.2.6 Agent conducts “Know your Customer” profiling out Suspicious Activity Report (SAR), if required. 3.2.7 Agent determines extraordinary activity by sender or beneficiary name 3.2.8 Agent completes addition local company/agent procedures and paperwork 3.2.9 Agent collects Funds and Fees 3.2.10 Agent completes transaction on local system and GMTS. 3.2.11 Agent gives Sender Official Money Remittance Company Receipt. (Indicates usage of Tarjeta Global) 3.2.12 Agent deposits all trust funds within 24 hours to designated bank account. 4
  5. 5. CONFIDENTIAL 3.3 US MONEY REMITTANCE HEADQUARTERS (HQ) MANAGEMENT 3.3.1 Telecomm affiliated Money Remittance Company 3.3.2 HQ conducts daily audit of Agent and Processing Center Bank deposits. and determine all GMTS transactions (Total Daily Funds Request). 3.3.3 HQ to conduct daily managerial assessment of all agent activities bank deposits with previous day’s funds transactions. 3.3.4 HQ to make all Agent related decisions for granting funds transmissions. 3.3.5 HQ Management to determine prior day’s Total Daily Funds Request to be deposited in Mexico Bank Accounts prior to 10:00 am each business day. Management will review all reports and analyze financial position daily. Management to deposit Foreign Currency into respective Banjercito or E-Global accounts. 3.3.6 HQ Accounting Department to track and record all funds activities. to provide weekly summary report of funds transfer activities. Accounting Department to provide monthly summary report of all funds transfer activities. 3.3.7 HQ Management to conduct weekly and Monthly meetings to spot, analyze and correct and discrepancies in funds transfer activities within the organization. 3.4 E-GLOBAL NETWORK COMPANY 3.4.1 GMTS Agents/Companies directly connected to EGN network 3.4.2 GMTS transactions ultimately approved by EGN administrators. 3.4.3 GMTS system captures all data for real-time review 3.4.4 GMTS system initiates creation of Tarjeta Global (Card) 3.4.5 GMTS creates all transaction reference numbers 3.4.6 GMTS creates initial (PIN) numbers 3.4.7 GMTS creates individual record for each transaction. 3.4.8 GMTS passes data to PROSA network 3.4.9 GMTS passes data to Bank banking software. 3.4.10 GMTS creates End of Day Transaction Report. 3.4.11 EGN to deposit funds to Bank or Line of Credit Account daily. 3.4.12 EGN to manage all US Money Remittance Company relationships. 3.4.13 EGN to ensure all financial activities are managed daily. 3.4.14 EGN to maintain a Call Center. 3.4.15 GMTS creates all required reports 3.4.16 GMTS archives all data. 3.5 PROSA NETWORK 3.5.1 PROSA to sponsor and fully accept the TarjetaGlobal card on the Red Network. 3.5.2 PROSA to handle and facilitate the disbursement of all funds transfers with all Tarjeta Global Users within the RED Network. 3.5.3 PROSA to conduct daily settlement procedures with Bank and EGN. 5
  6. 6. CONFIDENTIAL 3.5.4 PROSA to provide daily Disbursement Report to Bank and EGN. 3.5.5 PROSA to distribute cards to paying outlets. 3.5.6 PROSA to administer and manage all Tarjeta Global cards 3.5.7 PROSA to conduct weekly and monthly audit report with all banks, paying outlets and other financial entities. report to all participants 3.5.8 PROSA to maintain Tarjeta Global Call Center 3.6 BANK (TELECOMM) ACCOUNT AND SETTLEMENT 3.6.1 Bank to create a Master Account for all TarjetaGlobal Transactions will have unlimited access and control to be created with unlimited access and control 3.6.2 Bank to pre-activate sub-accounts upon GMTS request. 3.6.3 Bank to accept Tarjeta Global accounts and transactions. 3.6.4 Bank to settle with PROSA for previous day’s Tarjeta Global transaction. 3.6.5 Bank to swipe funds from Money Remittance Company Account, Master account or Line of Credit Account as required. 3.6.6 Bank to maintain Tarjeta Global Call Center 3.6.7 Bank to provide monthly report of all activities. 3.7 TARJETA GLOBAL 3.7.1 Tarjeta Global Management to oversee the financial settlement of all Mexico Bank based accounts. 3.7.2 Tarjeta Global to maintain Call Center activities. 3.7.3 Paying outlet to manage all distribution outlets. 3.8 TELECOMM (PAYING OUTLETS) (TELEGRAFOS & OTHER OUTLETS) 3.8.1 Telecomm to accommodate a new PROSA-based Point-of-Sale (POS) system at designated locations. 3.8.2 Paying Outlet handles pre-delivered Tarjeta Global Cards 3.8.3 Paying Outlet delivers and initiates Tarjeta Global Card to Beneficiary 3.8.4 Paying Outlet agent requests Beneficiary (PIN) to activate Card. 3.8.5 Paying Outlet agent accommodates permanent (PIN) 3.8.6 Paying Outlet disburses funds to Beneficiary 3.8.7 Upon card activation, Paying Outlet to allow collection of funds from ATM or POS outlet. 3.9 BENEFICIARY COLLECTION LEVEL 3.9.1 Beneficiary to request Funds Disbursement at Paying Outlet for first time usage. 3.9.2 Beneficiary to use original (PIN) provided by Sender. 3.9.3 Beneficiary to change (PIN) at first usage at the Paying Outlet agent level. 3.9.4 Upon card activation, Beneficiary to use ATM or POS network. 6
  7. 7. CONFIDENTIAL 4.0 Operational Flow Components Diagram 4.1 (Operational Process Diagram) 7
  8. 8. CONFIDENTIAL 4.1 Operational Components 4.1.1 Consumer 4.1.2 US Money Remittance Company and Agent 4.1.3 E-Global (GMTS) 4.1.4 Foreign Bank and Distribution System 4.1.5 Beneficiary 4.2 Operational Procedures 4.2.1 Consumer remits money 4.2.2 Agent receives money 4.2.3 US Money Remittance Company fulfills money exchange request and makes deposit to Foreign bank account 4.2.4 PROSA disburses funds through beneficiaries account 4.2.5 PROSA sets up card management program 4.2.6 Bank settles with PROSA 4.2.7 Tarjeta Global to ensure daily funds settlement 4.2.8 Beneficiary obtains money 5.0 Transactional Process Flows 5.1 Information Transaction Components 5.1.1 Agent (Telecomm Affiliate) captures data 5.1.2 GMTS passes data to PROSA 5.1.3 Bank Banking Program (Card Management) 5.1.4 PROSA Transaction System 5.1.5 Telecomm Paying Outlet Distribution System Diagram 5.1 Informational Transactional Flow Diagram 8
  9. 9. CONFIDENTIAL 5.2 Information Transaction Procedural Flow 5.2.1 US agent creates transaction request 5.2.2 GMTS captures data, creates transaction request and archives transaction records 5.2.3 E-Global Network validates transaction and approves agent transaction request 5.2.4 E-Global Network verifies daily report and initiates physical money deposit to respective foreign bank. 5.2.5 E-Global Network audits all transactions from bank with internal reports and GMTS reports. 5.2.6 Paying Outlet receives funds through respective foreign bank account 5.2.7 Paying Outlet disburses funds to beneficiary 5.3 Money Transaction Components 5.3.1 US agent (Telecomm Affiliate) 5.3.2 US Money Remittance Company (Telecomm Affiliate) 5.3.3 Bank account 5.3.4 PROSA 5.3.5 Telecomm Paying Outlets 5.3.6 Beneficiary Diagram 5.2 Monetary Transactional Flow 5.4 Money Transaction Procedural Flow 5.4.1 Sender remits money to US agent 5.4.2 US agent accepts money 5.4.3 US agent deposits funds to US Money Remittance Company 5.4.4 US Money Remittance Company deposits funds to Bank or EGN account 5.4.5 EGN deposits into Tarjeta Global accounts directly or through a Line of Credit Account. 5.4.6 PROSA facilitates Tarjeta Global transaction 5.4.7 Beneficiary receives funds 9
  10. 10. CONFIDENTIAL Diagram 5.3 (Settlement Process Diagram) 10
  11. 11. CONFIDENTIAL 6.0 TECHNICAL DEFINITIONS, REQUIREMENTS AND RESPONSIBILITES Note: Responsible entity denoted by (Parenthesis). 6.1 GLOBAL MONEY TRANSFER SYSTEM: e-Global Network proprietary cross-border money transfer software and network. 6.2 e-GLOBAL MONEY TRANSFER TRANSACTION: A financial transaction between a United States sender of funds to a Mexican recipient (beneficiary) of funds. 6.2.1 Card Initiation: First transaction from US agent initiates the creation of a Tarjeta Global Card. Transaction Number: 6 digit tracking number (EGN) Assignment of Tarjeta Global: GMTS system to assign card based on funds destination. (EGN) NIP: Pre-created NIP and verification. (Bank) Bank Account: Each Tarjeta Global card is assigned a pre- determined Banjercito account. (EGN-Bank) Deposit (sender)/Cash Advance (beneficiary) Request: PROSA to categorize as a Cash Advance/Deposit transaction (PROSA) 6.2.2 Card Activation: First transaction activated at Mexican Paying Outlet through the use of a PROSA based (Personal Identification Number-PIN) enabling process. (PROSA) 6.2.3 NIP Creation (2nd): Permanent NIP created by Beneficiary through POS appliance. (EGN-Vendor) 6.2.4 Follow-on Transaction: Follow-on Tarjeta Global Card/Account transactions to be considered Deposit 6.2.5 Cancellation of Card: Cancellation of Card initiation and all subsequent transactions to be handled by PROSA’s existing cancellation process. (PROSA) 6.3 TARJETA GLOBAL CARD: A stored-value card designed to facilitate the transfer of funds. 6.3.1 Card Specifications: Card numbering scheme: ISO 8583 compliant (EGN) Transaction Number: 6 digit tracking number (EGN) Card Information/File Format: ISO 8583 compliant (EGN) 6.3.2 Types of Transactions: (PROSA) Point-of-Sale Transaction: Card transactions shall be facilitated through a PROSA (Red Network) Point-of-Sale network terminal. NIP: Required Account Balance: Not available Locations: Participating distribution companies Paying Outlet Terminal: Computer PC with software program and card reader appliance. NIP: Required 11
  12. 12. CONFIDENTIAL Account Balance: Available Locations: Participating Payout Agents Automated Teller Machine (ATM): Post-activation account transactions will have capability to transact with PROSA (Red) network ATMs. NIP: Required Account Balance: Available Locations: All PROSA Red ATMs 6.4 PROSA/EGN/BANK/TELECOMM 6.4.1 Participants to integrate current Card Management and Banking Electronic Data Interface (EDI) program with PROSA, EGN and Bank. 6.4.2 Card Management System: Set-up Card Accounts: Bank to create a set (lot) of PROSA/bank- sponsored “stored value” cards. Associated with Bank account. Funds for each card to be transferred from EGN EGN Bank Account: Bank to set-up EGN master account. Funds to be drawn from this account to fund each Tarjeta Global (card). Tarjeta Global (Cards): PROSA to recognize each Tarjeta Global (Card) and settle with Bank Master Account/Sub Account daily using current PROSA BIN Number account. 6.5 TELECOMM 6.5.1 System Integration: Telecomm to fully integrate GMTS and PROSA systems into existing money transfer systems. 6.5.2 Software & Database Access: Telecomm to allow EGN to access specific data on existing system regarding money transmissions of the TarjetaGlobal system. 6.5.3 Point-of-Sale Reader System: Telecomm to accommodate PROSA-based Card readers and other terminals for usage in TarjetaGlobal system. 6.5.4 Bank Integration: Telecomm to allow full access of bank accounts regarding the TarjetaGlobal system. 6.6 PROSA 6.6.1 PROSA to integrate its systems and network services to EGN and modify its data file transfer system. 12
  14. 14. CONFIDENTIAL 14