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Product overview


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Product overview

  1. 1. NICEUniverse LIVE Product Description Product Overview January, 2000 Orlando Moreno 408.656.2498 omoreno@hotmail.comNiceUniverse LIVE – Quality Management SolutionNiceUniverse LIVE helps contact centers identify opportunities to improve the quality of servicethey provide. The NiceUniverse LIVE software can be up and running within weeks so thatcontact centers can see immediate results.NiceUniverse LIVE is switch independent and does not include recording software and hardware.The only component needed to run the NiceUniverse LIVE application is a dedicated server,which can be easily added to the customer’s existing network. NiceUniverse LIVE can be used tocreate evaluation forms, grade agent calls, and generate reports, all without disrupting thecustomer’s current processes for reviewing and monitoring calls.NiceUniverse LIVE can be easily adapted to a full quality management system which includesrecording audio and screens. NiceUniverse LIVE can also be integrated with the full range ofNICE’s recording solutions including total recording, selective recording and recording Page 1 of 9 408.656.2498
  2. 2. NICEUniverse LIVE Product DescriptionNiceUniverse LIVE Quality Management Components NiceUniverse LIVE includes the following components:Dedicated Server - A Windows NT 4.0server running Microsoft SQL Server 6.5.and, pcANYWHERE used to store completedevaluations and user profile information.System Administration – Application used to grant access to protect confidentiality of agents’evaluations and to manage user profiles. Leading workforce management software can be usedto populate the user database.Forms Designer – Walks the user through the process of creating customized on-lineevaluations.Evaluator – Electronic forms used to evaluate agent performance on individual calls.Reporter – A wide variety of reports used to identify strong and weak performers, pinpoint areasthat need improvement, specify training requirements, and assess fairness of evaluations. NiceUniverse LIVE Architecture Agent Agent Supervisor Evaluator Evaluator Reporter Reporter LAN Database System Administration Form DesignerNiceUniverse LIVE Quality Page 2 of 9 408.656.2498
  3. 3. NICEUniverse LIVE Product DescriptionNiceUniverse LIVE End User ApplicationsNiceUniverse LIVE has a graphical user interface that has the look of familiar Microsoftapplications. All data is stored in “file folders”. Drop-down Windows, templates and user definablefields make the application easy to understand and to customize for each contact center’s uniquerequirements.NiceUniverse LIVE modules are used to perform the following tasks:• Perform System Administration• Design Evaluation Forms• Evaluate Agent Performance• Generate ReportsPerforming System AdministrationNICE System Administration includes detailed user profiles that enable you to select a group ofagents to review based on start date, job function, project, or department name.A typical user profile appears below:Group Manager & Sample User Page 3 of 9 408.656.2498
  4. 4. NICEUniverse LIVE Product DescriptionPrivileges can be granted to individuals or groups. Group leaders can have different privilegesthan group members. The following window shows some sample privileges:System Administration & User Privileges ScreenDesigning Evaluation FormsThe NiceUniverse LIVE Forms Wizard enables contact center supervisors to create forms quicklyand easily.NiceUniverse LIVE Forms Page 4 of 9 408.656.2498
  5. 5. NICEUniverse LIVE Product DescriptionThe Forms Wizard walks contact center supervisors through the process of creating customizedevaluation review forms or grading templates. The system prompts users for questions, and letsthem select the type of response (check boxes, yes/no/na, or a numeric scale) and then requestsusers to assign points to each question. The Forms Designer automatically creates the form andembeds the values for each question, so that within minutes calls can be evaluated and themanager can run reports based on the new evaluation form. To modify existing forms thesupervisor can use the NiceUniverse LIVE designer palette that includes icons for text boxes,check boxes, yes-no boxes, and drop-down lists with pre-defined responses. NiceUniverse LIVEalso enables the supervisor to test the form before making it available in a public area.Evaluating Agent PerformanceNiceUniverse LIVE enables supervisors to perform evaluations at the convenience of their desk.Reponses are made easy simply by clicking on a check box, or selecting a pre-defined responsefrom a drop-down list. Spontaneous feedback can be added and later printed out on a report.Evaluating Individual CallsThere are three steps to evaluating an individual call:• Listen to the call• Open an automated form• Respond to questions by clicking on the appropriate check boxesForms created in NiceUniverse LIVE include the value and weight of each question. The runningscore for the evaluation is automatically updated and displayed. Questions that are marked as“not applicable” will not be included in the final score.Reviewers click on the “comments” tab to include general comments, coaching tips, andsuggestions.A sample form appears below:NiceUniverse LIVE Evaluation FormComparing Multiple EvaluationsThe Supervisor can check for consistency of agent performance by viewing multiple scores forthe same questions on one Page 5 of 9 408.656.2498
  6. 6. NICEUniverse LIVE Product DescriptionGenerating ReportsUsing NiceUniverse LIVE reports, supervisors can instantaneously assess individualperformance, group performance, and overall contact center performance.Supervisors can create highly customized reports by responding to prompts from theNiceUniverse LIVE Report Wizard. The report can be displayed instantly on the screen,converted into a graph, or exported into other applications for presentations and reports.The following list is a sample of the reports most commonly used. A complete list follows thisdescription.Agent ReportsNiceUniverse LIVE includes reports that display the score for each agent, an agent’s performancecompared to a group, and performance by questions. These reports are used to identify agentswho may need assistance and to pinpoint areas for their improvement.Evaluator ReportsThese reports are used to assess the consistency of scoring by each evaluator. Evaluators arecompared to evaluators from different groups or the entire contact center.System AdministrationSecurityNiceUniverse LIVE provides reports that list the agents, their profiles, the groups to which theybelong and their security profiles.Samples of reports are shown below.Agent Results SummaryThe agent report provides an average score by agent. Results can be summarized by timeperiods to show improvement.Agent Results SummaryEvaluator ReportEvaluators’ responses can also be listed by question so that any inconsistencies can beidentified. This information is important because it demonstrates to the agents that feedback isobjective and Page 6 of 9 408.656.2498
  7. 7. NICEUniverse LIVE Product DescriptionEvaluator Results by Question Vs Group AverageAgent Profile ReportThe agent profile report includes detailed information for each user that can be used for selectinggroups for evaluation and reporting.Agent Page 7 of 9 408.656.2498
  8. 8. NICEUniverse LIVE Product DescriptionNiceUniverse LIVE Reports (full list):Agent Results SummaryThis report shows the average score for an agent, group of agents or all agents over a specifictime period. It allows the supervisor to see how agents are performing in relation to one another,which agents are performing well, and which agents are performing poorly.The “# of forms” column in this report indicates how many evaluations were completed per agent.This helps to ensure that results are comparable.Agent Results by QuestionThis report shows how each agent scored on each question, over a period of time. This reportidentifies specific areas where an agent may require additional training, or particular strengths,which they can use for peer-to-peer coaching. Using this report, supervisors can developmeaningful training plans.Agent Results vs. Group AverageThis report shows how each agent of a particular group is performing in relation to the groupaverage score. This report enables a supervisor to see which agents in their group areperforming higher or lower than the average score. It also enables supervisors to determine thegroup average for the next measurement period.After reviewing the results of this report, supervisors can run the Agent Results by Questionreport to determine individual training requirements.Agent Results by Question vs. Group AverageThis report shows a summary of each agent’s score per question in a particular group, and howthat score compares to the group average score. This report shows if all agents or only specificagents are having difficulty with certain questions. This helps pinpoint where additional trainingwill be required.Evaluations CompletedThis report ensures consistent and fair reviewing by displaying the number of reviews that wereconducted for each agent/group of agents over a specific period of time.Evaluator Results SummaryThis report assesses evaluator’s consistency for overall scores. If inconsistencies are detected, asecond report can be generated to focus on those questions that produced the most outstandinginconsistencies (see below).Evaluator Results by QuestionsThis report identifies questions that are regularly scored lower or higher than others by the sameevaluator.Evaluator Results vs. Group AverageThis report compares each evaluator to the entire group of evaluators (QA Manager) to see howan evaluator’s particular scores compare to the entire group.This report is used to see if one evaluator is on average scoring higher or lower than the rest ofthe group. It helps to ensure that objectivity is maintained within the Quality Page 8 of 9 408.656.2498
  9. 9. NICEUniverse LIVE Product DescriptionEvaluator Results by Question vs. Group AverageThis report compares a particular evaluator, or group of evaluators to the set of all evaluators, tosee how this particular evaluator’s question scores compared to the group of all evaluators.Evaluator Evaluations CompletedThis report provides information on the number of evaluations that each reviewer has completed.List Frequency and Average ScoreThis report shows the frequency and average score for each list item. For example, where a listhas been created for “Call Category”, this report tracks the Call Category breakdown for callsevaluated within NiceUniverse.Agent ListingThis report lists all agents that meet the search criteria including some of their user-profile details.Group DefinitionThis report lists all defined NiceUniverse LIVE groups.Group AssignmentsThis report lists the members of each group.Security PrivilegesThis report is available only if NiceUniverse LIVE was installed with security enabled. The reportlists security levels assigned to personnel in the current database.Agent ProfileThis report lists all agents in the system that meet the defined criteria and displays all Page 9 of 9 408.656.2498