Orca ver 1.7 16 nov2012


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Orca ver 1.7 16 nov2012

  1. 1. DiscoveryDec. 21, 2012O.R.C.A• O Orange Lake• R Resort• C Communication• A Access (Dialer, PBX, Recording, Plus)
  2. 2. 1/28/2013 2Agenda Welcome Vision Executive Summary Current Environment Project Objective Project Goal Progression tasks & sequential steps for Dialer Methodology Approach Assessment Dialer Strategic TimeLine, technology / vendor selection Estimated timeline to Go Live for New Dialer Implementation Approach Options Dependencies/Pro-active Solutions Estimated timeline to Go Live for New PBX Q&A’s / Adjourn
  3. 3. VISIONSimplify and enhance our platform andservices, enabling our business partners toreshape their business processes, thereby,reducing costs and adding more value to thecustomer1/28/2013 3
  4. 4. Executive Summary Orange Lake Resort’s ability toquickly identify and target attractivecustomers is currently impaired bythe complex data environment, lackof common business definitions andtime intensive processes togenerate reports.1/28/2013 4 Addressing these issues requires, a process, culture andtechnology change that will automate, simplify informationretrieval and analysis for marketing decision makers.
  5. 5. Current Environment1/28/2013 5Orange Lake Resort “OLR” has three different Telephone systems that supporta number of different departments:Aspect / E-PRO,used for two callcenters, handlinga mix of inbound /outbound dialerconfigurations.Nortel Meridian, supportingthe resort guest rooms, andbusiness users and threecall centers. The callcenters are setup on NortelSymposium, with a mix ofdigital, analog and VOIPphones.Cisco CCM, usedby our IT group. Itis CCM 4.1 andUnity 4.1, in placefor 8 years and ithas never beenupgraded at all.
  6. 6. Current Environment1/28/2013 6Orange Lake Resort “OLR” also has three different call recording servers thatsupport a number of different departments:Lyrical, used bythe call centers onAspect/EPROEngage, used by our resortoperator group, all digitalNortel PhonesNICE, used by thecall centers onNortel VOIP
  7. 7. 1/28/2013 7In summary,We have at least six companies delivering solutions to orange lake resort, sixdifferent technologies, being: Nortel, Cisco, Aspect, Nice, and Sprint/AT&T.Our environment is a mix of old and new technology segmented in desperateneed to be simplified and integrated.NORTELASPECT / E-PROSYMPOSIUMCap MgmtCall CtrClubCall CtrHelpDeskMarketingCall CtrMkt SupportCall CtrSpecialServicesMaintananceGolfCall CtrResortServicesIn-HouseMarketingBackground Summary
  8. 8. OBJECTIVE1/28/2013 8Eliminate:Complex CRM / dataenvironmentlack of common businessdefinitionstime intensive processesto generate reports
  9. 9. GOAL1/28/2013 9Increase our valueproposition /effectiveness andproductivity:Empower serviceteams with full viewof customer forcontextualizedservice,Manage growthand complexity byconsolidatinginfrastructure toaccommodatecurrent needs andfuture growth,Provide proactiveIT solutions thatare scalable andperform tobusinessexpectations.Add businessfunctionalitywhile minimizingdisruption.
  10. 10. 1/28/2013 10MarketingRequirements•UnderstandBusiness Needs•Increase servicequality andquantify capacity•Evaluate Needs•What are the:must, like, niceto haverequirements•Define Objectives•OUTCOME: listof requirements,objectives andcriteria toevaluate thevendors and theway to scoredifferent criteriaEducate theBusiness•Importance of aSupplier / VendorSelection•Evaluation,selection andcontinuousmeasurement ofsuppliers and•ContinueTRAINING to useimplementedtechnologies andprocessesGather a LimitedPool of Vendors•Evaluate allpotential vendorstakes much time•Basic screeningand eliminationdue to lack ofmustrequirementsInterviewing withVendors•One by oneinterview withvendors•Gap analysisbetween yourrequirements,objectives andvendor properties•Score eachcriteria•OUTCOME:criteria-score listfor each vendorPresent SelectedVendors• Final Demo toBusiness•Contract•Price NegotiationImplementation•Start Up•Project Kick Off•Roll out Schedule•ImplementationMethodology•Processes•ExecutionProgression tasks & sequential steps
  11. 11. Methodology Approach1/28/2013 11AgileIdentification ofRequirementsBusinessNeeds AnalysisDocumentation/ RFPVendorQualificationVendorSelectionDeliveryOngoingManagementChangeManagementContinuesImprovement
  12. 12.  Strengths People Commitment Strong sponsors in potential areas of themarket and the business Unprecedented growth in: Resorts Marketing leads Sales Income … Complexity Core Market knowledge, OLR well known industryimage New services with no proven technical support Extensive marketing opportunities Internal re-organization, grow and developing newpotential Manageable environment (approx. 3k employees /few geographical locations) Budgetary assignation Proactive sales strategy Weaknesses Fragmented CRM / complex data environment Lack of common business definitions Time intensive processes to generate reports Minimum Infrastructure resources Specialized Staff Open, secure, scalable platform to supportbusiness services Lack of State-of-the-art technology Technical knowledge on emerging technologies Continue Training Programs to empower the use ofavailable technologies OLR capacity for managing mega-projects Lack of a proactive tech solution Control and security policy Lack of organization structure / Call center Requirement for market results prior to expansion Irregular fluctuation between sales and operations1/28/2013 12Assessment
  13. 13. Dialer Strategic TimeLine / Technology Selection1/28/2013 13Steering Committee ReviewsProjectGovernance &Management•SteeringCommittee•Project Teams•Project Charter•Project Work Plan•CommunicationsPlanRFPDevelopment•EducationalSession•FunctionalRequirements•Discovery•Consensus•Assemble RFP•Vendor Analysis•Vendor Short ListEvaluate VendorResponses•RFP to Vendors•Scoring Tools•Vendor Responses•Score Responses•Functionality•Visibility•Tech Environment•Total Cost•Vendor FinalistVendorDemonstrations•DemonstrationScripts•Select Participants•Schedule Demos•Scoring Tools•Product Demos•Demo Scoring•Vendor(s) ofChoiceSite Visits•Schedule SiteVisits•Assemble SiteTeams•Scoring Tools•Coordinate Visits•Score VisitsContractNegotiations•Guidance•Assemble Team•Lead Negotiations•Change Control•Progress ReportingNov2012Dec2012Jan2013Feb2013Mar2013
  14. 14. Estimated Timeline to Go Live with New DialerPhase TimelineProject Kick-Off / Migration Assessment Mar – Apr 2013Design / Development Apr – May 2013Pre-Install / Parallel testing / ATP May – Jul 2013Integration / Transition Jul – Oct 2013Training Oct - Nov 2013Go Live End of Nov 20131/28/2013 14
  15. 15. Dependencies & Pro-active Solutions1/28/2013 15DEPENDENCIES• Funding $ and pit falls• Successful implementation of new PBX• Took more time than planned.• Unanticipated major problems.• Ineffective coordination.• Loss of focus on implementation• Tasks poorly defined• Employees incapable, inadequatelytrained.• New changes, services offer and trends• More time consuming challenge• Resistance to change,misunderstandings.• Lack of interest and accountability• Making assumptions about the businessenvironmentSOLUTIONS / PRECAUTIONS• Secure funds and Mgmt. approvals• Fail-proof PBX / Dialer implementing plan• Solid training. Strong ownership• Overall well defined tasks• Creation of a POWER team ( Ops SM inevery call center – 1st defense team)• Rigorously and continuous discussion‘HOWs’ and ‘WHATs’, questioning,tenaciously follow through and monitor.• Ensuring accountability• Validating assumptions about thebusiness environment / roles• Changing assumptions as theenvironment changes• Assessing the organization’s capabilities• Linking strategy to operations and thepeople who are going to implement• Upgrading the company’s capabilities tomeet the challenges of an ambitiousstrategy.
  16. 16. Estimated Timeline to Go Live with New PBXPhase TimelineVendor Selection / Contract Jan – Feb 2013Project Kick-Off / Migration Assessment Feb – Mar 2013Design / Development Apr – 2013Pre-Install / Parallel testing / ATP May – Jun 2013Integration / Transition Jun – 2013Training Jun – 2013Go Live End of Jul 20131/28/2013 16
  17. 17. 1/28/2013 17Implementation Approach/Pre-requisites
  18. 18. Questions and Comments1/28/2013 18