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Mid Level Architecture


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Mid Level Architecture

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Mid Level Architecture

  1. 1. Mid-Level Solution Architecture Orlando Moreno 408.656.2498
  2. 2. SBC Communications, Inc.
  3. 3. Agenda • High Level Architecture • Component Area Contexts – CIM and SDR – EDW Source-to-Core – EDW Core-to-Mart (Integrated Layer) – Sales and Marketing Systems – ERS Information Delivery
  4. 4. High Level Architecture
  5. 5. CIM and SDR Context Telco West Telco East CIM Core Infrastructure Telco Southwest CIM Customer Mechanical Data Nightly Batch Matching Repository Processes Processes (CIM CDR) Telco Midwest Cingular Long Distance NEMO Sources for CIM Match Process SDR Data Structures SBC IS  Telco West - EDW PSOD (on Teradata)  Telco East - EDW PSOD  Telco Southwest - EDW PSOD Historical view  Telco Midwest - EDW PSOD SDR Key Data Comm of CIM Ids and  SBC LD - EDW (Possibly Telegence) Processing Hierarchies  ASI - EDW  Cingular - EDW w/CID process (Possibly direct) EchoStar  SBCIS - TBD  Data Comm - TBD  Claritas - TBD (EDW ?) ASI  Yellow Pages - TBD  ABI - TBD (EDW ?)  EchoStar - TBD YellowPages Other CIM Data Sources  SBIR used for Telco Acct Assignment (all regions) 3rd Party Data
  6. 6. CIM and SDR Context
  7. 7. EDW Source-to-Core Context ETL Processes Core Tables  NEMO will use current EDW processes and  Existing core tables will remain in tact. tables for data that is already in place.  Affiliate tables will be created as needed.  The NEMO estimates do not care for the  Daily billing data processes for the Midwest modification of existing processes and tables. region are not included in the NEMO estimates.  Informatica is being positioned as the ETL tool Timing requirements may dictate the need for Telco West for new data sources. daily Midwest region data.  Historical data will be extended where necessary to accommodate the 13 month history Telco East requirements for NEMO. Service Telco Southwest Custom er Order Telco Midwest ETL Billing EOM Equipm ent Processes Journal Journal Cingular Revenue Expense Long Distance SBC IS MVS Based Cingular LD SBC IS and Data Data Comm Com m Informatica EchoStar ASI EchoStar Based Yellow Dem o- Pages graphic ASI Core Tables YellowPages 3rd Party Data
  8. 8. EDW Source-to-Core Context
  9. 9. EDW Core-to-Integrated Context SDR Process SDR Tables Service Product Custom er Order Aggregate & Integrate Revenue Customer EOM  CIM and SDR keys assigned to all account level data Billing Equipm ent Geog  Journal Revenue will be assigned to NPC based on MR2000 mapping Journal Journal Cust Prof  In-service product counts, Movement and Derived Revenue Expense Revenue will be mapped to Regional Product Codes Product Dim x based on existing processes (i.e. PRG, PI, etc. must be mapped to NPC) and then further mapped to NPC SBC IS  Affiliate products must be included in NPC mapping Dim y definitions Revenue  NPC level will be the lowest level of product counts Cingular LD Dim z available in the Integrated Layer (TBD)  Calculation of location level attributes must be Data defined (i.e. Dominant Account per location) Com m  Business defined mapping rules across all regions Events Hier-A and affiliates are needed for each data dimension requiring integration EchoStar ASI Hier-B  Business supplied hierarchy definitions are needed for each dimension requiring aggregation drilldown Hier-C Others ... Yellow Dem o- or drillup capabilities Pages graphic Mapping Integrated Core Tables Tables Tables
  10. 10. EDW Core-to-Integrated Context
  11. 11. Sales and Marketing Systems Context
  12. 12. Sales and Marketing Systems Context
  13. 13. ERS Information Delivery Context
  14. 14. ERS Information Delivery Context
  15. 15. Questions Orlando Moreno 408.656.2498