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Layout design log may 31


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Layout design log may 31

  1. 1. DATE May 31th, 2010 Layout Document Control Airport Code Aproved Baseline Design 1st Modification 2nd Modification 3rd Modification 4th Modification 5th Modification 1st COR 2nd COR Change Order # Final Aproved Layout DesignGuanajuato BJX RS-GAP-BJX-01 RS-GAP-BJX-02 RS-GAP-BJX-03 RS-GAP-COR-BJX-1 RS-GAP-BJX-03Mexicali MXL RS-GAP-MXL-01 RS-GAP-MXL-02 RS-GAP-MXL-03 RS-GAP-COR-MXL-01 RS-GAP-MXL-03Tijuana TIJ RS-GAP-TIJ-01 RS-GAP-TIJ-02 RS-GAP-TIJ-03La Paz LAP RS-GAP-LAP-01 RS-GAP-LAP-02 RS-GAP-LAP-03 RS-GAP-LAP-04 RS-GAP-LAP-05 RS-GAP-COR-LAP-01San Jose del Cabo T1 SJD RS-GAP-SJDT1-01 RS-GAP-SJDT1-02 RS-GAP-SJDT1-03 RS-GAP-SJDT1-04 RS-GAP-SJDT1-05 RS-GAP-SJDT1-06 RS-GAP-COR-SJDT1-01San Jose del Cabo T3 SJD RS-GAP-SJDT3-01 RS-GAP-SJDT3-02 RS-GAP-SJDT3-03 RS-GAP-COR-SJDT3-01Hermosillo HMO RS-GAP-HMO-01 RS-GAP-HMO-02 RS-GAP-HMO-03 RS-GAP-COR-HMO-01Morelia MLM RS-GAP-MLM-01 RS-GAP-MLM-02 RS-GAP-MLM-03 RS-GAP-COR-MLM-01Puerto Vallarta PVR RS-GAP-PVR-01 RS-GAP-PVR-02 RS-GAP-PVR-03 RS-GAP-COR-PVR-01 GA-02242010-1Guadalajara GDL RS-GAP-GDL-01 RS-GAP-GDL-02 RS-GAP-GDL-03Manzanillo ZLO RS-GAP-ZLO-01 RS-GAP-ZLO-02 RS-GAP-ZLO-03 RS-GAP-ZLO-04 RS-GAP-COR-ZLO-01
  2. 2. Cruce de Contingenciaentre Bandas