Inside Windows Server 2003 And Beyond


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Inside Windows Server 2003 And Beyond

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Inside Windows Server 2003 And Beyond

  1. 1. Windows Server Overview Orlando Moreno 408.656.2498
  2. 2. Agenda Windows Server Vision Why Server 2003? Why upgrade? Hidden gems Key things to know Futures Near term add-ons “Blackcomb”
  3. 3. Windows Server Vision A platform for productively Windows Servers provide the developing, deploying and foundation for connecting operating applications & people, technologies and services that federate businesses seamlessly and scale without limits Up any large systems Out Away by adding Down to span geography, machines deliver organizations services to any device
  4. 4. Windows Server 2003 Main focus Do more with less...time, effort, cost. Core pillars Productive Dependable Connected Best Economics
  5. 5. Value of Upgrading from Windows NT Server Upgrade a server to Windows Server 2003 + Upgrade a domain to Active Directory  Much more secure  Command line, CYS/MYS  Certificate auto enroll IT  Easy Wireless, VPN  Centralized admin Infrastructure  VDS/VSS  Group Policy  At least 2x faster  Best .NET Web Srvs platform  Directory-enabled apps Application  IIS 6, 2x faster  Passport integration Platform  Flexible app security  Role-based Access control Windows Media  DFS simplified Information   Document redirection Worker  Terminal Services Infrastructure  Windows SharePoint Services  Find printers easily  Shadowcopy restore  RTC Enhanced by Immediate Value! Active Directory!
  6. 6. Microsoft Internal Usage of Windows Server 2003 Specific scenarios 100% of is on Windows Server 2003 and IIS6 Shadowcopy restore VPN Quarantine functionality Cross-Forest Trust Network segmentation for asset protection using IPSec Simplified Group Policy Management using GPMC Syncing address book across forests with MMS “ . . .there is no question from OTG’s perspective that the release quality of Windows.NET Server 2003 RC2 surpasses by far the quality of any other release we’ve been involved with.” - Dustin Ingalls, General Manager of Enterprise Infrastructure Services, OTG
  7. 7. Hidden Gems RPC over HTTP Hotpatching Networking Logging Wireless and VPN to SQL/XML PEAP Client configuration validation and Quarantine Network Reliability Service Windows System Resource Manager (WSRM)
  8. 8. RPC over HTTP Tunnel communications over HTTP Requires Windows XP SP1 Key scenario: Outlook/Exchange remote access A prime reason for upgrade to Office 11 and Exchange Server 2003 Current Customer scenarios Exchange consolidation Maintain independent networks Access email from customer site
  9. 9. Hot-patching Automatic insertion of code into a running process Allows hotfix install without service stoppage or reboot Multiple hot patches/packages possible, must be independent Hot patch package carries binary equivalent for updating the backing store (Coldpatch) GDR Security fixes (Hotfixes) is our primary focus, not applicable to Service Packs
  10. 10. Networking Secure Network Access Logging Wireless and VPN to SQL/XML IAS logging can log to MSDE (SQL engine) locally without having a dependency on a separate networked SQL server Facilitates reliable, central logging PEAP Passwords via Protected-EAP can be used instead of certificates Saves money by eliminating need for authentication hardware Client Configuration Validation and Quarantine Network Require machines to have right configuration before accessing corporate network Protects the network from non-secure machines
  11. 11. Reliability More reliable, better feedback loop Continuous Product Improvement Security review Detailed code review addressed security problems, fewer security patches will reduce customer reboots Windows Error Reporting Customer Microsoft Kernel and User Mode Crash reporting and lookup Microsoft Reliability Service Servers Provides consistent reliability measurement Microsoft reporting to customers Reliability Data Reliability Service Server Collector Provides a feedback loop to improve Internet customer reliability Enhances ability to improve products Web Server Provides technology for service offerings
  12. 12. Windows System Resource Manager (WSRM) What it does WSRM facilitates consolidation of applications onto a single instance of Windows How it works Identify processes to manage Create resource management policies CPU utilization (percent CPU) Process working set size (physical resident pages) Committed memory (page table and page file usage) Apply policies based on a date/time schedule Create, store, view and export accounting records Availability WSRM ships in the box (separate CD) with Windows Server 2003 Enterprise and Datacenter Editions
  13. 13. Key Things To Know Security vs. application compatibility Standard vs. Enterprise Editions RTM ship criteria Reach of Release Candidate (RC) code
  14. 14. Standard vs. Enterprise Edition Windows Server 2003 Windows Server 2003 Windows Server 2003 Datacenter Standard Edition Enterprise Edition (32/64) Edition (32/64) (32-bit only) 32 Processor Support 4 8 64 w/ 64-bit 32 GB (32-bit) 64 GB (32-bit) Memory Support 4 GB 64 GB (64-bit) 512 GB (64-bit) Failover HA N/A 8-Node 8-Node Clustering Terminal Services No Yes Yes Session Directory DFS Multi-Root No Yes Yes VPN Limit 100 concurrent No limit No limit Remote Storage No Yes Yes Services UDDI database Limited to local connection No limit No limit connection Windows System No Yes Yes Resource Manager IAS-Radius 25 concurrent No limit No limit
  15. 15. RTM Ship Criteria All known security issues resolved All known WER/Reliability issues resolved Zero OTG, JDP, OEM deployment blockers Reliability better than Windows 2000 & XP in all areas No application or device RC2 regressions All teams hit long haul uptime goal of 21 days Test passes across all teams greater or equal to 95% All key Windows Server scenarios deployable in production Datacenter HCT meets 90% pass rate Exchange Titanium Beta deployable & stable on Windows Server 2003 Itanium 2 Workstation meets OEM ship requirements All resolved bugs are verified and closed All teams signed-off in comp central
  16. 16. Reach of RC Code Early Adopter and Customer Preview Programs Over 439,000 customers in Customer Preview 3500+ Beta Feedback Customers Broad Account Participation 100 Global 1000 Customers WW 50 Partners, 50 Medium Customers WW Business Value and Testimonial Case Studies 60 case studies by launch Best Practices Documentation
  17. 17. Follow-on Feature Releases Features that complement the Windows Server 2003 product line: Group Policy Management Console (GPMC) Automated Deployment Services (ADS) Active Directory Application Mode (AD/AM) Microsoft Metadirectory Services 2003 (MMS) Windows SharePoint Services (formerly STSv2) Greenwich-Real Time Communications (RTC) Digital Rights Management (DRM) Additional management tools and guides
  18. 18. Automated Deployment Services (ADS) Complete infrastructure for rapidly purposing and re- purposing Windows Servers Imaging tools to capture and edit both Windows 2000 and Windows Server 2003 images Secure, remote deployment framework enabling zero touch server builds from bare metal A framework for mass server administration Secure, reliable, script execution infrastructure Programmatic model of your Windows datacenter A persistent log of all administrative activities Graphical and Programmatic interfaces Simple MMC UI for GUI-based operation Full functionality exposed through command line tools and/or WMI layer
  19. 19. Windows SharePoint Services Formerly SharePoint Team Services v2 (STS) Key Features Office 11 and presence integration Versioning, check-in/out Team, meeting, document workspaces Configurable site layout List management Discussions and surveys Benefits Easy to use Team community Manager enablement
  20. 20. Summit Architecture for the Automated Data Center Making Windows the best platform for developing, deploying and managing distributed applications and web services Product Offerings Customer Benefit Dev Tools Enable apps to be developed Decreases cost of with management and developing, deploying automation in mind and operating services Operating System Enable deployment of Achieve more flexible and applications into a virtualized set of HW resources shared use of resources Automate data center operations and application Reduce operational costs, and improve availability administration Management Powerful new Management Comprehensive service products and open APIs management solutions from Microsoft and 3rd parties
  21. 21. Summary Top notch release today Lots of great stuff: customer focused Rock Solid! “No brainer” upgrade from NT4 “Do More with Less” Follow-on feature releases - ongoing value Innovative technology solutions
  22. 22. Security Note: The domain is not a security boundary. This means “rogue administrator” attacks are possible. Review your Active Directory architecture – do you depend on domain boundaries as security for users OR administrators? If so, please contact your Account Representative or a Technology Specialist for further discussion.
  23. 23. Thank you! Orlando Moreno 408.656.2498