Ford credit recording solution


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Ford credit recording solution

  1. 1. Orlando A Moreno Ford Credit – Technical Description – Update 1 Lucent PSTN Definity G3 Mosaix Agent CDR Host RAP Application & Database Passageway NiceUniverse LIVE Server LAN Client Supervision Workstation WorkstationDescription:• One Logger, 120 recording channels connected directly (2W DCP) to all extensions, recording all calls.• NiceCLS interfaces to Passageway telephony server, second NiceCLS interfaces to Mosaix CDR. (To receive inbound call information from the Passageway and outbound call information from the Mosaix CDR).• Users will playback calls using the NICE Query application from the two databases.• Users will evaluate calls, using the NiceUniverse LIVE Evaluator, and generate Evaluation Form and Reports based on user-friendly wizards. (NiceUniverse LIVE is a stand-alone application that is being used to evaluate calls and to create reports only).• Number of reviewers is up to 4 concurrent playbacks via remote access playback units per site. The 4 output ports should be connected to 4 analog lines off the G3r.• The system supports up to 120 Agents recording (seats, assigned seating), with up to 13,440 hours of on-line storage per logger and DDS-3 DAT drive. Page 1 out of 3408.656.2498
  2. 2. Orlando A MorenoCustomer provides:• 1 Analog line to permit remote diagnostics• 4 analog lines to permit playback• Passageway Server with connection license for the CLS• Lucent DEFINITY ECS• Connection to the 2W DCP phones• RS232 CDR connection to the Mosaix• 19 inch. racks with shelves, audio cables, power cables, LAN cables and HUBs.• UPS power• Customer must supply a dedicated PC for the NICE Supervision workstation and their own desktop PCs ( non dedicated) with the following minimum configuration: 1. Pentium 166 CPU or better 2. At least 16MB RAM for agents PCs, 32M for Supervision PC, 64M for reviewers PCs. 3. At least 100MB available disk space. 4. One 3.5” floppy disk drive (for software installation) 5. 14” VGA monitor 6. One internal or external 14,400 bps modem (optional for remote technical support) 7. Microsoft or compatible mouse or equivalent pointing device 8. Ethernet adapter. 9. Windows 95 or NT installed• Customer must provide a server with minimum hardware configuration: (For the NiceUniverse Live database). 1. Pentium II 233 MHz or better 2. At least 128 MB RAM 3. 4GB HD 4. video adapter 5. 56K modem 6. CD-ROM 7. Ethernet adapter 8. NT Server 4.0 and TCP/IP protocol. Page 2 out of 3408.656.2498
  3. 3. Orlando A MorenoNotes:• Listening and evaluating calls may be performed via telephone sets and over LAN/WAN respectively.• Offer includes NiceCLS and NiceUniverse LIVE, end user on-site training (3 days). CLS and Logger subsystem training and technical training is not included, and may be added as an option.• The configuration assumes CDR from the Mosaix. Dump file of the Mosaix CDR should be sent to NICE to validate the configuration.• The proposed solution does not include special evaluation forms or reports customization for Ford. Ford can forward a sample of their forms and reports to NICE to check that the Universe LIVE system can support them.• The installation includes the installation of up to 4 workstations.• Reviewers’ workstations should be Win 95 or Win NT.• The system described in this document is an interim solution for Ford Credit until NICE and Mosaix will have CTI integration. After the integration, NICE will replace the system to a quality recording system. Page 3 out of 3408.656.2498