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Customer Relationship Tool


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Customer Relationship Tool

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Customer Relationship Tool

  1. 1. Vantive Customer Relationship Tool Orlando Moreno 408.656.2498
  2. 2. What is Vantive? Vantive is the customer relationship tool we use at NICE Systems to manage our customer base and to share resources between internal groups. So far the support module has been implemented and rolled out to the customer support group, professional services group, service groups and the training group. We are piloting the sales module with the inside sales team in the hopes of developing the right tool for the entire sales force. We are also looking at ways to improve workflow conditions for Pre-sales, Order Admin., and the professional services groups. Vantive application training is being provided as an ongoing effort to bring employees online. You will be able to search, update and create information regarding support cases, install base, channel partners, service providers, technical personnel, customer sites, and customer contacts. 408.656.2498 2
  3. 3. How do I gain access to the Vantive Database? Access to Vantive will be granted to users who submit a request to the IS manager. You will receive an e-mail with your username and password along with an invitation to the next Vantive application training session. Your local IT representative will install the software on to your workstation. You will need access to the corporate WAN to run Vantive. A connection to the RAS server or a secure remote connection will also enable you to run the program. 408.656.2498 3
  4. 4. Who do I contact if I have problems with Vantive? You should always contact your local IT representative. If the problem is related to a function within the application they will escalate the problem to Orlando Moreno, Professional Service Manager. 408.656.2498 4
  5. 5. What is the Vantive Inbox? The Vantive inbox is a list box with pointers to various items that relate to customer information. For example: When a case is assigned to your username it appears in your Vantive inbox as an action item. When you double click this item it opens the case so that you can read additional information and update the record. The Vantive Inbox is the first screen you encounter once you log onto the system. Your inbox can be a personal inbox or a group inbox depending on your group’s implementation. Actions in a group inbox are seen by all members of the group. Modifications to the group inbox are also seen by all members of the group. The inbox also has a comment display box in the bottom panel. When there are messages attached to the items listed in the inbox, they will appear in this area. 408.656.2498 5
  6. 6. What is the Vantive Inbox? The icons on the ribbon bar are shortcuts to some of the frequently accessed modules. For support module users, the following shortcuts are available:  New Case  Open Case  Find Contact  Find Company  Find Site  Update Inbox  Forward Action  Mark selected action as done and remove from Inbox  Work on selected action  Sort Inbox These items can also be invoked from the Utility menu item. 408.656.2498 6
  7. 7. Company, Sites, Contacts defined: The company record is where we define customers in the database. Customers can be one of the following type:  Dealer  Consultant  Prospect  End User  Internal  Alliance  Partner  Competitor  Global Account  Vendor Sites refer to customers’ installation location. When product is installed, the information about the product can be found from the site module. Contacts are people who belong to a customer and may exist at the company or site level. 408.656.2498 7
  8. 8. Customer Relationship Management Customer Sales Marketing Pre-Sales R&D Prof. Svc. Service Support Training Order Admin 408.656.2498 8
  9. 9. Searching for information in Vantive You can perform searches on all modules in Vantive. The Search/Locator screen in Vantive operates the same across each module with the exception of the data entry search. During a data entry search you will be presented with the option to use the information you were able to locate. The diagram illustrates a typical search screen. On the search screen you have a results panel, criteria panel, action buttons and a capitalization trigger. You can perform searches on the fields listed in the lower panel. By entering valid search criteria, you will be able to minimize your search results. 408.656.2498 9
  10. 10. Perform searches using the following operators: = equal to, requires an exact match <> not equal to < less than > greater than in In list, list of values should be separated by a comma ^in Not in list of values Btwn evaluates two values separated by a comma like evaluates the beginning characters of any string Sndx searches for items that sound like the word entered pat searches for a combination character string that begins with, ends with or is surrounded by the % sign. Make sure the check mark is present in the “Ignore capitalization” box located in the border of the window frame. 408.656.2498 10
  11. 11. Perform searches using the following operators: Exercise: Log onto Vantive using your credentials. 1. Locate a company called Progressive using the following operators: =,like, pat 2. Perform a search for all End Users. 3. Using the results from the query above, sort the results in descending order. 4. Locate a site for ABN. 5. Locate a contact named Angela Seider. 6. Search all sites where Lucent is the dealer. 7. Search for contacts where the company has “av” in the name. 8. Find case number 2004728 408.656.2498 11
  12. 12. The Support Case: The case module is used to track customer problems, installations, and requests for information. When customers call into the helpdesk, a case is created and a case number is assigned. The helpdesk representative collects information about the caller, the site with the problem, the product involved and the priority. When reviewing a support case you will also find a description of the problem being reported, the status, the group and person the case is assigned, warranty information, resolution information and notes and attachments. 408.656.2498 12
  13. 13. How do I add a note to an existing Case?  Open the case from your inbox or from a locator/search screen.  Select the notes tab.  Click the “New” button to insert a note.  Choose an action from the drop down list  Enter a subject  Type your note in the free-form text box labeled “Note”  Click save when finished entering your note. 408.656.2498 13
  14. 14. How do I add an attachment to a Case?  Function currently being redeveloped. Send attachments via e-mail to IS and they will add the attachment for you. 408.656.2498 14
  15. 15. How do I create a support case?  You can create a new case from the icon on your ribbon bar or from a locator/search screen by choosing the “New” action button.  All required (red) fields must be filled in before you can save the record.  I t is suggested that you contact the helpdesk to subm it a case. 408.656.2498 15
  16. 16. How do I send a case to other users?  You can send actions to other users via their Vantive inbox or through your e-mail system. On the case screen you should have a yellow paper airplane icon for “send action.” Click on this icon to bring up the send action dialogue window. This window functions similarly to sending an e-mail message. You must first define the action (choose from list) and priority of the action. Then you must enter the address of the recipient(s). The action can be sent to their inbox or e-mail or box. You must check the radio button Inbox or e-mal before you select the names. If the name doesn’t exist in the list, then you can choose Microsoft Mail and enter the person’s complete e-mail address i.e., Place your message in the note box at the bottom of the screen before you press send. Inbox users will receive this action in their inbox and e-mail users will receive the message in their mail application.  Vantive tracks actions that are sent via the Vantive Inbox and places an entry in the Action History tab on the case screen. Actions sent via e-mail will only exist in your sent items of your mail program. 408.656.2498 16
  17. 17. Ex ercise: send a case to other users 1. Open case 2005768 2. Create a note for the same case. 3. Send an e-mail action to Orlando Moreno 4. What is the serial number for case 2005768 5. Give me the answer to the following: 6. What is the drive type? 7. How many input channels? 8. How many output channels? If you are unable to get the answer to question 5, its because we haven’t talked about other information available in the system. 408.656.2498 17
  18. 18. Installed Products: Part of the customer relationship management tool is to maintain information about installed systems. When dealing with a support case you can drill down (fields that are underlined have drill down capability) serial number to access specific information regarding that system. This will bring you to the product installation screen for that specific serial number. If this is a whole system you will be able to access the features page which gives you the latest and greatest information currently in use with this installed product. This information is a representation of what most of you may know as “Infofind.” If you drill down on a serial number that has a parent product serial number then you should continue to drill on the parent product serial number to get the features information. 408.656.2498 18
  19. 19. Ex ercise: Installed Products Exercise: Answer question 5 in the last exercise. What does it mean to drill down? Drill down on the Site field from the case screen and locate the installed products. On the same site screen, how many cases have been reported in total for this site? Open the second attachment. What application launched? Who is the dealer and service provider for this site? 408.656.2498 19
  20. 20. Creating new information in Vantive: The majority of information found in Vantive is automated and originates from another system or group. Outside of the case module, you are authorized to create contacts and companies that are prospects. You must first perform a search to see if the information already exists. For new contacts you are required to supply first name, last name and company. For companies you must supply complete customer name (no abbreviations unless it’s the company’s logo) and customer type which should be Prospect. 408.656.2498 20
  21. 21. Reports: We use Business Objects as our corporate report writing tool. Designated users will have access to the web client “Web-Intelligence.” Your username will be the same as your Vantive sign in and your initial password is not set. You will be prompted to enter a password before you gain access to the system. If you require access to the report writer you must submit a request to Orlando Moreno Use the Web-Intelligence to produce ad-hoc reports such as lists and case profiles. Complex reports should be submitted to Orlando Moreno as a project. I will introduce you to the product during this training session and will go into detail during a secondary training effort. 408.656.2498 21
  22. 22. Questions ? Orlando Moreno 408.656.2498 408.656.2498 22