Controlled employee development


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Controlled employee development

  1. 1. EMPLOYEE DEVELOPMENT Controlled Development & Optimum Efficiency Model of Subliminal Management Orlando Moreno [email_address] 408.656.2498
  2. 2. INTRODUCTION There are many aspects which have been discussed over the past few decades feverishly by management gurus in an effort to understand the dynamics of the factors which underpin human psyche in relation to development. These factors in turn enable a manager to have an insight for motivating a worker in the required direction for achieving the needed level of output. Although a bit fundamentalist, I believe the most important factor for development in any given direction is Intent 408.656.2498 [email_address]
  3. 3. INTENT Intent could be defined as the principal state of mind in response to a given state of affairs whereby the crucial decision is taken whether to be in unison or discord with it. 408.656.2498 [email_address] Others might disagree and consider other factors such as motivational factors, work environment, level of education / background, Training & Development etc. as more important than intent. However, from my standpoint, Intent which in turn gives rise to Commitment, both combined are the most overpowering Core Drivers for achieving Optimum Efficiency levels. Intent Commitment Optimum Level of Performance
  4. 4. CONNECT 408.656.2498 [email_address] It could also be noticed in our daily lives as if you wake up a child from his/her sleep and tell him/her that you want to play his favorite game he would willingly do that and night not even care about his sleep. Same is the case with the situation at work. If you can connect to the intent of the personnel working in an organization, they might even ignore some genuine problems.  
  5. 5. CORE DRIVERS AND OPTIMUM EFFICIENCY FLOW DIAGRAM 408.656.2498 [email_address] Optimum Efficiency Level Intent Commitment Motivational Factors, T&D etc. Empowerment & Accountability Recognition Desired Performance Supporting Factors Primary Motivational Factors Core Drivers Flow diagram shows the relationship between the Core Drivers (Intent & Commitment) and Optimum Level of Efficiency. Now the question remains how to inculcate and cultivate Intent and Commitment in the working environment even if it is established that these are the central factors around which performance revolves.
  6. 6. IDENTIFY APTITUDE 408.656.2498 [email_address]   A very important factor which cannot be overemphasized in harnessing intent is evaluating the aptitude of the candidate at the very outset. Assigning the area of work closest to the interest of the candidate would enable him / her the most in channeling his / her INTENT for doing that job with all what he has i.e., if the candidate is to be given a place in the field of Marketing, it has to be very carefully ascertained where he is having the strongest inclination to i.e., Brand Management, Trade Marketing etc.  
  7. 7. 408.656.2498 [email_address] Coupled Model of Optimum Efficiency & Development Intent Optimum Efficiency Level -Enhanced Efficiency -Integrated Value Based Culture -Openness -Achieving Targets -Change is Easier Retarding Factors -Insecurities -Human Filters -Personal Interests -Other Fears€ Stage 1 Functional Territory Ownership Low Performer High Performer Identify Aptitude Accountability Empowerment Intent Commitment Next Level of Development Setting New Objectives Optimum Efficiency
  8. 8. IT IS A TWO-PRONG STRATEGY On the other hand, as generally the case, how to channel Intent in an ongoing established system of already placed employees in an organization. Going back to the relationship between Core Drivers and Primary Motivational Factors could be explained as follows: 408.656.2498 [email_address] Delegation of Authority and exercising Self Accountability (top to bottom) could be considered vital tools if used with a clear vision of achieving Intent and Commitment in the desired direction. It is a Two-Prong Strategy. Intent + Commitment Empowerment + Self Accountability (Delegation of Authority) (Exercise Values) Two-Prong Strategy High Performer Under Performer
  9. 9. HIGH PERFORMER 408.656.2498 [email_address] In the first instance, if the worker is already a high performer; Empowering such an individual would be the best primary motivator for him / her since it would enable him to deliver his best as he would be having the required level of authority and resources which would also instill a sense of responsibility resulting in Self-Accountability, at a more improved stage, if made solely responsible for a set of functions.  
  10. 10. UNDER PERFORMER 408.656.2498 [email_address] In the second instance, if the performer is not willing, the mere sense of sole responsibility of ultimate outcome would coerce the worker to achieve the targets. In this case, Accountability would play the part of a Passive Motivator . It needs to be highlighted here that increased resultant efficiency in response to the above is the litmus test that Intent has been initiated if not brought on into action with full thrust.  
  11. 11. QUESTIONS 408.656.2498 [email_address] Orlando Moreno [email_address] 408.656.2498